Minecraft Hide & Seek

Minecraft hide & seek is actually a most popular minigame that has all the features of hiding & seeking. You have to hide at different spots and seekers have to find the hidden ones. The hider is the winner if they remain untouched for 5 minutes. There are different mini games present in Minecraft gameplay that have all realistic features. These minigames of Minecraft are free to access. You can explore different amazing hidden places with this amazing Minecraft hide & seek game.

Hide and seek in Minecraft APK

In Minecraft, players can create their imaginary worlds and craft unlimited resources and items in different Minecraft mods. You can build amazing buildings, islands, oceans, villages and castles with amazing resources. Minecraft is such an adventurous game in which players can get full enjoyment by playing at different levels and locations by using maps. Download Minecraft game now from our website and enjoy updated features and tools.

Hide & Seek Mod

Minecraft gameplay has different features and functions. One of the best features is you can play mini games for free. In Minecraft there are a lot of hide & seek maps. You can play realistic hide & seek games with your friends or other players across the world. In this game, there are hiders and seekers that have different looks and specifications. Both hider and seeker have time limits to cross the rounds to win. Hiders will hide at different spots and seekers will find them in time limitations. Each round starts with a unique gadget. Hiders have 30 seconds to find the hiding spots.

For winning, seekers have to find and tag all the hiders. If hiders remain untouched up to 5 minutes, they are the winners. You have to survive as long as you can to become a winner of the Minecraft hide & seek game. This is a very popular and most played mini game of Minecraft and is easily downloadable from our website. Also, take some time to look at Minecraft One Block.

Minecraft Hide & Seek Seeds

In Minecraft gameplay, players can get different and unique seeds of hide and seek. If players find the hide ones they can create different seeds from the hiding spots. There are multiple adventurous seeds present in the Minecraft game for hide and seek. For getting the best hide & seek seeds then type trippy in the seed box. Every seed has uniqueness and specifications. The top best Minecraft hide & seek seeds are listed below with their codes.

  1. Taiga Hide & Seek(2146942512)
  2. Extreme Savannas(1695166490)
  3. Meteor Shower(2084759484)
  4. Desert Temples(671258039)

These seeds have more resources and hiding places. Players can enjoy a lot by hiding or seeking by activating these seeds in Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft Hide & Seek – Skins

Download unique and stunning hide & seek skins from our website to change the look of the game. Players of the game can get benefits from these skin packs for seeking and hiding. You can easily change your skins to hide anywhere in the game and feel the realistic hide & seek game with other players across the world. You can get your favorite costumes and skins from our website by just browsing our website and downloading them. This is a new way to be invisible. This is a great plan to play hide and seek. Listed below are best Minecraft hide & seek skins for the players.

  1. Hide & Seek
  2. Oak Planks Skin
  3. Grass Man
  4. Wood Skin
  5. Snowy The Fox
  6. Mr Black
  7. YoYoMen Hide & Seek
  8. Demon Man

These are some best skins of different editions of the game like bedrock or java. Get your favorite skins now from our website and enjoy playing hide & seek with your friends too.

Minecraft Hide & Seek – Texture packs

In Minecraft, Players can easily change the textures of their worlds without any cost. These textures have different blocks, items, resources and mobs. For Minecraft hide & seek games, different beautiful textures are present to download. Players can easily download their favorite texture packs from our website. To activate the hide & seek texture packs, players have to drag the texture file in the Open resource folder. Best texture packs available for the players to change their world’s textures are listed below.

  1. Log Fence
  2. Skeleton Physics
  3. Cyber Skeleton
  4. Squishy Pack
  5. Hide Player Armor
  6. Remove/Hide – CROSSHAIR
  7. Animal Hide Pack
  8. Hidden Totem

Download these amazing and stunning texture packs from our website to create the newest worlds. All texture packs for hide & seek games are available for free.

Minecraft Hide & Seek Maps

In Minecraft gameplay, there are different hide & seek maps present of different locations for the players. Players can select their favorite maps for playing hide & seek with their friends or other players across the world. Play with as many seekers and hiders as you want. The main and large maps present for the players of hide & seek game are listed below.

  1. Rush’s Hide & Seek
  2. Abandoned Mall – Hide & Seek
  3. Infested
  4. Mage’s Manor
  5. SpongeBob Hide & Seek

The best and largest Minecraft hide & seek map that is created for the players is Zombie Polis map. This map is based on a city and has many advantages. Enjoy playing hide & seek games with all these maps.

Geographic Hide

For playing Minecraft hide & seek games, there is a national geographic hide & seek map. This map has different areas for hiding and seeking. These areas include

  1. Desert
  2. Ocean
  3. Savannah
  4. Jungle

This map is beautifully created for hiders and seekers. This map has amazing hiding spots for the hiders. You have much fun playing on this map. Explore different secret and mysterious places on this map. You can also get knowledge of animals that are present in the map such as pandas or walruses.


Is playing Minecraft hide & seek safe?

Yes, playing this amazing minigame of Minecraft is completely safe and secure.

Are there different hiding spots present in the game?

Yes, there are amazing hiding spots present in different maps.

What color of tag does the seeker have?

Seekers have tags of red colors.

How many hearts does hider have?

Hiders have 3 hearts and you have to escape from the seekers for being hit.

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