Minecraft Parasite Mod

Minecraft Parasite mod is one of the most popular monster mods that allows players to enhance their gameplay by adding new monsters, weapons, textures, skins, biomes and items to different Minecraft download versions accordingly. The mod focused on combat and fighting against parasites who are very dangerous and scary.

Minecraft Parasite Mod

Scape and Run: Parasite Mod

Minecraft is no doubt a competitive video game that has gained its popularity since starting. Players around the world are attracted towards its different modes, textures and servers. For enhancing the gameplay, the Minecraft Parasite mod has been developed for the player experience. This Minecraft mod added various powerful mobs including Parasites. They have different specifications and species. Enroll in stunning fights against monsters and make your world full of adventures.

Parasite Biome

Minecraft has different biomes where players can naturally spawn but this mod has added a new parasite biome full of adventures and mysteries. In the Parasite biome, different parasite mobs and other hostile mobs spawn naturally. You can use different commands that are related to the biome.

  1. /srp nodes clear world
  2. /srpnodes setnode [x] [y] [z]
  3. /srp nodes removenode
  4. /srpnodes viewall
Parasite Biome


In this mod, players have to face different types of mobs including Assimilated mobs or Parasite mobs. There are a total of 12 tiers in these mobs and each tier has some dangerous mobs.

  1. Assimilated Mobs
  2. Humanoid Assimilated Mobs
  3. Special Assimilated Mobs
  4. Inborn Parasites
  5. Crude Parasites
  6. Primitive Parasites
  7. Adapted Parasites
  8. Nexus Parasites
  9. Deterrent Parasites
  10. Pure Parasites
  11. Preeminent Parasites
  12. Ancient Parasites

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How many new monsters have been added in Minecraft Parasite mod?

The mod has added unlimited new monsters to the Minecraft game.

Are there any weapons present in this mod?

Yes, there are various weapons present in this mod for better fights.

Can I play this mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Yes, you can play this mod in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Does this mod offer new biomes?

Yes, this mod offers a new biome.

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