Minecraft Vs Fortnite

Minecraft and Fortnite are two different games holding different basics. Minecraft is a well known crafting game while Fortnite is the only shooter or survival game. The gameplay of both the games are different as one is the Royal Battle and the other one is creative. Know some similarities and differences of both the games in this article as we have provided the complete information on Minecraft vs Fortnite.

Minecraft vs Fortnite

The Great Battle: Minecraft Vs Fortnite

We provide all the basics about both games, including questions asked many times by the players. Both games provide never ending fun and exploration but can you say that, ” Fortnite is better than Minecraft? ” or ” What additions does Fortnite have if it is better than Minecraft? “. Our main goal is to provide all the versus points of Minecraft and Fortnite so that you can easily get a masterpiece.

Minecraft: Introduction

Minecraft is the historical game that always comes up with some new updates and add on. It was developed by Mojang studios in which players can enjoy crafting in 3 dimensional environments. The game is totally made up of different blocks and different entities are present. You can build anything you want in this game because it has no limitations and restrictions in any of its modes.

Minecraft is such a creative game having 4 different modes including: hardcore, survival, adventure and creative mode and besides these majestic modes, it offers its 3 different editions. Bedrock edition for mobile users, java edition for Windows users and Education edition for kids. Explore its deepest dungeons, biomes and dimensions and create your own worlds for better crafting and building. Also check out Minecraft Vs Terraria.

Fortnite: Introduction

Fortnite, the most played game across the world, surely holds high ratings in the world of games. It is an online battlefield video game developed by the Epic Games in 2017. In terms of gameplay, it provides the real base shooting experience to the players with its amazing graphics and animated characters. It is a cartoon based game that has 3D objects in the form of weapons. This is actually a multiplayer game in which one team has to be ready to fight against another team for shooting and battling.

Fortnite has basically 3 game mode versions including: Fortnite Battle Royale, battle royale game and Fortnite: Save the World. Each mode has different characters and allows players to create their own arenas and battlefields.

Minecraft Vs Fortnite: Differences


As Minecraft and Fornite are two different video games but each game holds construction. In Minecraft, you can use unlimited blocks, items and other resources for constructing while on other hand, in Fornite players can only use 3 materials for construction of walls or floors.

Animated Characters

In terms of animated characters, Fortnite has more animated characters and this game gives access to DLC while Minecraft games have different entities or mobs that are not fairly animated.

Game Modes

Minecraft offers 4 different types of modes for better crafting and experiencing new environments including: creative, adventure, survival and hardcore while fortnite has limited time modes for the players.

In Game Purchases:

Minecraft is not a free to play game as it costs $26.95 for buying the game and it doesn’t have any in game purchases while fortnite is a free to play game that has in game purchases for different items.


As for getting popularity, graphics of the game should be clear and detailed. Minecraft is a game that has graphics of blocks while fortnite is no doubt an animation game and offers realistic graphics.

Minecraft Vs Fortnite: Similarities


As we have discussed above, Fortnite provides only few materials for construction and Minecraft provides unlimited materials but here the similarity is you can construct buildings and structures in both the games.


Minecraft and Fortnite both are online video games having completely different environments but the main similarity between both the games is playing in a multiplayer mode. You can either play solo or in a multiplayer mode it’s up to you.

Crafting Weapons

This is one of the most common similarities between Minecraft and Fortnite is crafting different types of weapons for better survival in different game modes and editions.

PvP Combat

You can do PvP combat in both Minecraft and Fortnite but in its limited mods and editions. Like in Minecraft, you can access player vs player combat in Minecraft hungers mod and royale battle in Fortnite.

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