How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

As Minecraft is a crafting game, you can craft anything you want even if you are a space lover and love rockets or other bombs, you can Craft by yourself in this game. Yes, if you want to craft rockets of different colors in Minecraft and want to launch your own rockets, learn how to make rockets in Minecraft and enhance your gameplay.

How to Make Rockets in Minecraft

Minecraft is a stunning game having gameplay that is divided into four different environments and levels including survival, creative, hardcore or adventurous. Minecraft is basically a crafting game in which players can experience crafting of different items using different resources provided by the game. You can explore infinite worlds and build unique structures in a creative mode with cheats on.

Make the Rockets in Minecraft?

Firework rockets in Minecraft are items that players can use for different explosion and boosting purposes. You can access these rockets in both Minecraft java and bedrock editions. The launching of fireworks rockets in Minecraft is quite simple. Just use its items on the block.

In addition, players can use fireworks rockets while flying through elytra. Rockets increase the duration speed of elytra which players find adventurous. The adventure starts with the explosives in Minecraft and some explosives act as decorations. In today’s article, you’ll learn how to make rockets in Minecraft step by step along with pictures.

Players can use firework rockets with elytra and even with crossbows. These rockets deal with high damage against mobs and players having different heights. The less you use the amount of gunpowder, the less height it rises. For making a rocket in Minecraft, you need: 

  •  Paper
  • Gunpowder

Step 1 – Craft a Paper

Paper in Minecraft is an item used to craft different maps or items. For making a rocket, you need paper. Paper is a craftable item that you can craft by placing 3 sugarcanes in a 3×3 crafting grid. This is how you will get paper for making a rocket in Minecraft.

Step 2 – Get Gunpowder

Gunpowder is an item in Minecraft through which you can create other items. It is actually a non-craftable item and can be obtained by killing a creeper in Minecraft. Basically, creepers drop gunpowder once killed.

Kill a creeper by either finding or teleporting it through commands. Another way to get gunpowder is using a command of /give @p gunpowder 1 in Minecraft java edition.

Step 3 – Craft a Firework Star

In Minecraft, a firework is an item that is used in the process of crafting a rocket. For crafting a firework start, you need a dye of any color and gunpowder. By placing these in the boxes of a crafting grid, you’ll get one firework star of a color you have chosen for a dye.

Step 4 – Making a Firework Rocket

Here is a proper answer to your question about how to make rockets in Minecraft. So, after collecting and crafting the materials, open a 3×3 crafting grid. Place firework stars, gunpowder and paper in any of the boxes of a crafting grid.

Here we have used a firework star to give color to the rocket. After placing materials in their right positions, you will get 3 fireworks rockets.

How to Make a Firework Shooter in Minecraft?

Firework is a machine in Minecraft used to launch more than one rocket at once. It is basically a Redstone device for the launching of different fireworks rockets. In Minecraft, you can easily craft this machine using the Redstone mechanism. First, you need 56 dispensers and place 14 in each row.

Put Redstone dust at each of the Dispensers for connecting them. You can use a Redstone clock or lever to power the Dispensers and place fireworks in the Dispensers to shoot out.

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