Ice and Fire Mod in Minecraft

Minecraft ice and fire mod is based on dragons and things related to dragons. Players can get a dragon experience having ice and fire dragons. You can access dragon caves, dragon eggs, dragon taming and bestiary for guidance. The Minecraft free game offers this amazing draconic mod to its players to craft and create in a full dragon world. Players can craft different weapons and tools in different Minecraft mods and collect unlimited items and can import different resource packs. Get your favorite Minecraft mod from our website and enjoy playing it on different Minecraft servers.

Ice and Fire Mod in Minecraft

Ice and Fire Mod

Minecraft ice and fire mod is one of the best Minecraft mods that offers a full dragon world experience. This mod has different creatures like dragons or mobs. These creatures have unique powers and each has its own role in the gameplay. Players can feed and hatch dragons in the game by hatching dragon eggs. Defeat these dragons and control them to easily ride on them and explore the whole Minecraft APK ice and fire mod game.

Dragons in Ice and Fire Mod

Players can fight against different mobs using dragon armors and weapons tools. Different structures are present for finding and discovering new items, blocks and mobs. This mod brings additional features to the Minecraft game that players can experience in every edition of Minecraft game on different dragon servers. Start your dragons journey today and explore new items and resources relatable to ice and fire dragons. Additionally, make sure to check out Minecraft MineColony Mod.

Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod – Creatures

Dragons are the main creatures present in this Minecraft ice and fire mod game. These dragons are of three types: Ice, Fire and Lightning dragons. They are special creatures that have amazing wings. All the dragons breathe elements according to their species. Players can find ice dragons in snowy biomes, fire dragons in any biome having warm to cold climate and lightning dragons in thunderstorms. Dragons are growing in five different stages one and one for becoming more stronger. Besides this creature, there are many other creatures or mobs present in Ice and fire mod game including: Pixie, Hippocampus, Cockatrice, Sea Serpent, Gorgon, The Dread Queen, Cyclops, Stymphalian Bird, Troll or Amphithere.

Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod – Structures

The Minecraft ice and fire mod game has different structures present for the players to get the full experience of the dragon’s world. These structures can spawn at different biomes of Minecraft games. The structures have different items, blocks and different creatures like pixies or cyclops. The game structures are divided into parts including: Land Structures and Underground Structures. The Land Structures include Gorgon Temples, Cyclops Coves, Dragon roosts, pixie villages and the Underground Structures include Dragon Caves, Myrmex Hives, Hydra lair, Mausoleum. There are also some island structures present in this dragon game like Siren Islands.

Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod – Armors

Armors are the items present in the ice and fire mod for protection from the damages while fighting with dragon mobs. You can use different armor sets and combine them for better protection. Each armor has a unique power to break the opposite damage. The different armors present for players and dragons are listed below.

  1. Death Worm Chitin Armor
  2. Dragon Armor
  3. Myrmex Chitin armor
  4. Silver Armor
  5. Troll Leather Armor
  6. Sheep Disguise Armor
  7. Hippogryph Armor
  8. Dragonsteel Armor

Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod – Tamable Mobs

Players can hatch eggs and after a long process, they become the better dragons for riding and taming. Players can tame their dragons and ride on them in different conditions.

The tamable mob dragons are listed below.

  1. Cockatrice
  2. Death Worm
  3. Fire Dragon
  4. Amphithere
  5. Hippogryph
  6. Ice Dragon
  7. Pixie
  8. Lightning Dragon

These are different tameable mobs that are controlled by the players of Minecraft ice and fire mod. Each dragon can be tamed through different mechanics and processes.

Dragon Eggs & Hatching

Players can get different dragon eggs in the ice and fire game mod by killing the female dragons. These female dragons drop a dragon egg of different colors according to the dragon species.

Dragon eggs can then turn into baby dragons after hatching. Hatching is a process in which dragon eggs can be turned into baby dragons. Each dragon has different hatching conditions. Players have to wait for 6 minutes to hatch. You can level up your dragons by feeding them the dragon meal. Players can then easily ride on them at stage 3.

Minecraft Ice and Fire Mod – Bestiary

In Minecraft ice and fire mod, players can get a manufactured item called bestiary that has all the game guidance for the players. You can either find this bestiary inside chests in dragon caves or you can easily craft it with 3 manuscripts. You can get the whole guidance and knowledge about each and every dragons, mobs, eggs, armors, weapons or other things in the bestiary.

Ice and Fire Mod Items

There are different items available in the player’s inventory in the Minecraft ice and fire mod game. You can experience the dragon in the Minecraft game crafting different blocks and items. These items are displayed in the item frame that exists in the game inventory. Unlock thousands of items and use them for fighting against dragons in different battles.

The items that ice and fire mod adds in the game are listed below.

  1. Amethyst
  2. Amphithere Feather
  3. Blindfold
  4. Bestiary
  5. Dragon Egg
  6. Dragon Bone Tools
  7. Pixie Wing
  8. Sea Serpent Scales
  9. Tide Guardian Armor
  10. Wolf Amulet
  11. Fishing Spear
  12. Gorgon Head
  13. Ectoplasm
  14. Earplugs
  15. Hydra Skull
  16. Sticky Iron Chain

Legendary Weapons

In Minecraft ice and fire mod, players can use different powerful legendary weapons that are being crafted by different mobs items. These legendary weapons have high damaging attacks and less weaknesses with best effects. You can attack at different dragon mobs with these weapons.

The best and most powerful legendary weapons in Minecraft ice and fire mod are listed below.

  1. Iced DragonBone Sword
  2. Pixie wand
  3. Hippogriff Talon Sword
  4. Tide Trident
  5. Ghost Sword
  6. Phantasmal Sword
  7. Cockatrice Scepter
  8. Eye of Cyclops
  9. Flamed DragonBone Sword
  10. Myrmex Swarm
  11. Siren Flute
  12. Stymphalian Bird Feather Bundle
  13. Troll’s Axe
  14. Lightning Dragon Bone Sword


How do I craft a phantasmal sword in Minecraft ice and fire mod?

You can craft a phantasmal sword using a dragon bone sword and phantasmal ingot.

Can I get lightning dragons in Minecraft ice and fire mod?

Yes, you can get different lightning dragons that can spawn in jungles or badlands.

Is hatching time and spawning time changeable?

Yes, you can easily modify or change dragon’s hatching time or spawning time.

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