Minecraft PC Version

Minecraft PC version

Minecraft is a 3D online Sandbox game that allows players to wander, explore, craft and build creatively and efficiently. It is played by 100+ millions players around the world because of its attentive features and tools. Minecraft can be played by people of all age groups and runs on different platforms: Mac, iOS, Android, PC, Linux or macOS. The division of platforms is independent of the editions of Minecraft. Every gaming application perfectly runs and plays on windows because of the large screen and non pixelated graphics. Minecraft runs better on PC and provides all the crafting and building features. Do you want to get and play Minecraft for the PC version? Here you are at the right side as we are giving a complete guide on Minecraft PC version and about the features that are accessible on the PC version.

Discover Minecraft’s PC Version

Build your own blocky world in Minecraft PC version with realistic texture packs and environment. Minecraft PC version is a part of two different editions: Java and Bedrock. Both Editions support PC versions having somewhat different features. You can manage and control your creativity and strategy by practicing the beginning mode of Minecraft on PC. Maybe some players find it difficult to play on PC because of keyboard controls but The more you practice, the better you play and craft.

Minecraft PC version comes up with thrilling features by which you can create your own empire. Plan an infrastructure for your empire and work hard to make it fascinating. Gathering resources by exploration is the base of Minecraft PC versions because the more you gather resources, the more you can craft with endless possibilities.

Construct new buildings, villages, farms, modern houses and even a small village to get the realistic environment on yp PC. Explore vast biomes, dimensions and dungeons and go to the depth of blocks for mining and gathering minerals like Redstone. Enjoy playing Minecraft on your PCs and build your own blocky worlds.

Mastering Survival in Minecraft

Minecraft PC version offers enthralling experience to the players as a survivor. The survival mode of Minecraft is a next level mode having endless survival possibilities. You can master survival in Minecraft PC version by following some tips that we have provided:

  1. For crafting and surviving in Minecraft, you must gather key resources.
  2. For protection in Survival mode, build your own home anywhere in a world.
  3. Grow food as much as you can in farms or craft it by yourself as food is the main essential for surviving.
  4. For combat against mobs, you should have to craft tools, weapons and armors.
  5. Learn the Redstone Mechanism and apply where needed for survival.

Following these tips, you will be able to handle the survival mode and enjoy it endlessly.

Multiplayer Adventures and Experience

Minecraft PC version offers unlimited best features, multiplayer mod is one of those features. Playing in a multiplayer mode brings a whole new PvP and combat environment on your PC. Challenge other crafters online and join multiplayer servers to play. Minecraft is no doubt a popular 3D online video game that allows players to either build a whole new world as a single player or as a multiplayer. Compete players around the world in PvP battles and play adventurously together.

For competitive gameplay, Minecraft multiplayer mode is best suitable for it.

The Magic of Mods and Customization

Minecraft is a vast game that allows players to experience the crafting and building. Players can personalize their gameplay by customization of different stuff including their personal looks, skins, maps or texture packs. Besides customization, an extensive modding system is accessible in this Minecraft PC version.

Players can access different locations and add mods to their gameplay for adding new dimensions, biomes, challenges and exploration to the game. For adding the best mods like Optifine, Botania, Blood Magic or Chisel, you have to install Forge for running mods.

You can access your favorite mods easily on the Minecraft PC version compared to other versions of Minecraft.

Villagers & Trading

As Minecraft is divided into different editions and versions, PC is the most played version because of its thrilling features of crafting and building. In terms of building, players can easily build their own villages in Minecraft PC versions of different styles. From small villages to modern villages, crafting, farming and trading is easier. The villages are populated by villagers who are the entities of Minecraft. Villagers can do trading of different items by interacting with each other. You can unlock various resources by trading with villagers and enjoy the trading system with villagers of different professions.

Nether and End Dimensions

Minecraft PC version has different biomes and dimensions to explore, The Nether and The End are two of those larger dimensions. Players can explore these two dimensions and experience playing with new environments, mobs, gameplay, texture and challenges. Be sure to also explore Minecraft JourneyMap Mod.

The Nether is the most dangerous dimension present in Minecraft, having a fiery environment with unlimited resources. You can teleport to The Nether dimension or create a portal for entering in The Nether in the Minecraft PC version. On the other hand, The End is the main end of the Minecraft game as there is Ender Dragon Boss present. You have to kill that dangerous Boss and make your way towards Elytra wings. Explore the two hazardous dimensions of Minecraft in PC version with realistic graphics and have fun to craft and build there.


Minecraft PC version is basically an original version of Minecraft game that can be played by installing either Minecraft Bedrock Edition or Java Edition. It offers unlimited crafting and building features and comes up with regular updates on features, mobs, tools, items or texture packs. Build a whole new blocky terrain filled with mountains, hills, oceans, buildings, farms and other crafted items. It is overall the most blockbuster and mega-hit game that offers a realistic environment.


Can I play Minecraft offline on PC?

Yes, you can play Minecraft offline on PC without any need of the internet.

Can I play Minecraft with friends on PC?

Yes, the Minecraft PC version allows players to play with friends in a multiplayer mode.

Are there any game modes present in the Minecraft PC version?

Yes, it has 4 gaming modes: Survival, Creative, Hardcore and Adventure.

Is it possible to transfer my Android worlds to PC?

Yes, it is possible to transfer Android worlds to a PC.

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