How to Make TNT in Minecraft

Minecraft is no doubt a top-ranked game having different features and functions. Players can experience this game in terms of science too by making different scientific items and equipment. You can craft TNT blocks, rockets or other machines related to science. Besides all, TNT is the most powerful block used for explosions in the game. If you are new to the game or word TNT and want to learn how to make TNT in Minecraft, let’s get started with this article.

How to Make TNT in Minecraft

Basically, it is a crafting game that provides unlimited resources for crafting. In this game, your all building and crafting imaginations of items and buildings turned into reality. You can craft simple to complex equipment, experience fighting against different mobs and explore stunning dimensions and biomes of Minecraft.

Make TNT in Minecraft

TNT is basically a strong block of Minecraft APK used for various explosions in this game. It has square type shape and red in color so players can light it in various ways. You can use Redstone signal, flint and steel or a stray fire. You can easily generate an explosion of TNT through these tools. It is affected by the gravity once lit by any of these tools.

Players can use TNT or primed TNT in different editions of Minecraft including: java and bedrock. It doesn’t destroy any of the blocks if placed near water or lava.

You can experience a whole new environment using TNT in your world and enjoy the explosions by learning how to make TNT in Minecraft. Yes, there are different techniques and ways present to craft or obtain a TNT in Minecraft. Go through our article and know the basics of a TNT block.

Crafting a TNT in Minecraft

For making a TNT you need:

  1. 4 Sand blocks
  2. 5 Gunpowder.

You can easily craft these materials in Minecraft. After collecting these, open a 3×3 crafting grid. “Place 2 gunpowder in the first and third box of row 1, middle box of row 2 and place 2 in the first and last box of row 3. After placing all the gunpowders, now place sand blocks at their right positions. Place one sand block in the middle of row 1, first and last box of row 2 and at last middle box of row 3”.

Obtaining TNT through different Chest loots

TNT is the most valuable block in the Minecraft game and can be obtained in different ways. It’s up to the player which way they’ll choose to get TNT in Minecraft. Besides crafting a TNT, players can also obtain it from different chest loots. Yes, TNT is present in different containers of different structures in Minecraft java edition and bedrock edition. The Structures in which you can find TNT are listed below.

Buried treasure: Chest

Shipwreck: Supply Chest

Chests in these structures hold a TNT block.

Obtaining TNT Naturally

Another way to obtain TNT is a natural way. You can obtain TNT naturally in forests or deserts. In dessert, there is a desert temple that holds 4 chests and a complete protection for TNT blocks. Players can obtain 9 TNT blocks naturally in this desert pyramid while in forest there is a secret woodland mansion having a room and trapped chests. Players can obtain 2 TNT blocks from this place. As we are providing a guide on how to make TNT in Minecraft, we hope this part can help you obtain a TNT block naturally besides crafting it.

Activation of TNT

As TNT is a Redstone based component or an entity, you have to activate with either any Redstone power or with any other activator. For easy activation of TNT blocks, use flint and steel. Mostly flint and steel is used to light the explosion things.

Here, below we have used flint and steel as an activator to TNT. Besides this, you can use a Redstone torch, button or by a lever.

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