Minecraft The Aether Mod

The Aether mod of Minecraft has added a sky based dimension to the game having floating islands, various mobs, and unique items and blocks. Discover Aether dimension, 5+ floating biomes, 186+ new blocks and 4 boss fights in the Minecraft the Aether mod. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is without doubt the best crafting game that offers unique content to players including modes, editions, weapons, tools, new biomes, dimensions, structures or portals. Players can access different Minecraft mods that are based on adventures, hardcore, creativity or survival.

Minecraft The Aether Mod

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The Aether

Minecraft The Aether mod is one of the latest and unique mods that basically includes the Aether realms. It is the opposite of the Nether portal used for traveling in the sky dimension. The Aether mod has added new items, blocks, weapons, tools, equipment, accessories and a new adventurous environment beyond your thinking. It has large islands floating in the sky. For accessing The Aether, players have to access The Nether portal first. Aether has powerful equipment and tools that work even faster and quicker than the normal Overworld.

The Aether allows only Aether crafted items and tools for use. The chances of spawning are greater if the player falls from the Aether portal. You can use Aether crafted items like armors for the prevention of falling from the Aether.  Besides these, the Aether mod has different dungeons, each having different mobs, bosses, cheats or special structures. Defeat all the mobs and bosses using Aether tools and experience the adventure of the best Minecraft mod.

Minecraft The Aether Mod – Items

In Minecraft, items are basically the objects used to craft other items and resources. Minecraft The Aether mod has added tons of new items to craft unique structures, weapons or other resources. Weapons, tools or vehicles come under the category of items, So The Aether has provided various items as weapons that are listed below.


  1. Ambrosium Torch
  2. Altar
  3. Aero Clouds
  4. Weapons
  5. Skyroot Sword
  6. Holy Stone Sword
  7. Zanite Sword
  8. Gravitite Sword
  9. Lightning Dagger
  10. Valkyrie Lance
  11. Hammer of Notch

Minecraft The Aether Mod – Armors

The Minecraft Aether mod offers various powerful armor sets to the players for the protection and safety against different mobs and bosses. Armors are basically the items used to defend players while fighting. By using The Aether armors, you can go through water at maximum speed, get iron level protection or you can jump 6 blocks higher. If you want to experience all these, get this Aether mod now from our website for free. Listed below are the powerful armors present in The Aether.

  1. Zanite Armor
  2. Gravitite Armor
  3. Neptune Armor
  4. Phoenix Armor
  5. Obsidian Armor

Minecraft The Aether Mod – Blocks

The Aether mod of Minecraft is no doubt a stunning mod that has added new blocks and items to the game. Players can use and craft different Aether blocks that are useful to travel to the Aether safely. These blocks are categorized under ores and various materials that are listed below.

  1. Zanite Ore
  2. Aero clouds
  3. Gravitite Ore
  4. Golden Oak Wood
  5. Holy Stone
  6. Continuum Ore
  7. Ambrosium Ore
  8. Ambrosium Shards
  9. Zanite
  10. Gravitite

Minecraft The Aether Mod – Accessories

The Aether is the unique portal mod created for the players to experience playing in the sky. It has a lot of features and accessories is one of the latest features of this gaming mod. Players can wear different stunning accessories like pendants or rings to increase the chances of mining or other equipment. You can easily craft them in the crafting grid using different Aether items. Listed below are various accessories that are wearable.

  1. Iron Pendant
  2. Zanite Pendant
  3. Gold Pendant
  4. Iron Ring
  5. Gold Ring
  6. Zanite Ring

Minecraft The Aether Dungeons

Minecraft The Aether mod has different dungeons available for the players to experience more mysteries because these dungeons are more complex than the normal dungeons of the Minecraft game. The main purpose of these dungeons is to get the keys to open the gray chest. You have to defeat all the bosses of different dungeons to get the key. Start your adventurous journey by entering The Aether dungeons.

Bronze Dungeons

Bronze dungeons are the part of The Aether that are located on normal islands. These are the best dungeons of the Aether that give stunning rewards. Bronze dungeons have different rooms and chests on 4×4 tables. You have to kill the bronze boss to mine the boss room’s walls.

Gold Dungeons

Gold dungeons are the part of The Aether that are located in the spherical islands. These dungeons have only the boss room excluding the mob room. You have to kill the sun spirit ( boss ) by throwing back white objects at him. The sun will set, after killing the sun spirit boss. It’s not easy for you to kill the Gold boss and win exciting rewards.

Silver Dungeons

Silver dungeons are the part of The Aether that are located in the Parthenon’s islands. These dungeons have different floors and multiple rooms in it. You have to kill the Valkyrie to get a victory medal, so you can convert to 10 ( by right clicking ). You can easily attack the silver boss with 10 medals and any weapons.


How many dungeons are present in The Aether?

Three types of dungeons are present in The Aether, each having different rewards.

What are the different boss mobs present in The Aether?

Sun Spirit, Slider and Valkyrie Queen are the boss mobs present in The Aether.

How do I make The Aether portal?

You need 4 iron ore blocks, 12 stone blocks and some fuel.

Is The Aether mod in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft?

Yes, you can easily play and experience The Aether dimension mod on Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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