Minecraft Galacticraft Mod

Minecraft Galacticraft is the space based mod that allows players to explore the solar system and visit different planets using different vehicles like rockets or buggies. This game supports multiplayer mod and players can craft space stations with their friends to travel the whole solar system. Minecraft games have different worlds, mods and editions that offer players, new features, items, blocks, crafts, structures, mobs and tools for creating. You can play survival in different mods of Minecraft and you have to collect different resources and items by crafting.

Minecraft Galacticraft Mod

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Minecraft Galacticraft Mod

Minecraft Galacticraft is the best galaxy mod that offers new items, vehicles, space stations, solar system and machines to travel to all the planets like moon, mars or Venus in your own spaceships and rockets. Players can build their own space stations and add or remove other players to their space stations. Minecraft allows players to Craft anything and in this mod players can craft their own space stations, vehicles or machines for traveling.

This mod is based on planets and rockets are the reflection or realistic vehicles that use NASA workbench. The best feature of this Minecraft Galacticraft mod is this SMP support game that allows players to explore the solar system with friends too. You have to fight against different mobs and bosses and use armor from damage. This mod can be played on all devices and support all Minecraft editions with new items and blocks. Download now from our website and be a space explorer. Also check out Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Space Stations In Minecraft Galacticraft Mod

Space stations are the best feature available in the game for players. These space stations are only creating in and for the overworld. Each space station has its own dimensions and players can also craft their own space stations and visit others space station by using rocket tier 1. You can get small rooms for living and these rooms have tiny decorations blocks. You can select a planet selection screen for creating your own space stations. The items needed to create a custom space stations are 32 tiny ingots, 24 iron ingots, 1 advanced wafer and 16 aluminum ingots. You have to set up a oxygen system on your stations for living or oxygen tanks. You can’t use more than 1 space station at a time.

Minecraft Galacticraft Mod – Solar System

Minecraft Galacticraft mod is a realistic space that adds a solar system. There are different planets exists in the center of the solar system including: Venus, mars, moon, mercury, the overworld, Kepler asteroid belt, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune. Players can use different solar machines like solar panels for extracting energy from the sun. Minecraft Galacticraft solar system uses electrical system generators for getting energy. Players can for firstly visit to the the moon and the space stations in while traveling the solar system. Players can enjoy seeing dungeons, aliens and landscape on the moon. This Galacticraft mod offers the full features of solar system for visiting and explorations.

Minecraft Galacticraft Mod – Blocks & Ores

Players can create different worlds and buildings using the best Galacticraft structure blocks. There are also sealable blocks present in the game for making the places sealed. The main ores and blocks present in Minecraft Galacticraft mod including: Advance Solar Panel, Air Lock Frame, Aluminum Ore, Bacterial Sludge, Cargo Loader, Buggy Fuel Pad, Crude Oil, Desh Ore, Ilmenite Ore, Iron Ore, Moon Tin Ore, Mars Copper Ore, Moon Copper Ore, Copper Block, Titanium Block, Aluminum Block.

Unique Skins

Customization is one of the best features that Minecraft Galacticraft offers to its players. You can customize your looks by getting different skin packs for free. You can get different planet skins to experience traveling to different planets with realistic feelings. These skins can change your characters into new ones. The best skins present that players uses for customizing their looks are listed below.

  1. Blue space slime
  2. Soldier 47
  3. Artificial Warrior
  4. SpaceX Suit
  5. space internaut
  6. Icefire Studios Scientist
  7. Commander Amy Minecraftia
  8. alien astronaut
  9. Tony’s space suit
  10. Space-Man
  11. Astronaut Girl

Tank Machines

There are different machines and tanks available in Minecraft Galacticraft mod that provide oxygen to the players. These machines work differently for filling empty oxygen tanks, for producing blue solar wafers, for generating methane gas, for transforming water into oxygen gas and much more.

  1. Circuit Fabricator
  2. Oxygen Compressor
  3. Oxygen Detector
  4. Oxygen Decompressor
  5. Gas Liquefier
  6. Methane Synthesizer
  7. Water Electrolyzer
  8. Oxygen Bubble Distributor
  9. Electric Compressor
  10. Terraformer

Accessible Vehicles

Vehicles are the best modifications of the Minecraft Galacticraft that players can easily access using. Players can launch their rockets and visit the different planets in moon buggy or different spaceships. Find your best Galacticraft vehicles for free and discover new items and places.

  1. Astro miner
  2. Moon buggy
  3. Cargo rocket
  4. Space lander
  5. Landing balloons
  6. Entry pod
  7. Rockets

These are different vehicles present in the game for traveling and flying to explore the solar system of Minecraft Galacticraft mod.

Minecraft Galacticraft Rockets

Rockets are the best vehicles available in the game for the players to travel the whole solar system and explore planet dungeons with three rocket tires. In addition, players can easily get rocket fuel to launch each rocket tier that can be placed next to a rocket launch pad.

Tier 1 Rocket

The tier one is the best and the only vehicle that can be crafted by overworld items. It can be crafted using NASA workbench. You need 1 nose cone, 4 rocket fins, 1 rocket engine and 8 heavy platings. Players can easily travel to the moon and space station by flying this rocket.

Tier 2 Rocket

This is another rocket that you can craft in Minecraft Galacticraft mod. It can be crafted after visiting the moon. You need 1 nose cone, 4 rocket fins, 2 Tier 1 boosters, 1 rocket engine and 10 heavy plates. Players can easily travel to mars by flying this rocket.

Tier 3 Rocket

This rocket allows players to visit the asteroid dimension. You can get this after defeating mar dungeon in the game. You need 1 heavy duty nose cone, 4 heavy duty rocket fins, 2 tier 1 boosters, 1 heavy duty engine and 10 tier 3 heavy duty plates. Players can easily reach the asteroid’s dimension by flying this rocket.

Minecraft Galacticraft – Armors

In Minecraft galacticraft mod, players can get stunning features of armors. Armors are the beneficial items present in the mod for giving protection to the players from common damages while visiting the whole solar system. Heavy duty and titanium armors are the best for protection and even strong armors. The armor players can easily access in the game are listed below for enjoying and exploring the galacticraft with full security against mobs and bosses.

  1. Heavy duty helmet
  2. Desh helmet
  3. Titanium helmet
  4. Shield controller
  5. Titanium boots
  6. Heavy Duty Leggings
  7. Heavy Duty Chestplate
  8. Titanium Leggings


Is Minecraft galacticraft a safe mod?

Yes, this stunning mod is safe and secure.

Can I visit different dungeons in Minecraft galacticraft mod?

There are different moon, mars or Venus dungeons present and yes players can easily visit these dungeons in the game.

Do basic solar panels work in Minecraft galacticraft mod?

No, they don’t work. Players need to use advanced solar panels because they are the power to generate energy from the sun.

What food items are available in galacticraft?

Can of food, cheese curd, beef patty or cheese burgers are available for the players in the game.

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