Minecraft Hide and Seek Map

Hide and Seek is the most engaging minigame developed for the players who love playing Minecraft in a multiplayer mode. Minecraft hide and seek map is a role-play for the players where you can explore structures, buildings, hiding spots and enhance the minigame with different challenges.

Minecraft Hide and Seek map

Role-play Map: Hide and Seek

Minecraft hide and seek is a popular and unique minigame that players can play in Minecraft Pocket Edition with their friends or other players across the world. In terms of gameplay, there are many seekers and one hider as the two most important characters. The hider has to hide from seekers in different hiding spots where seekers have to find the hiding ones.

Minecraft Hide and seek maps are for the players where you can explore new Islands, Forests, Towns or Dungeons for hiding if you are a hider. The hider one uses the hide and seek map to explore these places while seekers can use the hide and seek map for exploring the places where hiders may be hiding. Also, don’t forget to experience the WWE War festivals of Minecraft.

Private Hide and Seek Map

Private hide and seek map is a minigame map that brings magical experience that allows players to make groups as hiders and seekers. This map is very interesting. The developers have designed it as a private theme map where players can actively play a role and create shelters.

BEMZ Hide and Seek

This hide and seek map brings roleplaying enhancements to the Minecraft game. The players who love playing hide and seek minigame, can use this map as it brings underground experience. Either hiders or seekers can explore wide places including dungeons, passages or halls for hiding and seeking.

Wool Hide and Seek Map

Wool hide and seek is the most beautiful map created for the players who love using wool based items and blocks. In this map, you can customize your skins as wool skins so that they would be more mysterious even as a hider or a seeker. The survival minutes for hiders and seekers are 10 minutes. Enhance hiding and seeking exploring vast structures in this map.


Can I make my own Hide and Seek map?

Yes, you can make your own hide and seek map in Minecraft.

How many players are required for playing this map?

Minimum of two players are required for playing this map.

Is it free to download?

Yes, you can download the map file for free from our website.

Can I add power-ups in the Hide and Seek map for enhancement?

Yes, you can add power-ups in the Hide and Seek map for enhancement.

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