Minecraft Pocket Edition – Detail Guide

Minecraft is a renowned and prominent crafting game in the world of games and technology. It allows players to build, craft and explore unlimited resources. As it was officially made for PC users, now Mojang Studio has released the latest “Pocket Edition” specially for the Android users. Minecraft Pocket version is a versatile open world having all features even additional features than the PC version. It is an 3D online Sandbox game that offers an adventurous environment and challenging experience to the players in terms of crafting. Play differently in all Minecraft pocket edition modes including: Survival, Hardcore, Creative and Adventure.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Gather unlimited resources by exploration in an open world creativity and craft powerful items, blocks, tools, weapons or other resources. With its blocky graphics and textures, immerse yourself in different ways as crafting tools, discovering vast biomes and dimensions of Minecraft pocket Edition or build modern structures. Make your journey towards endless possibilities and be creative.

Introduction to Minecraft Pocket Edition Modes

Unleash your imagination in different modes of Minecraft APK Pocket Edition as these modes are the real attractions. Players can craft and build endlessly with different difficulty levels of these modes. The gathering of resources depends on how hard you play. You can craft unlimited items, build impressive structures and unlock achievements in the 3 modes of Pocket Edition. Further more don’t forget to check out Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Survival And Crafting in Survival Mode

Survival in Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the simplest but at the same time the hardest mode. It is specially for the beginner players as they can practice surviving, crafting and gathering resources in this mode. Gather as many resources as you can and build your own empire. Also checkout How To Switch From Survival To Creative Mode in Minecraft.

Impressive Building in Creative Mode

Creative is one of the most played modes of Pocket Edition. Players can craft and show their creativity skills in different ways as this game leads to endless possibilities of crafting and building. You can build from simplest houses to modern buildings with freedom. Utilize unlimited resources and turn your imaginations into reality.

Challenging Survival in Hardcore Mode

Hardcore is one of the hardest mode of Pocket Edition. It limits the players and added hardness in every single side including crafting, combat, gathering resources or building structures. The death is very near in this mode as once you are killed by any monster, you can’t respawn.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Fascinating Pocket Edition

In order to provide an overview of Minecraft Pocket Edition, let’s examine its various advantages and disadvantages.

 Pocket Edition: Advantages

  1. Much fascinating and open ended gameplay.
  2. Allows players to connect with their friends in multiplayer mode.
  3. Regular updates added new features, mobs, items or tools.
  4. Can be played anywhere in pocket sized mobile.
  5. Customization is accessible of looks, worlds and skins.
  6. Construction of villages, farms, Houses, castles and even modern buildings.

Pocket Edition: Disadvantages

  1. Limited Redstone mechanism.
  2. Additional in-app purchases.
  3. Screen size is smaller.
  4. It is time consuming as can’t played with keyboard controls.
  5. Has high price for purchasing it.
  6. Limited modding system.

Thrilling Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition

As Pocket Edition is the newest and latest version of Minecraft, it offers unlimited emchanting features that amaze you beyond your thinking. From crafting to building, have fun playing Pocket Edition.


The Pocket Edition has blocky pixelated graphics that are colorful. Players can craft, build and explore the terrains of Minecraft with realistic surrounding graphics.

Vast Open Worlds

Minecraft Pocket Edition has endless worlds, landscapes, biomes and dimensions. Players can crafted unlimited and gather resources in vast open worlds.


Multiplayer is one of the most interesting feature in Pocket Edition, as playing in a multiplayer mode players can connect to other players around the world and join online multiplayer servers.

Cross-Platform Play

The players of Minecraft Pocket Edition can connect to other players around the world and play with them on different platforms including: Mobile, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and Windows 10.


Customization is accessible in Minecraft Pocket Edition. Players can easily customize their looks, skins, and other resources packs.


Servers play an important role in Pocket Edition. Players can either create their own hosted servers or join servers hosted by other players. Get a beat multiplayer experience joining online servers.


Realms are own private worlds created by players and provided by Mojang. In pocket Edition, players can create their own private worlds as realms and can invite other players to join and play.

From PC Version

Developers have added many features from PC version to Pocket Edition including: Hardcore Mode, Banners, Bonus Chests, Mojang account sync, sound engine or many others.

Add-ons and Marketplace

Pocket Edition has additional features compared to other editions. Add-ons and Marketplace are two different extensions that provide new tools, items, blocks or other features to the players. Add-ons can be created by users to add modifications to the game. It includes new mobs, entities, blocks, items, biomes and even visual enhancements.

Marketplace is basically an in-game store in Pocket Edition. From Marketplace players can purchase different content including: skins, maps, texture packs and even new worlds. Players can enhance their gameplay by customizing their worlds in different ways and the marketplace is the main source for customization.

System Requirements

Before downloading Minecraft Pocket Edition, it is advisable to review the necessary system specifications.

For Android

Graphics: OpenGL ES 2.0

Storage: 12.5 MB

Data Connection: For Accessing Realms

For iOS / iPad

Storage: 9.5 MB

Supported Devices: iPhone 4S, iPod touch (5th gen).

Processor: 600 MHz ARMv7 Cortex CPU / 800 MHz Apple A5 CPU


Pocket Edition is no doubt a portable game that you can play anywhere anytime you want as it is played on android devices.  It offers creative features, crafting tools, resources, freedom to build immersive buildings and multiplayer servers. Take different survival challenges in Pocket edition and be a lasting Survivor.


Is Minecraft Pocket edition free to play?

No, it is the paid edition of Minecraft. But you can download free from our website.

Can I play Minecraft Pocket Edition offline?

Yes, you can play Minecraft Pocket Edition offline but can access only few features.

Are there any in-app purchases in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Yes, there are in-app purchases in Pocket Edition for skins, worlds or texture packs.

How can I update Minecraft Pocket Edition?

For updating your edition, Go to your playstore or Appstore and select update option.

Can I join servers and realms in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Yes, you can join different online servers and realms and increase your interaction.

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