Minecraft Pixelmon Mod

In Minecraft, there is a Pixelmon mod that has all the features of a Pokémon game having different Pixelmon, pokeballs, pokedex and you can breed and trade your Pixelmon in the game. Minecraft is a huge game having unlimited stunning worlds and mods. There are thousands of items and tools available in each mod of Minecraft game for crafting and creating. You can craft buildings, weapons, beds, villages, castles or forests.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod

There are different types of mobs or busses present in Minecraft mods and players have to fight against them to win the whole game. You can play this stunning game on any device you want either on android or iOS. The creative mod with infinite world type is the best mod for crafting and creating new resources. Download the this amazing crafting game from our website and have fun.

Pixelmon Mod

Minecraft Pixelmon is one of the fantastic games that integrated the concept of Pokémon game for free with new Modifications of Pokémon and pokeballs. This game has the latest features, moves and legendary Pokémon. The Minecraft Pixelmon game has inherited many aspects of Pokémon game like Pokémon, pokeballs, Tms, trading or battling. This stunning Minecraft mod has modified the bauxite ores and apricons. In the Pokémon game, you have the random encounter system for killing Pokémon by facing different things like grass, oceans, caves or deserts.

There are many safe zones available in the original game, but in Minecraft Pixelmon you can naturally spawn everywhere in the Over world. There are over 900+ Pixelmon present in the game to catch. Players can use different commands like /breed, /pokebattle, /chechspawns or /pokestats to navigate the Minecraft Pixelmon mod. You can purchase and use different pokeballs to catch the Pixelmon. Players can craft and set their own Pixelmon world by winning battles or competing pokedex. Also, make sure to take a look at Minecraft Java Vs Bedrock Edition.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod – Legendary Pokémon

Minecraft Pixelmon mod is somehow related with the Pokémon game having different Pokémon and pokeballs. These Pokémon are of different types and has unique specifications. There are up to 905 Pokémon present in the game like Bulbasaur, ivy Saur, paras or nidorina. Besides these Pokémon, there are many legendary Pokémon are present having high base stats totals and powerful rarities. These legendary Pokémon are different to catch because of their catch rates. Legendary Pokémon have benefits of spawning after 12 to 29 minutes. These Pokémon can spawn at different locations and in different biomes. Legendary Pokémon have different generations having different biomes, locations and rarities.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod – Realms

Realms are actually play an important role in the Minecraft game. All battling are done through these realms and realms plus. You have to own these realms for playing and battling with teams. There are different Pixelmon realms available for joining for free to fight with other players across the world.

  1. Pixelmon Survival
  2. Pixelmon BE
  3. Pixelmon
  4. XVG Pixelmon
  5. Pappy’s Pixelmon
  6. PokeWorld

For playing best realms of Pixelmon mod, read this whole article from our website to explore the best realms to join. All the realms have best fighting features that a player needs in all fighting games. Join and play these realms or create your own Minecraft Pixelmon mod realms for getting better battling features and tools.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod – Servers

Minecraft game has a lot of servers for different mods of the game. There are many best servers available for Pixelmon mod players to access for free. You can discover and explore finest servers of this mod from our website. Best servers to play on are listed below.

  1. Purple prison
  2. GRM Pixelmon
  3. Complex gaming
  4. PokeSaga
  5. Anubis
  6. Pixelmon Brasil
  7. PokeLand
  8. Soul Pixel Reforged

Select your ideal server for playing Pixelmon mod to get full adventures and enjoyment of fighting or catching different Pokémon by poke balls.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod – Poké Balls

In Minecraft Pixelmon game, players can use amazing pokeballs for catching Pokémon. These pokeballs are best for containing wild Pokémon. Players can re craft their poke balls in case of missed target. It can be broken into three pieces for re crafting easily.

  1. Cherish Ball
  2. Beast Ball
  3. Fast Ball
  4. Heal Ball
  5. Timer Ball
  6. Ultra Ball
  7. Premier Ball
  8. Safari Ball
  9. Dive Ball
  10. Moon Ball
  11. Love Ball
  12. Dusk Ball

These are different Pixelmon pokeballs available in the game for catching different types of Pokémon. Each pokeballs has its own effect relevant to catch rate.

Pixelmon Minecraft Maps

In Minecraft, players can access different Pixelmon mod maps for free to enjoy at fullest. These maps show you different places like flying gyms, arenas or temples. The best Minecraft Pixelmon mod maps are listed below.

  1. Region of Roria
  2. Steampunk Spawn
  3. Pokémon/ Pixelmon Flying Gym
  4. Pokémon Kanto map
  5. Pokémon Sand & Grass Path
  6. Amazing Spawn Pixelmon
  7. Colosseum Arena
  8. Sea Temple
  9. Christmas Lobby

These are amazing and adventurous maps present in Minecraft gameplay for the players. Players can explore different places of Pixelmon mod using these stunning maps. Enjoy exploring and experiencing the Pixelmon game at different places for free.


How do I stop Pokémon from spawning Pixelmon?

Change your biome in the game and select the hell biome. Pokémon don’t spawn in nether areas.

Can I get berries in the Minecraft Pixelmon mod?

Yes, you can get more berries in Minecraft Pixelmon mod because these berries reduce the power of great moves.

When do traders stop spawning in Minecraft Pixelmon?

Traders normally stop spawning when their trade is completed.

What does Minecraft generation Pixelmon generations mod hold?

Minecraft Pixelmon generation has new mobs, items, objectives, controls and commands

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