Minecraft Techguns Mod Ultimate Guide

Minecraft offers unlimited mods to the players and Techguns mod is the most played mod that Minecraft game ever offered to the players having different guns including shotguns, submachine guns or machine guns to fight against mobs. Each Minecraft mod has unique features and resources that allows players to craft and build their world beautifully. You can craft weapons, guns, armor sets, buildings, castles, towers, forests and do farming in different biomes of Minecraft. You can explore new places and locations like dungeons and old islands through Minecraft maps and play in different mods like survival mode or creative mode. Download the Minecraft game now from our website and enjoy discovering and crafting new items.

Minecraft Techguns Mod

Techguns Mod

Minecraft techguns is one of the stunning mods that offers players different weapons, armors, machines and effective equipment like goggles, gliders, jump packs or oxygen tanks. This is a combat mod in which players have to fight against different mobs in arenas using Hi tech weapons. Minecraft offers the best combat servers to play fighting games like techguns mod easily with unlimited resources, items and weapons. Minecraft techguns mod add unlimited weapons like unique and powerful guns. This mod is actually a survival based mod that allows players to collect and craft different items like buildings, weapons and armor sets for free in the crafting grid. Players can use different 3D guns like muzzle flashes and play in the new NPC hostile and turrets that also use guns and other weapons.

New machines are upgraded for the players to craft different weaponries using machines like chem lab or metal press. In addition, this techguns mod offers different explosives like stick grenades, grim reaper or rocket launchers for better fighting against the mobs. Start your techguns journey in a new fighting world based on survival mode and enjoy fighting against mobs with useful guns.

Minecraft Techguns Mod – Weapons

Minecraft techguns mod is all about fighting against different types of mobs and bosses. For fighting, players can access different types of weapons like Melee weapons, Assault rifles, Sniper rifles and Energy weapons. Players can use them in different situations while targeting enemies. This techguns mod also provides some advanced and special weapons to the players like Flamethrower, Biogun, Pulse Rifle and PDW weapons. In addition, you can also craft your favor weapons and guns in a crafting grid by collecting different resources.

The weapons and explosives present in this game are listed below.

  1. Combat Knife
  2. The Infiltrator
  3. Bolt Action Rifle
  4. TFG 10K
  5. Chainsaw
  6. Mining Drill
  7. M4 Assault Rifle
  8. De-Atomizer Pistol
  9. Crowbar
  10. Nuclear Death Ray
  11. Power Hammer
  12. AS50 Sniper
  13. Grenade Launcher
  14. Laser Pistol
  15. Guided Missile Launcher
  16. Grim Reaper
  17. Sonic Rifle
  18. Tesla Gu

These are different types of weapons present in the game for better fighting.

Minecraft Techguns – Guns

The Minecraft game offers different guns having different effects and fighting features for shooting mobs. These guns include: Handguns, Shotguns, Machine guns and Submachine guns.

  1. Hand cannon
  2. Revolver
  3. Golden Revolver
  4. Pistol
  5. Double Barrel Shotgun
  6. Combat Shotgun
  7. Blaster Shotgun
  8. Thompson SMG
  9. Mac 10
  10. Vector
  11. Light Machine Gun
  12. Minigun

Minecraft Techguns Mod – Armors

There are different armor sets available in the Minecraft techguns mod that provide complete protection to the players from certain damages. Each armor set has helmets, chest plates, leggings and boots that are so powerful to protect the players while fighting. The best armor sets present in the game are listed below.

  1. Bandit Set
  2. Combat Set
  3. Hazmat Set
  4. Miner’s Set
  5. Ranger Veteran Set
  6. Soldier’s Set
  7. Commando Set
  8. Advanced Combat set

These armor sets are so powerful and have different defending attacks resistances against fire, dark, energy, poison or explosions in the Minecraft techguns mod. Each armor set has some bonuses and mining speeds. Start unlocking your favorite armor set that have higher resistance against different elements in the game.

Minecraft Techguns Mod – Machines

Minecraft techguns mod have unique machines that are added basically for the players as single block or multi block structures. Players can use these machines for different purposes like repairing or upgrading weapons and guns. The best Minecraft tech guns machines available are listed below.

  1. Metal press
  2. Ammo press
  3. Turret
  4. Reaction Chamber
  5. Chemical laboratory
  6. Ore drill
  7. Repair bench
  8. Charging station
  9. Blast furnace
  10. Fabricator
  11. Grinder
  12. Upgrade bench

Players can use these different tech guns mod machines for charging batteries, producing steel, disassembling weapons, repairing armors, upgrading armors, crafting recipes or drilling unlimited resources. Players can easily get these machines in the Minecraft techguns mods for free.

Minecraft Techguns Mod Equipment

In Minecraft techguns mod, players can easily access to different equipment items present in the game. Each equipment has special effects that help players to fight against mobs and hostile mobs easily. These equipment are listed below that players can also craft in the crafting grid.

  1. Oxygen Tanks
  2. Gas Mask
  3. Jump Pack
  4. Tactical Mask
  5. Jetpack
  6. Glider
  7. Anti-Gravity Device
  8. Mining Gloves
  9. Night Vision Goggles

These are different beneficial equipment present in Minecraft techguns mod for the player to use and increase their power of fighting against the mobs, hostile mobs and bosses.


Are there any submachine guns present in Minecraft techguns mod?

Yes, there are three types of submachine guns present including: Thompson SMG, Mac 10, Vector.

Do armors resist physical(AR), fire(F) or energy(E)?

Yes, armors can give resistance against physical, fire and energy.

What multiblock is used to drill resources in Minecraft techguns?

Ore drill is a power multiblock used to drill resources from ore clusters.

Can I play techguns on Pcs?

Yes, you can play techguns on Pcs too.

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