Minecraft Inventory – Ultimate Guide

Minecraft inventory is present in the game for slotting different items and resources. It is basically used to manage the items that players carry. There are different items present in this inventory like weapons, armors, blocks, tools and other crafting items. Minecraft gameplay can be played across the world and has different features and tools. Players can enjoy these features with latest updates exploring the Minecraft game. In this magical game, explore infinite worlds, islands and oceans.

Minecraft Inventory

Build anything you want either they are simple villages or castles. Play in different modes of the game like creative mode and survival mode. Gather unlimited resources in the survival mode and learn the basics of the Minecraft game and place that resources in the game inventory. Craft items with cheat codes in creative mode and survive till the last. Download this stunning game now and adventure in different modes.

Inventory in Minecraft

For storing items, there is a Minecraft inventory present in the gameplay for players. In the Windows version, players can open the inventory by pressing “e” on their keyboards while in the pocket edition version players can open inventory easily by clicking on the three dots present on the bottom right of the gameplay screen. There are different slots present in the Minecraft inventory. There are 4 slots for armor, 27 slots for storage and 9 hotbar slots. Players’ different skins are also present here in the inventory. Players can easily save their inventory for re entering in their existing worlds. Download Minecraft gameplay of any edition from our website now and enjoy placing different items in your inventory for free and get cheat codes to use that inventory in other worlds too.

Inventory in Survival Mode

Minecraft survival mode has an inventory that has built-in blocks and items for the players. There are a total of 27 slots present in this inventory of survival mode. Each slot can hold 64 items. Players can gather a lot of resources in this mode and place them in the inventory. In survival mode, there is also a 2 x 2 crafting grid present for the players.

Inventory in Creative Mode

There is also Minecraft inventory present in the creative mode of the game. Players have more slots, items and blocks in the inventory of creative mode than the survival mode. Players can craft a lot of different things by choosing unlimited items from the inventory. In this mode, players can easily search for items in the search tab of the inventory. Creative inventory has 12 sorted sections for better searching of the items to craft.

Texture Packs

In Minecraft, players can customize different textures of inventory. Browse our website and download Minecraft texture inventory packs for free. Some beautiful inventory texture packs are listed below.

  1. MCD: Vanilla Approved GUI
  2. Deleting text from Inventory
  3. clear inventories and menus
  4. Numbered Inventories
  5. Stormilla Dark Mod
  6. Kris Kringle’s Lush GUI
  7. Inventory Hotbar
  8. Bone gui

These are different and amazing texture packs available for the inventory. You can easily customize your Minecraft game inventory with your favorite textures. Be sure to explore PvE in Minecraft for additional insights.

Filter Mod

Minecraft has different and unique mods present for the players. This gameplay is a huge success across the world. You can use different commands, cheats and filters for different purposes in this stunning gameplay. In Minecraft, there is an inventory filter mod present that can actually filter the items to check. This filter allows certain items in. Players can also set different game mods for applying inventory filter Minecraft mods games. The installation of this filter mod is very easy and you can also install it manually.

inventory filter mod

Minecraft Villager Inventory

There is a Minecraft villager inventory present in the Minecraft game for the players. This inventory is only limited to the villagers. You can’t see the villager’s inventory. The thing you can do is throw bread for reproduction. Villagers need to fill their inventory for different purposes like wanting to breed. They can breed with each other for expansions. Villagers inventory must be filled with these numbers of items in one slot.

  1. 12 beetroots
  2. 3 bread
  3. 12 potatoes
  4. 12 carrots

If you want to see the villagers inventory by using command then the command used for this is /data.

How to keep inventory even after dying in Minecraft?

In the Minecraft game, there is almost one inventory present for the players. If you are playing Minecraft in a survival mode, you may lose your inventory and its items after dying. This is one the biggest problems that every player faces. If you want to save your inventory and items present in it even after dying too, you have to follow some steps. In default mode, when you die it means your inventory is no longer available. By following the steps, you can keep your inventory and items like armors and tools for free. You have to activate some options in Minecraft gameplay. Different cheats are present for this. Your world must support cheats to keep the inventory after dying. Follow the steps that are given below.

keep inventory after dying
  1. Click on edit settings and select Game.
  2. Activate cheats option
  3. Activate keep inventory
  4. Type  “/game rule keep Inventory true” in the chat box

These steps can change the settings and you can easily use your inventory in other worlds too even after dying.


How many carrots need to fill villagers inventory?

In Minecraft gameplay, villagers need 12 carrots to become willing for breeding.

How many slots are present in inventory of creative mode?

There are a total of 27 slots present in the inventory of creative mode.

Can I permanently place inventory in my Minecraft game?

Yes, you can permanently keep inventory in the Minecraft game by typing the command of Type “/game rule keep Inventory true” in the chat box. Even after dying, your inventory and its items are saved.

How long inventory items last in the Minecraft game?

Items despawn after 5 minutes being in a chunk.

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