Minecraft Realms

Minecraft realms are something that every player wants to create their own magical worlds. You can set up your own private servers as Minecraft realms for yourself.

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms – Ultimate Guide

Minecraft is an amazing game and has different versions in which players can easily craft different items. In Minecraft realms, players can craft different resources and items with their friends or other players across the world. Realm in Minecraft is a multiplayer mode that is actually creative by different creators. You can invite different players online in Minecraft realms.

Players of Minecraft can explore different activities and adventures with their friends too. There are different resources present in the marketplace of this game to craft. Crafting different items is the most attractive activity in this gameplay. Also check out Minecraft Mods.


The Minecraft game has amazing features and tools for the players with daily updates. You can access different crafting items. Different worlds are present in this beautiful game. You can create your own worlds too either they are flat in type or old in type. Build your own magical castles by playing in creative mode. Download free from our website and be the crafter ones. Craft different items like axes and armors. Explore different worlds in single player mode or in multiplayer mode that is actually the realms one. Start creating your own private servers and challenge your friends to play.

Introduction to Minecraft Realms

Minecraft realms are the strongest pillars of this beautiful game. These realms have attracted millions plus players. Realms are actually the personal servers. Players can create different realms in which they can play with their friends and family. Realms are online servers that are hosted for the players to play in a multiplayer mode. These realms are not for free. You have to purchase realms on different limited devices including windows 10, Xbox one and Nintendo and have to subscribe to the realms for access. You can also try free trials for some days. Take a moment to look into Minecraft Crop Farming Guide too.

In realms, you can add 2 players while you can add 10 players in realms plus. Both realms have different costs for subscription. Craft together with your friends by creating realms. You can change your skins and try mashups in these realms. Play endlessly in your realms and realms plus before they expire.

Minecraft Realms servers

There are two types of realms available in the Minecraft game for the players. These are realms and realms plus.

Minecraft Realms – Cost

Realms are not free in Minecraft gameplay. Players have to pay costs for creating different realms. Cost charges apply according to the regions. There are different realm cost plans that every player should know before subscribing to realms of the game.

  1. Players can subscribe to a one time charge that expires after 30 days. This costs $9.99.
  2. Players can subscribe permanently that can either be canceled or extended every month by the players. This costs $7.99.
  3. Players can subscribe to a realm plan that expires after 90 days. This costs $26.99.

Minecraft Realms Plus

Realms plus are more beneficial than the realms. They are actually online servers or called multiplayer mode. Players can play with up to 10 players in realms plus. Realms plus have different marketplace content for the players to create different crafting items with their friends. You can get different marketplace catalog items including

  1. Skins
  2. World
  3. Content packs.
Minecraft Realms plus

Realms plus are the latest updates of the Minecraft game. Players can switch from one device to another in the marketplace using realms plus. In realms plus, your friends can play for free in your realms. This is one of the biggest advantages for your friends. You can also play for free in your friends’ realms. You can subscribe to realms plus with $7.99.

Key Difference Between Realms & Realms plus

There are few differences between realms and realms plus in Minecraft games.

Minecraft Realms Subscription

Players can subscribe to realms in Minecraft gameplay. In realms players can add only 2 players. No worlds are present in realms. Players can keep their realms active even if they are not playing. This is one of the biggest advantages of realms. No skins and packs are available in realms. You can play simply with your 2 friends only.

Minecraft Realms Plus Subscription

Realms plus are personal servers for the players to play in a multiplayer mode. You can add up to 10 players in realms plus and can access 150+ worlds by subscribing realms plus. You can get updated content monthly without any problems and difficulties. Change your skin looks now in realms plus by just subscribing it once. Realms plus has a catalog of marketplace content that realms don’t have.


There are few setup steps that every player has to follow to get their realms and realms plus.

Setting Up Minecraft Realms

For setting up Realms you have to follow these steps.

  1. Select play
  2. Create your worlds
  3. Select create on realms
  4. Add a 2 player realm
  5. Check agree and continue box
  6. Subscribe to the realm of $7.99 or    any other realm plan you want to subscribe
Setting Up Minecraft Realms Plus

For setting up Realms plus plans you have to follow these steps.

  1. Select play
  2. Create your worlds
  3. Select create on realms
  4. Add a 10 player realms plus
  5. Check agree and continue box
  6. Subscribe to the realms plus of $7.99


Are realms personal multiplayer servers?

Yes, realms in Minecraft gameplay are online personal servers created by the players.

Is it safe to create realms and realms plus?

Yes, creating realms and realms plus are safe and secure.

Which devices actually support realms plus?

The devices that support realms plus are androids, windows 10, nintendo and Xbox one.

How many Minecraft worlds do realms plus support?

Realms plus support 150+ Minecraft worlds to its members.

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