Minecraft Bedrock Edition APK v1.20.81 Download Free

Minecraft Bedrock Edition APK Latest Version Download

Minecraft bedrock edition APK is a versatile edition and is likely known as the cross-platform edition of the Minecraft game. It is one of the best editions that allows players to explore vast dimensions, craft unlimited items, build modern structures or gather unlimited resources in different worlds. Minecraft is a hugely popular way to craft unlimited items. It is a 3D sandbox online game where players can create their own worlds of blocks and amazing textures.

App NameMinecraft Bedrock Edition APK
CategoryAction and Adventure Game
Size121 MB
Get It OnGoogle Play
Latest Versionv1.20.81
MOD InfoBedrock Edition Official
Last UpdateMay 24, 2024
Minecraft Bedrock Edition APK Latest Version Download

The Minecraft APK Pocket Edition game have different modes in which players can experience different types of challenges either survival or adventurous. Besides all the crafting, players have to fight against mobs and bosses at different points. Minecraft has a largely passionate community and players that enjoy every single challenge come their way in the game.

Introduction To Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft bedrock edition is the updated edition of Minecraft that comes after the popular Java edition. It was developed by Mojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios and it is now popularly played by millions of players. The main objective of this edition of Minecraft is the same as Minecraft java edition but developers have added extra challenges of survival in the gameplay. This edition is based on a bedrock engine so that players can easily communicate and play with other players across the world on different devices like Android, Windows or Xbox One.

The bedrock edition has updated and latest features that aren’t available in any other edition including Add-ons and mods. You can easily buy anything you want from the built-in marketplace like skins, maps or texture packs. The bedrock edition is a great experience for the players who love playing on Android devices. Start your way to this edition of Minecraft and enjoy long lasting enhanced gameplay. Also, make sure to take a look at Minecraft Vs GTA 5.


The storage of every gaming application varies from device to device. Minecraft bedrock edition is no doubt a better edition than the java edition in terms of compatibility.  Players can simply download this edition on their favorite devices with storage that is not more and not even less. The java edition has a storage of 4 giga bytes but offers the best of the crafting features. You can save your data in the cloud if you’re using this edition on Xbox. So, in terms of storage, it requires more space but offers unlimited features with special add-ons.


Minecraft Bedrock is a latest and updated paid edition having prices that vary by states and regions. Players can purchase this enthralling game from the Play Store or Microsoft store. The price of this edition ranges from $6.99 to $29.99. As it is a paid game, players can enjoy unlimited features and can enjoy the gameplay once purchased.

Exciting Features of Bedrock Edition

Discover the thrilling and impressive features of Minecraft bedrock edition that is played by millions of players across the world.

Multiplayer Mode

Multiplayer is one of the best features that the Bedrock edition offers to the players. This mode adds more challenges to the game as it allows you to play with other players across the world. You can also invite your friends to start playing with you.


Marketplace is another best feature present in this edition. In the marketplace, players can purchase different items like skins, maps or even texture packs. Different content is available on the marketplace to get.


Bedrock edition is widely known as the cross platform play. You can connect to your friends or other players across the world across various platforms like Xbox, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.


Realms are the features offered by the bedrock edition that are actually the private multiplayer servers. Players can invite their friends and play on realms with upto 10 players.


The graphics of Minecraft bedrock edition are more realistic than the original Java version. You can play it with better graphics of lighting and water.

World Customization

Players can create vast worlds in bedrock edition in which they can build anything they want. In terms of customization, you can customize your world with various options for world type and rules.

How To Start The Game

The Bedrock edition is easy to install and easier to play. “Wanna know how to start the game?” If you are a beginner to this game and want to know the basics of the game , here you are at the right corner.

  • Once you have installed the game on your favorite platform, you can see 3 to 4 different opinions to start. You have to click on “Play” to get started.
how to play minecraft bedrock edition

  • Next, you will see a screen having 3 options: Worlds, Friends and Servers. Under the category of Worlds, Click on “Create New”.
play in worlds

  • On this screen, after “Creating New” proceed to generate your own new world by tapping on “Create New World”.
generate your own new world

  • Next, you will see a screen like the one given below where you can adjust your settings like world name, game mode, difficulty or world type.
adjust settings

  • Now, it will build you a new world for you where you can do anything you want either crafting items or building structures.
Building Terrain


At last to conclude, we can say that Minecraft Bedrock edition is versatile version of the game that is far better than the other editions of Minecraft. You can explore and build anything or anywhere you want freely in your own generated worlds. It offers unlimited features like marketplace, add-ons, customization, cross-platform play, realms or even realistic graphics. Minecraft Bedrock edition is a best choice for the ones who are looking


Yes, you can play Minecraft bedrock edition on Xbox One.

Yes, Minecraft bedrock edition supports add-ons to modify the game.

Yes, you can easily use a controller to play Minecraft bedrock edition.

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