Minecraft Towers

Minecraft towers are the best accomplishments ever. There are different tower designs present in the Minecraft game for the players to build with unlimited resources and items. Players can also play different tower missions in Minecraft dungeons for getting higher achievements.

Minecraft Towers

Towers are something different from simple homes. Minecraft offers two different modes for building stunning towers like wizard tower or watch tower. Players can craft anything they want from simple castles to magical castles in Minecraft survival or creative modes. These modes offer different blocks, items, mobs, creatures, villages, weapons, armors, skin packs or other amazing resources. Download the Minecraft game now from our website and start building amazing towers.

Minecraft Towers

Minecraft is one of the most played games across the world having 100 millions plus active players because of stunning Minecraft structures, buildings, worlds, mods and textures. Players can build different houses, buildings, castles or towers. Towers are something different from other buildings. Players can take advantage of this crafting game and build beautiful towers in Minecraft with unlimited blocks, items and other things with the given crafting recipes.

You can build the smallest to tallest towers of your unique designs. Towers are the best accomplishments of the Minecraft game that offers players to explore new items and resources. Besides crafting simple homes, craft and build your successful towers of different floors. The Minecraft game also offers the best tower designs for better building by yourself.

The best tower designs players can create on their own are listed below.

  1. Wizard Tower
  2. Castle Tower
  3. Rustic Tower
  4. Watch Tower
  5. Fantasy Tower
  6. Mage Tower
  7. Defense Tower
  8. Tower of Light
  9. Survival Tower Base
  10. Column Tower
  11. Avengers Tower
  12. Castle Tower

All the tower designs are stunning and astonishing from wizard tower to a castle tower for the players. Start building your own beautiful towers of different shapes and sizes with unlimited resources.

Minecraft Best Tower Maps

Minecraft offers different maps to the players. These maps hold the images of the Minecraft towers, buildings, oceans or biomes. Each Minecraft mod has different maps to explore different places. Players can discover new towers through maps provided by Minecraft.

The best tower maps present in the Minecraft game are listed below.

  1. Giant suspension bridge
  2. Alma Bay
  3. Futuristic Tower
  4. Glass Globe City Tower
  5. Divine Tower
  6. NoVo port
  7. Torre Messie

These are the best Minecraft tower maps available for the players to explore new towers and collect unlimited resources and items. These maps have realistic images of the towers and locate different towers to the players. In addition, players can create their own unique towers maps easily in the Minecraft game without any cost.

Minecraft Dungeon Towers

The Minecraft game also offers different dungeon towers that are usually used for missions as seasonal adventures. These towers have different floors and each floor holds the best artifacts and enchantment points for the players. Players have to fight against different mobs and bosses in each floor as arena or boss battles. The unlocking of tower missions is after completing the squid coast mission in Minecraft dungeons.

Players can also play against different mobs in towers with a team of 4 heroes in multiplayer tower mode. Each tower floor has different objectives like combat floor, merchant floor or boss floor. Players can explore different materials used for building towers, as they can also build their own towers in the Minecraft game. Each tower has its own layouts and these layouts affect the places of floors or bosses.

Bosses in Towers

  • Ancient Guardian
  • Wretched Wraith
  • Mooshroom Monstrosity
  • Jungle Abomination
  • Corrupted Cauldron
  • Redstone Monstrosity
  • Tempest Golem

Mobs in Towers

  • Drowned Necromancer
  • Evoker
  • Zombie
  • Mountaineer
  • Fungus Thrower
  • Leap leaf
  • Mossy Skeleton
  • Poison-Quill Vine
  • Chicken Jockey
  • Diamond Key Golem
  • Key Golem
  • Blaze


  • Apple
  • TNT
  • Bread
  • Arrow Bundle

These are different tower items, mobs and bosses present during the tower missions in Minecraft dungeons. Each tower floor has been determined by different mainland buildings, island realms and other dimensions.

Minecraft Dungeon Towers – Luminous Night

Players have to complete the luminous night tower mission at night in fog. This tower has many luminous symbols that are not visible to the players in the night and these symbols are of different sizes and shapes. Players can get best achievements after completing the Luminous night tower missions including: Tower Tourist, Goal Driven, Hot-Footed Hero or Daily Destroyer.

Minecraft Dungeon Towers – Cloudy Climb

This is the best tower present in Minecraft dungeons having different floors and stunning exterior look. This tower looks like a temple with many pillars. White stone has been used for the exterior of this tower. Players can get best achievements after completing the cloudy climb tower missions including: Fashionable Climber, Meet and Greet or Tower Power.

Minecraft Dungeon Towers – Fauna Faire

Experience the best Minecraft dungeon tower Fauna Faire with your friends. This tower mission adds a multiplayer mode. This mission includes different mobs, emotes and flares. Players can get best achievements after completing the Fauna Faire tower missions including: Desert Dynamo, Treetop Trespasser, Alpha Centurion, Soul Powered or Adorable Explorer.


With whom can I fight in the final floor of Minecraft dungeon towers?

Players have to defeat the boss mob or other powerful mobs in the final floor of Minecraft dungeon towers.

Can I build the tallest tower in the Minecraft game?

Yes, you can easily build the best and the tallest tower in the Minecraft game.

What do players get in Minecraft dungeon towers?

Players can get different items and enchantment points.

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