Minecraft VS Free Fire

In the world of games, Minecraft and Free fire are two comprehensive and boundless games having high popularity with millions of players. Both games come up with different gameplay as Minecraft is a vastly crafting game and free fire is a high end battle royale game. In this article, we are providing the main versus points of both the games as Minecraft vs Free fire. Our main goal is to make your mind clear so that you can easily decide what to choose.

Minecraft VS Free Fire


Minecraft is no doubt a on-demand renowned game having millions of active players and the majestic thing here is it can be played by people of all ages.

It was developed by Mojang Studios in 2011. It is available on multiplatform for players including: Android, Windows, iOS, Console or Mac. Minecraft comes up with different gaming modes each having a unique environment and different levels: Survival, Hardcore, Creative and Adventure mode.

Minecraft allows players to explore infinite worlds and allows them to craft anything they want either items or structures. This gameplay is based on 3D blocks and have blocky textures in which players can be involved in different activities like farming or mining. It gives you more energy to craft and build a whole new world.

Free Fire

Free fire is a remarkable and wondrous game among different action games as it is widely known and falls into the category of the high end action games. It was developed by Garena Studios and was released in 2017. This game allows players to team up with a maximum of 50 players for battling. They have to battle until the last person among them remains.

Free fire is an android and iOS game that is highly rated and has 187+ millions active players. Players can customize different things including their outfits or building structures according to the scenarios. In terms of items, this game has added a wide range of weapons, gears or armors for strong and royale battling.

The daily updates of the game makes the gameplay more interesting and challenging, So it’s up to you whether you choose Minecraft or free fire.

Minecraft VS Free Fire Differences


Graphics always play a significant role in every gaming application because it is the main source of enjoyment. Minecraft is a very simple game and has simple blocky graphics but attractive while free fire is a Royal game in which you can see the royal, more realistic and high end graphics than Minecraft.


Almost every player wants to play online plus free games. In terms of pricing, Minecraft costs $26.95 for playing the game while free fire is completely free to play. In addition free fire offers you trial before installing the actual game.


Minecraft and Free fire both games have different genres and provide different environments. Minecraft is a sandbox game that allows you craft and build anything you want, while free fire is a royal battle game that offers different challenges and battles.

Gaming Modes

There should be more gaming modes present in one game so that players can easily play endlessly without any limitations and explore the best.

Minecraft has 4 different gaming modes including: Creative, Survival, Hardcore and Adventure. In contrast, free fire has only one gaming mode: Battle Royale.


In terms of weapons and other battling tools, free fire has more weapons as it is mainly weapons focused game. In contrast with Free Fire, Minecraft is a crafting game that includes few weapons and tools for battle as it is not a battle game.


Minecraft and Free fire both of the games have maps but the main difference is the maps. The maps of Minecraft are infinite with unlimited locations to explore while free fire has only fixed maps with limited locations.

Minecraft VS Free Fire Similarities


The main similarity present between both Minecraft and free fire games is customization. Players of both games can easily customize either structures or their character’s look.


Playing in a Multiplayer mode is offered by both the games. Players can easily connect to other players across the world and can team up with them in both stunning and featuring games.


The other main similarity between both the games are elements that are needed for surviving. In Minecraft you can gather or craft different elements in survival mode. In free fire you can collect different weapons for your survival.


Both Minecraft and free fire games are updated daily for better features, likely new weapons, tools or other items.

So, both the games are perfect, popular. As they are two different games based on crafting and action. It depends upon players interests what they like to play.

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