Minecraft Zixel Zombie Mod

Wanna add hostile inhabitants into Minecraft survival world for more adventurous gameplay? Minecraft Zixel zombie mod is the perfect fit to add a unique gameplay having many types of zombies, hostile mobs, a completely dangerous nature and the most horrific world. Spawn eggs from the inventory and make your blocky world transformed into an evil zombies world.

Minecraft Zixel Zombie Mod

Bringing Zombies into Minecraft Survival Worlds

Bringing Zombies into Minecraft means bringing the complete zombie apocalypse that makes the gameplay more horrifying than ever. Minecraft Zixel zombie mod allows players to get a new zombie Minecraft with a lot of new mobs, weapons, environment and a complete new gameplay. Get into the zombie apocalypse as a Minecraft player downloading Minecraft Zixel zombie into your survival worlds but must check its compatibility matches with your Minecraft download version. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Animes WG Mod.


Minecraft Zixel zombie mod by its name is a zombie-centric expansion that adds new species of zombies and other animals into Minecraft survival worlds. For example, the mod has added the clown zombie that juggles the balls and even monkeys that are so creepy and dangerous. Each mob has their own features, attacks and skills to fight against mobs.

Clown Zombie

Minecraft Zixel Zombie Mod

Jetpack Zombie

Minecraft Zixel Zombie Mod



Mayor Zombie

mayor zombie

Fat Zombie

fat zombie

Military Zombie

military zombie

Zombies-Centric Nature

Besides the best of zombies, the mod adds a complete new texture of Minecraft including nature. You can see the sky in the horrible red color, the lakes flowing red bloody water and the terrific sounds roaming around the world. The mod will transform your blocky Minecraft nature into the horrible apocalypse.


Finally to conclude the article, we can say that if you want to add some horrible gameplay into Minecraft, add the famous zixel zombie mod that allows players to spawn the most hostile zombies with powerful weapons to fight against Minecraft mobs. Download this Minecraft mod now from our website and enjoy the Zombies-centric gameplay.


Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Can I change the color of sky in this mod?

Yes, you can change the color of the sky in this mod.

Can I play this mod in the survival mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in the survival mode.

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