Minecraft NinjaGear Mod

Minecraft NinjaGear mod is one of the mods that brings a ninja themed environment to the gameplay. You can use  realistic ninja weapons, armors or costumes. Set your roleplaying techniques and have fun with your friends.

Minecraft NinjaGear Mod

Ninja Styled Minecraft Mod

Minecraft is a 3D online video game that has so much for the players to explore and craft unlimited. Minecraft NinjaGear mod is the mod inspired from the realistic ninja series where players can use ninja weapons against ninja mobs. Enhance your gameplay and get new costumes and a whole new world. Also check out Minecraft Dual Wield Mod.


Minecraft NinjaGear mod is completely based on weapons and armors. It is a roleplaying mod that allows players to experience ninja fights against different mobs. Ninja is the mob among other mobs that you can tame or kill to get extra coins. So for fighting against ninja and other mobs, you need weapons. The mod features stunning powerful weapons for the players.

  1. Katana: The katana deals more damage as it is a dual wielding weapon.
  2. Sai: It is the signature weapon but has less damage than katana.
  3. Shuriken: These weapons are used for quick actions against ninja mobs.


Armor set is the main and the most powerful feature provided by the mod for the players. As Minecraft is a game of fighting and crafting, players need armor to get special effects. The mod added leggings, helmet, coat or boots for the players that allows you to run faster, jump faster or attack faster.


The Minecraft NinjaGear mod added different stunning tools that will help players in different situations. The three main tools that can be used in this mod are Rope, Rope coil and smoke bomb. These will be helpful for the players for trapping the ninja mobs.


Can I play this mod on Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

The Requirements of mods may vary but you can play this mod on Bedrock Edition.

Is it free to download Minecraft NinjaGear mod?

Yes, it is free. You can freely download the mod file from our website.

Does this mod have multiplayer support?

Yes, the ninja mod has multiplayer support so that you will enjoy the game with your friends.

Can I craft Ninja armor in this mod?

Yes, you can craft the best ninja armor in this mod.

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