Minecraft Vs PUBG

Minecraft and PUBG are vastly played games across the world and gained popularity worldwide. As Minecraft is a sandbox game based on crafting and PUBG is a fighting action-adventure game, both offer different environments. For making your decision clear about what’s better to play, we have provided the comparison as Minecraft vs PUBG with their brief introduction in this article.

Minecraft vs PUBG

Comparing Minecraft and PUBG

Minecraft: Introduction

Minecraft is a creative game that makes the gameplay more interesting and more exciting. It is an online sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios having the main purpose of allowing players to explore vast worlds, biomes and dimensions. Players find this game fascinating and captivating as it allows you to craft anything you want including different resources like blocks, tools, equipment, armors, items, weapons or other food items. Whatever you want to build from villages to castles, you have accessibility.

As crafting is a main goal of this game, it offers different gaming modes and comes up with its best editions including: Vanilla, Java, Bedrock and Education Edition. Explore the vast and endless worlds and show you craft skills here. Also, take some time to look at Minecraft VS Free Fire.

Pros Of Minecraft

Presenting the pros of Minecraft in Minecraft vs PUBG.

  1. Minecraft allows players to play in a multiplayer mode to connect with other players across the world.
  2. The Minecraft game is easily accessible on different platforms like Windows or Android.
  3. It allows you to craft and build anything you want from simplest homes to complex castles.
  4. It has a low price compared to other well known games.
  5. It avoids violent content.

Cons Of Minecraft

Presenting the cons of Minecraft in Minecraft vs PUBG.

  1. It is a time consuming game as players take more time to explore and gather resources.
  2. The graphics of the Minecraft game are less realistic but blocky.
  3. The directions in Minecraft are confusing and are not clear.

PUBG: Introduction

PUBG, a widely played and well-liked game is a need of the players who are fond of playing shooting plus battling games.  The game gained its popularity since the day it was published. It was developed by PUBG Corporation and was first released in 2017. It is an inspired game from the South Korean movie. PUBG has a lavishing gameplay in which a team of 100 players Air-delivered onto an island for battling. As for a strong battle, weapons and other war based equipment are needed. In terms of vehicles and weapons, PUBG offers vast amounts of different weapons, guns, vehicles, equipment and other supplies.

If one has shooting skills, the game is perfectly woven for them. It is a realistic based game and has a combination of shooting, action and thrilling. The gameplay of PUBG is totally challenging as you don’t know which path leads you to death.

Pros Of PUBG

Presenting the pros of PUBG in Minecraft vs PUBG.

  1. PUBG has a demanding and the most challenging gameplay that every player takes as fun.
  2. It has a vast community and extensive player network.
  3. You can win large numbers of cash prizes by taking part in different PUBG competitions.

Cons Of PUBG

Presenting the cons of PUBG in Minecraft vs PUBG.

  1. In terms of addiction, it may lead to mental health problems.
  2. It has glitched effects that may affect the gameplay.
  3. This game has in-game purchases of high costs.

Minecraft Vs PUBG Differences


Every gaming application may have the same genre or different but all are fun to play. Minecraft and PUBG are two different genre games as Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game that allows you to do crafting of different tools, items or blocks while PUBG is an action game that allows you to battle in the battleground.


Modes in the game are something that ride players into different environments and textures. So in terms of gaming modes, Minecraft has a total of 4 different modes including: Survival, Creative, Hardcore and Adventure while PUBG has only the battle royale mode.

Target Audience

Gaming applications are mainly for people of all ages so that they can spend their free time well. Minecraft is a vast game having different mods that can be played by people of all ages including, kids, youngsters or adults while PUBG is a game that has high end gameplay and is mainly focused for mature people.


Graphics are the main thing behind the popularity of both the games but Minecraft has blocky graphics that ain’t look real while PUBG has realistic and practical graphics.


Crafting is no doubt one of the main and biggest differences present between both the games. As Minecraft is a game that is based on purely crafting, it allows players to do crafting of anything from items to tools while PUBG is a shooter and fighting game that doesn’t allow players to do crafting of weapons or equipment.

Minecraft Vs PUBG Similarities


Minecraft and PUBG both are renowned games and have multi platform availability. Both games are available on Android, Windows and iOS. It is one of the biggest similarities present between both of the games.


Multiplayer is a mode that is offered by both Minecraft and PUBG so that you can easily team up with other players and make gameplay challenging.


Resources in both games are needed to survive and fight. In Minecraft, you have to survive by gathering different resources and crafting them while in PUBG, you need resources like weapons or armors for survival.


For gathering and collecting different resources, you need to explore. Minecraft and PUBG both allow players to explore. In Minecraft you can explore mountains, islands, biomes and dimensions While in PUBG you can explore islands for getting weapons or other equipment.

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