Minecraft One Block

Minecraft one block is a map that players can easily import to the original Minecraft game. This map basically starts with one block. You have to destroy blocks one by one to make your own amazing world with different blocks. Minecraft is such a beautiful game that has unlimited features and resources to provide. Players can collect different items and resources on their own. Minecraft is a crafting game in which you have to craft different items for creating your own houses and villages in worlds. You can explore the whole Minecraft game by playing in different modes and in different worlds. The one main feature of this game is you can easily create your own survival or creative worlds. Minecraft allows you to expand your worlds with other players worlds by playing in realms and realms plus.

Minecraft One Block

Minecraft gameplay has different maps of different modes. Today in our article we will talk about the best map of Minecraft called Minecraft one block. You can download this map from our website and import it to your original Minecraft game for free without any cost. You have to reach the end dimension of the gameplay to kill the ender dragon and win the game. Adventure different experiences in Minecraft games. Start your journey as a beginner now by playing in a one block sky block survival map of Minecraft gameplay.

One Block Sky Block

Minecraft one block sky block is one of the best maps that is created for the players to experience a different storyline. You can easily download this map from our website for free. By downloading this map, at first players will get the compass for directions. This map can easily be imported to the original game. In Minecraft one block, players will begin the game by just one block. You have to stand on that block to proceed the game. By destroying that block, players can get different items like blocks, chests, minerals, animals or monsters.

After blocking certain numbers of blocks in Minecraft, players will move to the next phases of Minecraft one block server. There are different types of blocks present in one block map. The type of blocks depends on the phases. To win this amazing map, players have to defeat the ender dragon. Be sure to explore Minecraft Inventory for additional insights.

Minecraft One Block Skyblock

Minecraft One Block –  Phases

Minecraft one block is an amazing map present for the players of Minecraft. You can start from block one. You have to do different things like killing mobs and creating crafts by this one block. One of the main features of Minecraft one block map game are different phases of Islands. Players can unlock and play in different phases of one block world. There are total 11 phases present in this server including

  1. Plains
  2. Underground
  3. Ocean
  4. Jungle
  5. Swamp
  6. Dungeon
  7. Desert
  8. The nether
  9. Plenty
  10. Desolation

These are different phases present in Minecraft one block survival server. All the phases have different mobs and Blocks. There are different spawning chances in each of the phases of One block. Collect all the blocks like Iron ore, Oak leaves, Obsidian, Stripped Spruce Log and many others to win the whole game. Spend 100 days in one block phases and explore new things of this amazing gameplay.

How to activate Minecraft One block Sky block Survival map?

Players of the Minecraft game can easily get a Minecraft one block map for free. There are two ways to activate the survival map. You can either download this from our website and import it to the original Minecraft game or you can activate it within the game through resources. The main steps to activate this map are following

  • Create a new world
  • Tap on resources pack
  • Find your resource in my packs and activate it.
  • Do the same for the behavior pack.

Follow these steps to easily activate this one block survival map to the Minecraft gameplay.

Minecraft One block Villagers

Minecraft gameplay is basically a huge world that has different resources and items.  There are different worlds and maps present inside this amazing gameplay. Players can easily create their worlds and activate maps. One block map is itself a huge world that has many resources and items. This map is totally based on blocks. You can live here as a player and create your own houses in different villages or one block.

There are different villagers present in this Minecraft one block. If there are no villagers present in one block, you can get villagers by getting blaze rods from the nether world. Craft it well to get villagers. Villagers also spawn in one block game. Often they spawn in the phase one. The best features of one block map is you can easily breed two or more villagers to expand your trading system and village. Play in different phases of Minecraft gameplay and try your best to get your first villager soon. Experience playing with different villagers and win the whole one block map in short time.


Can I import the Minecraft One Block map to the original Minecraft game?

Yes, you can easily import one block survival map to the original gameplay to enjoy the game.

Can I add players or trust players to Minecraft one block map game?

Yes, you can add players to this survival gameplay by the command of “/trust <playername>”.

Does MC one block server support Minecraft Bedrock edition?

Yes, this server supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Which block is magical in Minecraft one block?

The blocks that give green particles by hitting are magical blocks.

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