Minecraft Blood Magic Mod

Minecraft has one of the best magical mods which is known as the blood magic mod that holds different bloody magical features including weapons, rituals, tools, armors, sigils or spells. You can craft all the items and blocks easily with different magical equipment. Minecraft offers other best mods that are related to farming, simulation and fighting. Minecraft games have different editions that offer different mods.

Minecraft Blood Magic Mod

Blood magic mod is available in the bedrock edition of the Minecraft game and is played worldwide along with its magical features. You can craft your homes, villages, buildings, castles in Minecraft creative mode which is actually the main crafting mode of the Minecraft game. Download this stunning game now from our website and enjoy playing all the latest Minecraft Mods with their features for free of cost.

Blood Magic Mod

Minecraft blood magic is one of the best magical mods present for the players to experience the whole bloody environment with different spells, rituals and sigils. This mod offers tons of magical dark weapons, armor for self-defense, tools to generate different spells or other magical items, blood orbs, summonings of demons, alchemy and adds a full magic system. This blood magic mod is actually a magic-based mod in which players have to sacrifice their health for gaining the life essence for becoming the archmage. Have you ever played a magic mod of Minecraft? If not, try this stunning blood magic mod that adds new weaponry and mechanics.

You can craft different rituals that are actually the mechanics. They help you to create different effects using magical blocks. It is also known as the multi-block. You can use unlimited blood in this blood magic mod to learn and practice the most specific spells and sigils. This mod is similar to the Astral Sorcery mod of Minecraft but has modified features and mechanisms. At first to start, players need occult elements and a demonic will item to proceed in the game. Start your journey of blood magic as a survivor and do magic and spell magic on the mobs to get a realistic experience.


In the Minecraft blood magic mod game, there are different and unique rituals present that are actually the multi blocks that provide the best effects. Rituals are also divided in two different parts. This mod has weak rituals and standard rituals.

  • Weak Rituals
  1. Water Source that creates a thunderstorm
  2. Lapis Lazuli Block makes the nighttime.
  3. Block of Coal that summons zombies.
  4. Bedrock that gives access to fire resistance II.
  • Standard Rituals
  1. Aura of Expulsion
  2. Blood of the New Moon
  3. Call of the Zephyr
  4. Ballad of Alchemy
  5. Fisherman’s Hymn
  6. Orchestra of the Phantom Hands
  7. Ritual of Binding
  8. Ritual of Speed

Each rituals has its own effects, activation costs and running costs.

Blood Orbs

Blood orbs are basically the items in the Minecraft blood magic mod for crafting different bloody items and for summoning demons. You can craft blood orbs by blood altar and diamonds. This will create a blood orb easily within seconds.

  1. Apprentice Blood Orb
  2. Weak Blood Orb
  3. Transcendent Blood Orb
  4. Master Blood Orb
  5. Magician’s Blood Orb
  6. Archmage’s Blood Orb

These are different blood orbs present that are categorized under different tiers of the game. Each has its own effects and uses. You can transfer life essence into soul network, summon demons, create items from blood orbs, charge the player’s soul network and tame demons using these blood orbs. Download this stunning mod now and have fun using these bloody orbs.


Sigils play an important role in the Minecraft blood magic mod game. You can activate different sigils to increase the effects and damages of your spells. You can easily access all the sigils that are given below in the blood magic mod.

  1. Air Sigil
  2. Divination Sigil
  3. Water Sigil
  4. Void Sigil
  5. Sigil of the Fast Miner
  6. Sigil of Holding
  7. Sigil of Ender Severance
  8. Sigil of Elemental Affinity
  9. Sigil of Compression
  10. Lava Sigil
  11. Harvest Goddess Sigil
  12. Sigil of the Green Grove
  13. Sigil of the Whirlwind

These are different sigils present in the blood magic mod that perfectly do their work like deflecting projectiles, removing fluid sources, preventing teleporting, harvesting mature crops, removing liquid source blocks and many other works. Try different sigils now for better progress in the game.

Minecraft Blood Magic Mod – Armors

In the Minecraft blood magic mod, players can accept two different types of armor sets including: bounded armors and omega armors. Both armor sets have their own defending powers and effects. Blood magic armors provide full protection to the players against different damages. Listed below are the available armors in the mod.

  1. Bound Boots
  2. Bound Leggings
  3. Earth
  4. Fire
  5. Water
  6. Wind
  7. Sanguine Robes
  8. Sanguine Leggings
  9. Sanguine Boots
  10. Bound Chestplate
  11. Bound Helmet
  12. Sanguine Helmet

These are different bloody armors present in the blood magic mod. Players can freely access these and use them against the mobs and bosses for better damage.


Spells play an important role in the Minecraft blood magic game. There are two types of spells present in the game including Simple spells and Complex spells. These spells are used to do magic on mobs with special effects. For having spells, you first have to need the spell table having spell focus and paradigm. They are the blocks in the form of spell chains. Spell Effect Generators are main blocks that add specific elements to the spells. Craft your own spells in the game and have fun doing magic.

Minecraft Blood Magic Mod Best Skins

Minecraft holds the best skins packs for each mod. There are many Minecraft Blood magic mod skins available in the game for free. You can easily change the look of your character. In addition, players of this mod can also craft their own magical skins. Listen below are the best-looking blood magic skins.

  1. Beren of the Crimson Order
  2. Volcano Skin
  3. Spooky Female Blood Mage
  4. Soulless Blood Magic
  5. Blinded pirate
  6. Kayn
  7. Nature Wolf
  8. Magic in Battle
  9. Blood Mage
  10. Dark Magic Wizard
  11. The Ghost
  12. Cool Dark Jacket
  13. Cult Carl
  14. Monspeet
  15. Blood Knight

These are different blood magic skin packs available in the Minecraft game for the players. The players of blood magic mod have access to all these magical skins for free. They can change their look according to the places or situations in blood magic mod. Start trying all these skins for free and get the realistic experience of blood magic in Minecraft.

Minecraft Blood Magic Mod – Servers

The Minecraft game has an unlimited number of servers that are actually multiplayer game servers specially made for multi-playing. Minecraft has the best servers for blood magic mods. All servers of this mod allow players to play online with their friends or other players across the world. Listed below are the top 12 servers available for blood magic mod.

  1. sf3.craftersland.net
  2. it.craftersland.net
  3. play.arthalos.ca
  4. play.kleavormc.co
  5. paasch-networks.space
  6. takulusucker.serverminer.com:26206
  7. prison.playopgods.net
  8. cartacraft.apexmc.co:25725
  9. ddss.craftersland.net
  10. sky.craftersland.net
  11. play.munchiesmc.eu
  12. mc.spyre.co

These are different best Minecraft servers with plugin blood magic mod. You can play this stunning mod on any of these servers for free even with your friends.


What are the usable items present in Minecraft to damage mobs?

Spells, sigils and rituals are items present in the mod for attacking the mobs easily.

Is Air Sigil present in the mod for flying?

Yes, you can fly in the sky because of the air sigil that pushes you upward.

Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can easily play this game on PCs even on Mac or Linux.

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