Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod

Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod is one of the most downloaded and played games across the world having different features and tools. Players can experience full crafting and creation of different tools, weapons and armors. This mod added tons of special items, modifiers, blocks and tools.

Minecraft Tinkers' Construct Mod

Tinkers’ Construct Mod

The basic concept of this stunning game is that you have to combine different tinker’s construct tools together and modify them with different special effects modifiers to get new and unique items and equipment. You can easily own them and place them in your games inventory.

Minecraft Tinkers' Construct Mod

You can also use different materials like Seared Brick, Slime Crystal, Paper Stack or Raw Aluminum for making multi block smeltery, for crafting sticky pistons, for smelting Gravel Aluminum Ore in a furnace. Even you can do crafting of different tools and items in this Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod.

The main mechanism of this construct mod is smeltery. It is actually a multi block for creating high tier weapons and tools using metals. You can now easily use anything in this game mod for crafting your imaginary items. Players can download this stunning game from our website for free on their favorite platforms like Linux, mac, windows, iOS or android.

Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod – Tools

In Tinkers’ construct mod, there are collections of tools present that are assembled from different parts. Each tool present in this mod has its unique damage modifiers, durability and speeds. Players can even repair their broken tools with different materials. Tools are categorized in two different parts.

Basic Tools

The basic tools are added by Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod that a built in Tool Station or a Tool Forge. You can also upgrade them to use their modified effects.

  1. Pickaxe
  2. Chisel
  3. Frying Pan
  4. Mattock
  5. Hatchet
  6. Shovel

Advanced Tools

The advanced tools are added by Minecraft tinkers’ construct mods that are also built in Tool Forge and Tool Station and have special effects and works than the basic tools. You can harvest wood from entire trees, dig big holes or reap big sections of crops easily.

  1. Hammer
  2. Excavator
  3. Scythe
  4. Lumber Ax

Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod – Weapons

In Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod, there are tons of weapons present and each weapon has their own properties, effects, durabilities and speeds.

Weapons are categorized in two different parts. Advanced weapons have more attacking damage against different mobs like you can push back mobs, behead them, attack on them in a special digged area or do extra damage.

Basic Weapons

  1. Cutlass
  2. Frying Pan
  3. Arrows
  4. Battle Sign
  5. Broadsword
  6. Longsword
  7. Shortbow
  8. Rapier
  9. Dagger

Advance Weapons

  1. Scythe
  2. Hammer
  3. Cleaver
  4. Battleaxe

Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod – Blocks

In Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod, players can get unlimited blocks that are actually the building materials and are used for different purposes like smelting. They are main components of this mod and you can craft them or find them in different biomes.

You can craft different multi blocks using Casting Basin. Listed below are different blocks present in the game mod.

  1. Slimy Mud
  2. Pattern Chest
  3. Drying Rack
  4. Part Builder
  5. Casting Basin
  6. Smeltery Controller
  7. Birch Barricade
  8. Graveyard Soil
  9. Punji Stick
  10. Wool Slabs
  11. Cobalt Block
  12. Bronze Block
  13. Manyullyn Block
  14. Polished Stone Brick
  15. Stained Glass
  16. Block of Solid Ender
  17. Aluminum Block
  18. Blood Channel
  19. Chiseled Brownstone Slab
  20. Lapis Brick

These are different blocks present in Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod. Some are utility blocks, some are raw blocks, some are multiblocks and some are defense bricks.

Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod – Smeltery Components

Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod has different smeltery components present in the game that are used for smelting different tools together. Different components act differently and have different works in the smelting process.

  1. Casting Basin
  2. Casting Channel
  3. Smeltery Drain
  4. Smeltery Controller
  5. Casting Table
  6. Seared Bricks
  7. Seared Window
  8. Seared Tank
  9. Seared Glass
  10. Seared Faucet

These are different smeltery components present in the Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod. You can easily activate and each has its own automation. You can use them as fluid pipes that will transport liquid or, seeing transparency of smeltery. Each smeltery must have one one drain smeltery that is actually a block. You can do smelting of different tools through these components.

Minecraft Tinkers’ Construct Mod – Ores & Oreberries


Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod has different ore berries that are actually the blocks and are present to produce berries. These ore berries have three stages of growing: small, medium and mature. Listed below are six different ore berries present in this mod.

  1. Copper Oreberry
  2. Essence Oreberry
  3. Gold Oreberry
  4. Aluminum Oreberry
  5. Iron Oreberry
  6. Tin Oreberry

These are different raw oreberry bushes present in the Minecraft tinkers’ construct mod that are smelted into their relevant nugget type like iron oreberry smelted into iron nuggets or gold ore berry smelted into gold nuggets.


  1. Aluminum Gravel Ore
  2. Aluminum Ore
  3. Cobalt Gravel Ore
  4. Tin Gravel Ore
  5. Grout
  6. Iron Gravel Ore
  7. Ardite Ore
  8. Tin Ore

Best Items & Drops

Minecraft tinker’s construct is one of the most played games having different blocks and special items for smeltery and modifications. You can combine one or two items to get another best modified item. Listed below are some items present in this Minecraft tinker mod for crafting different special items and multiblocks. All the items provided by this mod exist in the game inventory in the armor stands.

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  1. Fiery Bowstring
  2. Hand Guard Cast
  3. Steel Ingot
  4. Cobalt Ingot
  5. Manyullyn Ingot
  6. Stone Shard
  7. Flint Shard
  8. Silky Jewel
  9. Ball of Moss
  10. Lava Crystal
  11. Raw Aluminum
  12. Glueball
  13. Blue Slime Crystal


Drops are special items that you can gain by killing different types of mobs in the game. You can increase the chance of dropping special items like miniature hearts by using Luck Modifier. Start playing this stunning game as a survivor and kill all the mobs and bosses to get special rewards and items.

  1. Necrotic Bone
  2. Gelatinous Slime
  3. Miniature Green Heart
  4. Miniature Red Heart
  5. Miniature Yellow Heart

Players can get these drop items by killing different types of mobs in this game like Slimes and Wither Skeletons. Miniatures are special items dropped by many mobs and also found in dungeon chests.


Minecraft offers best skin packs of tinkers’ construct mod to the players to change the looks according to the situations in the game. You can use either default skins or you can download amazing tinker skin packs that are listed below. In addition, players can also craft their own tinker suits easily in this mod.

  1. Rihanna’s tinker
  2. girl tinker II
  3. Zombie super tinker
  4. Thaumic tinkerer
  5. Tinkers slime
  6. Thaumic tinkerer
  7. Girl super tinker
  8. Black tinker
  9. Dying super tinker
  10. Tinker Steve
  11. Evil tinker

These are different best Minecraft skins available for tinkers’ construct mod players. Players can use these skins and change their character looks within seconds. Browse our website and download more tinker construct skin packs for free of cost.


What is the size of the smeltery in tinkers’ construction?

Smeltery must be in rectangular shape and has upto 7 blocks per side.

How do I increase the durability of tools in tinkers’ construct mod?

You can increase the durability of tools by placing a diamond in the tool forge.

What is the strongest weapon in Minecraft tinkers’ construct?

Manyullyn pickaxe head is the strongest weapon in the game mod.

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