Minecraft Project Onyx Mod

Minecraft Project Onyx Mod is a survival expansion that allows players to enjoy raid adventures and summoning the boss mobs. In the gameplay, players can use a pylon item to summon different entities including raids added by the mob. Each raid has specified mobs to spawn. So, download Minecraft mods now from our website to enjoy spawning raids of different types.

Minecraft Project Onyx Mod

Adding Specialized Raids and Items into Minecraft

Ever wanted to have raids in Minecraft of different types? The Minecraft APK Project Onyx mod is a next level adventurous expansion that has different raids in each crystal to spawn. Get a combination of combat and raid in this mod gameplay now by downloading it from our website without any extra cost. So, let’s dive deeper into the mod features to know more about the gameplay. Also check out Minecraft Invincible Mod.


Minecraft players can get and use new items spawning in the survival worlds. The main item added by the mod is Universal Pylon. Players can use this item to summon mobs and bosses in the mod. You can activate the pylon by different pylon crystals. Each crystal has different types such as raids, difficulties and portals. Each raid has specific mods to spawn.


New Bosses

The moment project Onyx mod as is a raid mod, allows players to spawn different strong bosses into Minecraft. Each having unique abilities to attack on opponents. The bosses are in different shapes, colors and in different appearances to be easily watched. You can summon these bosses easily using a pylon crafted earlier in the gameplay.

New Bosses


Like discussed above, the mod is all about having different raid types. Each raid has different mobs, bosses and sub bosses to spawn. 

  • Onyx is the first raid having advanced pillagers.
  • Enemies are the second raid having A.L.L.4.T.1.N.3’s vindicators.
  • Sub bosses are the third raid having Sub-Bosses including EVO-MASTER, EVO-PUPPeT and others.
  • Main bosses are the fourth raid having different main bosses including Alatar, Usurper of Scrap.


Finally to conclude the article, we can say that project onyx mod is for those who love playing raid-centric games to add adventures to their gaming worlds. Get universal pylon, new items, weapons and best of bosses to fight hard in the mod.


Can I summon the bosses easily in the mod?

Yes, you can summon the bosses easily in the mod.

Does the mod add new items?

Yes, the mod adds new items.

Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website through this website.

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