Minecraft Dual Wield Mod

Minecraft Dual wield is the weaponry add-on that players can add to their Minecraft to enhance the gameplay in terms of weapons, customizations or other features. In Dual wield mod, your character can hold items or weapons in both hands to fight and combat even better. Start the combat journey playing this dual wield mod.

Minecraft Dual Wield Mod

Minecraft Dual Wield Mod Details and Features

Minecraft is a game of crafting and showing creativity to the whole world using different resources and the techniques that are beneficial. As Minecraft allows players to explore the territories, engage with mobs, NPCs or gather items, it allows players to add different add-ons or mods to the game to enhance the gameplay. Dual Wield mod is the most popular weapon mod that gives your character the second hand.

It means that your character can hold items or weapons in both hands to fight against zombies or other hostile mobs. The mod has endless possibilities and features the best weapons having great damages. Know the best features offered by this dual wielding mod and make the game more difficult and interesting. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Nuke Mod.


As Minecraft Dual wield mod is completely based on combat and fighting, it features various stunning and high damage weapons to use against mobs. The weapons including

  • Dual Swords: It is the melee weapon to increase the damage.
  • Katana: It is a weapon (wakizashi and uchi) that has high damage.
  • Dual Daggers: The fast attacking weapon for fast hits.
  • Pistols: Ranged Weapons two fire with both hands.
  • Long Spear: Type of Weapon that causes high damage on horseback.

Dual Wielding Combat

Minecraft Dual wield mod is the most played mod around the world that brings combat mechanisms in the Minecraft gameplay. If you are a combat lover and want to have a high fight against different hostile or passive mobs, the mod is perfectly compatible for it. You can use dual wielding weapons, Unique Attack Animations, Combo Attacks, Off-hand Abilities or Weapon Swapping during combat. So enhance your gameplay by having the best combat against mobs in Minecraft.


How do I install this Minecraft Dual wield mod?

You can download this Minecraft dual wield map from our website easily.

Can I play this mod in Minecraft Survival mode?

Yes, you can play this mod in Minecraft survival mode.

Which Minecraft edition is compatible with Dual wield mod?

Java edition is more compatible with Dual wield mod.

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