Millenaire Mod in Minecraft

Minecraft Millenaire mod is a village pocket edition mod having different NPC villages, buildings and cultures. Players can build and craft their own villages and do trading of different items with other villagers. This mod offers unique cultural quests and missions to explore the whole Minecraft Millenaire mod game. Minecraft offers different mods to the players having multiplayer and single players modes. This millenaire game can be played in both modes.

Millenaire Mod in Minecraft

Players can access different survival items in each mode of the Minecraft game. Minecraft is all about building and crafting using techniques and recipes. Start playing in a creative or survival mod and collect different resources and explore buildings, castles, ocean oceans, deserts and forests. Download the Minecraft game and its different mods from our website and be a Minecraft master today.

Minecraft Millenaire Mod

Minecraft millenaire mod is the most stunning growing game that has all the features of cultures, farming or trading with other cultures. In this mod, players can easily create different NPC villages and buildings. You can explore different cultures like Hindi, Norman, Japanese or Inuit. The main advantage of exploring the cultures is you can interact with new villagers and do trading with them of items to increase your reputation. Reputation is gained in different ways to buy a village wand for creating villages and buildings. This game mod can be played by millions of players across the world and can be played in both multiplayer and single player modes. You can buy different items from villages of all cultures like armors, tools, weapons, foods, amulets or parchments. Start creating and expanding your villages and explore all the cultures and their features.


In Minecraft millenaire mod, there are different cultures available with unique differences. Players can easily connect and trade with different cultures. This trading can increase the reputation of each villager. Having a high reputation in the village is the main lead to purchase own homes in different villages of different cultures. All the villages are categorized by cultures that are listed below.

  1. Norman
  2. Mayan
  3. Japanese
  4. Byzantine
  5. Inuit
  6. Kievan Rus

Players can easily play as villagers of different cultural villages with amazing features like new buildings, new villagers, tools, armors, food, amulets, blocks and parchments.


Players can explore different NPC villagers and create their own villages in the Minecraft millenaire game. This gameplay is actually a village mod having different villages and buildings. These buildings are present in different villages of different cultures. Players can construct their own buildings along items using wands like town centers, armory, farm, forge, Lumberman’s hut, quarry, tavern, sheep farm, watch tower, fountain, well, mansions, lone abbey or grand terrain. These buildings are categorized under different types like core buildings, center buildings, or lone buildings.

Village Wand

Village wand is the most powerful item present in Minecraft millenaire mod and also known as a summoning wand. This village wand has the power of creating different villages with NPCs. Players have to earn more reputation for purchasing homes in their villages. With a village wand, players can construct different buildings in millenaire mod of the Minecraft game. This magical village wand can be acquired by trading from a villager. Players have to move all the items in the chest first before creating their villages because buildings may have high spawning rates. Get your magical village wand and start creating your own villages and building with other items and resources.


Trading and reputation are in series with each other. Players can trade with other players’ NPCs and get unlimited items from villages of different cultures. Each item has its own payments according to cultures and villagers. The more you do trading, the more you can get a higher reputation in the village. Players can get different items and magical wands by having a great reputation. Reputation of each villager can be viewed by finding the leader of the village. Each culture has its own reputation levels and values.

Minecraft Millenaire Mod – Quests & Creation Quests

Quests play an important role in different cultures of the Minecraft millenaire game. These quests are actually the different tasks given by the villagers to the players of the game. The quests help players to gain money and reputation. Creation quests are the best challenges having multiple tasks awaits for the players. Players can enjoy playing quests by exploring the Minecraft millenaire mod and different cultures. These quests have two sub parts including: The Alchemist and The Sadhu. Enjoy your millenaire journey by discovering new cultures and villages through quests.

Minecraft Millenaire Mod Skin Packs

Minecraft millenaire is the best village mod based on different cultures and their buildings. Players can customize their skins according to their favorite game cultures like japanese skins or norman skins. These skins make players realistic cultural villagers. There are many skin packs available in the game for purchasing like old japanese overseer, japanese millenaire, green fraulein, old farmer, artisan wife, mayan shaman, raja or japanese warriors. Players can get their skins according to their cultures. You can change your character’s look within seconds and all the skins available in this game are stunning and beautiful.

Minecraft Millenaire Mod Downloadable Maps

There are best downloadable Minecraft millenaire mod maps present in the game to explore different villages and players and do trading with other villagers. The best maps you can ever experience are listed below.

  1. Village Akashi
  2. The Norman walled town
  3. Greater Minecraft Castle
  4. Small Empire
  5. Millenaire CITIES Of New York
  6. Giant Livable Chicken!
  7. Sandcastle

These are stunning maps of Minecraft millenaire mod available for the players to play and spawn at different locations of the game. Travel to your favorite building, castle or village locations easily using maps.


Is it safe to build villages in Minecraft Millenaire mod?

Yes, players can safely download and build villages in Minecraft Millenaire mod.

Can I purchase houses in this stunning game?

Yes, you can purchase houses after from the village leaders only if you have a high reputation in your village.

What are the two modes in which players can play in Minecraft Millenaire mod?

Players can either play in a multiplayer mode or in a single player mode.

How can I remove my Millenaire town?

You have to use village wand negotiation to break buildings of a town.

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