Minecraft Invincible Mod

Meet new super heroes, wear different costumes and unleash super powers in Minecraft Invincible mod. Adding this Minecraft mods into your Minecraft download versions brings a completely new gameplay. You can get different abilities to fly, attack and survive as an Invincible.

Minecraft Invincible Mod

Unleash New Powers and Costumes in Invincible Mod

Seeking an answer to the question “ what does the Invincible mod add to Minecraft?” Here’s an answer: it adds new mob creatures from the famous American animated series, new entities, powerful costumes, a computer and new strong powers to fight against hostile and passive mobs of Minecraft APK. So, let’s dive deeper into this article to know more about the gameplay features of this mod. Also check out Minecraft Yoshi Mod.


Minecraft Invincible mod adds the best of heroic costumes into Minecraft that players can wear to get special abilities. The abilities of each costume has different powers, attacks and effects. These costumes help you win heavy battles against mobs as each costume has features including, you can fly, you can jump higher, you can run with full speed or you can break blocks. You can try costumes of different characters including Invincible, Monster Girl, Rex Splode, Dupli-Kate, Atom Eve and Omni-Man.

Minecraft Invincible Mod
Minecraft Invincible Mod
Minecraft Invincible Mod


Besides different costumes, Minecraft Invincible mod added different mobs into Minecraft that are dangerous in nature. They help you fight in the most extreme dangerous battles against other Minecraft mobs. You can spawn these mobs through eggs. Eggs of the mobs are present in the inventory of this mod already for ease. The main mobs include:

  1. Bandits
  2. Titan
  3. Mauler Twins
  4. Battle Beast


Computer is the main item added by the mod into Minecraft as it allows players to choose from different heroic costumes. You can transform your character into the heroic character wearing costumes given in the computer. You have to buy the costumes with coins to transform into a Hero.



Finally to conclude this article, we can say that the mod is a complete combination of combat plus war bringing new attacks, new survival and new mobs to fight against. Get additional strengths of super heroes from the image comics downloading the Minecraft Invincible mod. 


Where can I download the mod?

You can download the mod from our website.

Can I get new costumes in this mod?

Yes, you can get new costumes in this mod.

Can I fly in this mod?

Yes, you can fly in this mod.

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