The Betweenlands Mod in Minecraft

Minecraft betweenlands mod is an extensive gaming experience for the players to build and craft unique structures or tools. It offers blocks, items, weapons, and unique time limited events for winning rewards having multiplayer compatibility. In the Minecraft game, besides this mod, players can even explore other simulation or PvP mods by playing in different Minecraft editions.

The Betweenlands Mod in Minecraft

Each Minecraft download edition including: bedrock, java or education edition has their own features and gaming experience. Start your Minecraft game by playing in survival mods to learn the basic survival and crafting. Download Minecraft game now from our website and Browse it to explore more unique content of this stunning role-playing game.

Minecraft Betweenlands Mod

Minecraft is a stunning game that offers a unique environment to the players. It has over 10 millions active players because of its stunning mods. It has different mods, each having unique content and entities. Minecraft betweenlands mod is one of those mods having unique items, dimensions, biomes or blocks. It has added different gaming mechanics or equipment for the players to use against different bosses and mobs. Betweenland is basically a mod of Sandbox that is basically developed by the Angry Pixel modding group. It has the whole new gaming environment along with stunning features.

Between lands mod is dark-themed mod in which players can experience the new survival experience playing in betweenlands biomes or dimensions. This Minecraft mod also offers the best PvP experience to fight against dangerous mobs like Tar Beast, Wight, Dreadful Peat Mummy or Barrishee.

You can explore different places and create your own structures using crafting items. In addition, Minecraft between lands has a herblore system for creating infusions from various aspects. You can use over 300 blocks and 350 items for creating your world with the best musical tracks. Explore Minecraft betweenlands mod by creating a portal tree at first.

Minecraft Betweenlands Mod – Portal Tree

In Minecraft Mods, besides all structures, the portal tree is the most Efficient structure that is used to provide the access of betweenlands to the players. It is the only way to enter the Minecraft betweenlands mod. It is generated in the safe biomes of The Overworld and easily created by right clicking on the sampling if you are holding Swamp Talisman. The portal tree has a normal size of Weedwood Tree and players can easily spawn in another portal tree.

The portal tree has Portal Frame, Weedwood and Weedwood Leaves. You can even link two portal trees between any dimension and betweenlands. Start exploring Minecraft betweenlands mod firstly creating this amazing portal tree.

Minecraft Betweenlands Mod – Equipments

In Minecraft betweenlands mod, players can get amazing gaming equipment that are the tools used as armors for getting protection against enemies: mobs or bosses. Players while fighting against mobs can use different equipment armors to protect themselves from heavy damages or attacks. Listed below are different equipment that can be used as armors. Use these against dangerous mobs and win the game.

  1. Ancient Greatsword
  2. Sickle
  3. Between Stone Pebble
  4. Bone Wayfinder
  5. Crab Claw
  6. Chiromaw Barb
  7. Dentrothyst Shields
  8. Fishing Spear
  9. Lurker Skin Armor
  10. Magic Item Magnet
  11. Plant Tonic
  12. Rubber Boots
  13. Sludge Slicer
  14. Syrmorite Armor


This mod offers unique structures to the Minecraft game players to enhance their world’s beauty by placing natural structures or buildings. You can craft these structures using betweenlands magical items and blocks. Listed below are different structures including: buildings or natural structures like trees.


  1. Cragrock Tower
  2. Ruins
  3. Shrine
  4. Underground Ruins
  5. Sludgeon
  6. Wight Fortress
  7. Tar Pool Dungeon

Natural Structures Of BetweenLands

  1. Cragrock Spire
  2. Giant Bulb-Capped Mushroom
  3. Giant Redwood Tree
  4. Lake Cavern
  5. Raised Island
  6. Spirit Tree
  7. Weedwood Tree

Dimensions & Biomes

Dimensions are basically the realms. In Minecraft betweenlands mod, players can explore only one dimension because this mod has added only one dimension but you can access to different biomes in this dimension added by Minecraft betweenlands mod.

  1. Coarse Islands
  2. Swamplands Clearing
  3. Patchy Islands
  4. Swamplands
  5. Sludge Plains
  6. Sludge Plains Clearing
  7. Marsh 0
  8. Deep Waters
  9. Raised Isles
  10. Marsh 1

These are different biomes added by this stunning mod having different structures, mobs or items. Two to three are the sub biomes or other biomes added by this game. Want to have more fun? Explore each biome and experience playing in that by using different items or craftable blocks. Also check out Futbol Libre.

Minecraft Betweenlands Mod Items

This mod offers unlimited materials and items that actually crafting objects to the players. Items present in the player’s inventory. Players can use these items to craft different structures, tools or weapons to enhance the betweenlands biomes and world.  These items can easily be collected in the game either from the ground or different chests. Each Minecraft edition has unique ways of discarding or dropping items in Minecraft betweenlands mod.

Listed below are different stunning items added by the betweenlands mod to the Minecraft game.

  1. Anadia Parts
  2. Dragonfly Wing
  3. Crimson Snail Shell
  4. Amate Paper
  5. Syrmorite Ingot
  6. Sulfur
  7. Tar Drip
  8. Dentrothyst Shards
  9. Poison Gland
  10. Octine Nugget
  11. Middle Gems
  12. Shambler Tongue
  13. Urchin Spike
  14. Valonite Splinter
  15. Weedwood Stick
  16. Barnacle Larvae
  17. Cave Fish

Minecraft Betweenlands Mod – Mechanics

Minecraft between lands mod has no doubt a great gaming mechanism having different creatures and mechanics used by those creatures even if they are mobs or players. In between lands you can get various mechanics for different purposes. Each mechanic has its own specifications and processes. Listed below are different Minecraft betweenlands mechanics.

  1. Decay
  2. Middle Gem Circle
  3. Corrosion
  4. Aspects
  5. Stench
  6. Food Sickness
  7. Radial Equipment Menu

These mechanics have different causes and processes to enhance the betweenlands gaming experience.


How can I access Minecraft betweenlands mod?

You can access Minecraft betweenlands mod by creating a portal tree.

Can I tame Chiromaw in Betweenlands?

Yes, you can tame Chiromaw. You can raise a tamed Chiromaw by hatching and feeding.

Is Betweenlands mod available on Minecraft java edition?

Yes, Betweenlands available on Minecraft java edition for free to access and play.

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