Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod

Minecraft offers the best magical mod as Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod that holds different magical features for the players, players can explore a new magical world having wizards, spells, wands, magical towers and you can do trading and fighting with the wizard mobs to get magical items. Minecraft has different magical mods but this wizardry mod is different and adventurous among all.

Minecraft Electroblob's Wizardry Mod

Players can craft, explore and experience different Minecraft mods and build their own mods having villages, oceans, buildings, forests or mountains. Players can either play as a survivor in the survival mode or play as a creative player in the creative mod of the Minecraft apk game. Download this amazing game from our website and enjoy exploring new worlds and mods.

Electroblob’s Wizardry

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod is a unique game mod that offers players the best items like players can use different magic spells against mobs, craft different magical items like magical wand or spell book or explore different wizardry places like towers or biomes. This Minecraft mod doesn’t include any hard structures or or constructions. Players can easily learn and use different magical spells like magic missile, smoke bomb or ignite and do trading with the wizards across the whole Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod. These trading include magic crystals. Explore the ancient places and discover new magical crafted items. Collect different spells, spell books and magic wands from different locations specifically to find them in the wizardry tower.

Electroblob's Wizardry Mod

This Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod has different features like armors, weapons, crystals, upgrades, wand and many other stunning features. You can get different powerful equipment and explore new spells over 140. Start your wizardry journey and have fun fighting, trading and learning magic spells with the wizards.

Wizards & Evil Wizards

Wizards are the main creatures present in the Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod. They usually spawn in the wizard’s tower and each wizard has a special element for spawning with a magic chance of 50%. These wizards have strong and powerful armor sets and a magic wand. Wizards also cast spells but not all of them. The 5 spells wizard’s cast are heal, missile and other three are random. Players can trade with these wizards having magic crystals. These wizards attack nearby mobs and sometimes on the players so you have to protect yourself from these wizards. Wizards offer different magical items for selling including Upgrades or Wizard Armor, Tomes of Arcana or spell books.
Players can easily trade with them and each wizard has 12 trades. Evil wizards are also the most powerful hostile mobs that spawns in the wizard towers. These wizards have the same magic chance of 50% and have spawns with the same random elements. Players have to kill these hostile mobs to get magic crystals and spell books. Evil wizards usually attack players and wizards.

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Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod – Wizard Tower

The wizard tower is the main essential and structure present in the Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod. It has a unique design and is categorized into 4 different designs of different sizes. The wizard tower is made up of moss stone, cobblestone, stone bricks and terracotta. There is a small room placed inside the tower named Arcane Workbench, wizards, evil wizards and bookshelves. Some towers have bookshelves and some have chests. The wizard tower spawns on the surface of the Over world. Wizards and evil wizards can only spawn in the wizard towers.

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod – Spells

Spells play an important role in the game that are used to cast for different purposes. Players can find them in different spell books and on scrolls in dungeons. You can place these special effective spells on wands or on scrolls on Arcane Workbench.

Each spell has its different attributes including type, tier, mana cost or element and each spell has a cooldown time that is in seconds. Wizards also cast different spells but they do not have the proper access. The different spells players can collect from the game are listed below.

  1. Magic Missile
  2. Smoke Bomb
  3. Summon Zombie
  4. Arc
  5. Agility
  6. Summon Spirit Wolf
  7. Telekinesis
  8. Fireball
  9. Snare
  10. Mind Trick
  11. Thunderbolt
  12. Snowball

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod – Magic Wand

Magic wand is basically a magical tool that spells magic on mobs or other creatures. Players can tie up upto 5 spells in each magic wand and each spell costs different mana in different magic wands. The modification of magic wand can be possible through the Arcane Workbench that can also refill the wand’s mana with the help of magic crystals. Players can add up to 5 spells by using Wand Attunement Upgrades on the wand.
The magic wands are novice in nature so the magic wands only cast novice spells and each has 3 upgrade slots. Wands are of different types. Players can turn their wand into Apprentice Wand by using an Apprentice Tome of Arcana on the wand. The Apprentice wand holds 1000 mana, an Advanced wand holds 1500 mana and a Master wand holds 2500 mana. Players can easily craft this wand to spell magic.

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod – Spell Book

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry mod has a unique spell book provided to the players for guidance. This is the most necessary item and can be crafted or found in dungeons, or wizard towers. Players can also get these spell books from trading with the wizards. There are different spell books present and each has a unique magical spell and its description including attributes like mana, element, cost, type or tier. Players can use this spell book to tie up the contained spell to magic wands because it is very necceassry.

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Items

Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry is the best trading and adventurous game that is based on magic and magical items. Each item in this mod can be crafted by the players with magic. You can use one or more magical items for crafting another best magical item and it is the thing that this mod offers. There are different items present in Electroblob’s Wizardry mod of Minecraft that are listed below.

  1. Advanced Wand
  2. Spectral Bow
  3. Blizzard
  4. Tome of Arcana
  5. Magic Crystal
  6. Crystal Flower
  7. Elements
  8. Life Drain
  9. Evil Wizard
  10. Spectral Sword
  11. Master Wand
  12. Wand Blast Upgrade
  13. Font of Mana
  14. Ice Shard
  15. Wizard
  16. Wizard Tower
  17. Wand of Shadows
  18. Homing Spark

These are the Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry items that are present in the game for the players to craft. So, explore and use.


Where can I find the spell books in Minecraft Electroblob’s Wizardry Mod?

You can find the spell books in dungeons or in wizard towers.

Can I upgrade my wand in Electroblob’s Wizardry?

Yes, you can upgrade your wand by upgrading an Apprentice Wand with an Advanced Tome of Arcana.

How can I get magic crystals?

Trading with the wizards is the source for getting these magic crystals and can be found in the wizard towers. You can craft them from crystal flowers or you can get them by mining crystal ore.

Can I download Electroblob’s Wizardry on an android device?

Yes, you can download the PE version of Electroblob’s Wizardry on an android device.

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