Advent of Ascension Mod in Minecraft

The advent of Ascension is an adventurous and fighting mod of Minecraft game having different boss fights in 21 different dimensions. Each dimension holds different tools, equipment, weapons, armor and blocks. Minecraft is a huge and popular game across the world that has different mods, editions and resources. You can Craft from simple villages to high-quality castles and modern houses with all the features.

Advent of Ascension Mod

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Advent of Ascension Mod

Minecraft Advent of Ascension is one of the best adventurous mods having different dimensions and biomes. This mod has different boss fights and in which players can play against different spawnable and elite bosses to get all the combat experiences in different dimensions. Each dimension in the game is located in different biomes having different weapons having different damages including swords or bows, armors having special protection abilities, tools, equipment, blocks and items. Players can easily download this Minecraft mod on windows, mac and Linux and is only available in the java edition.

The other main feature of this mod is a recourse system and skills that is only available in java edition for free. The resource system acts on the health or experience of a player and skills are for improving the stats of the players. Players can acquire this health and stats by doing extra activities like planting new crops. Players can easily choose their own dimensions and fighting textures for playing with more adventures and enjoyment.


In Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod, there are different bosses associated in different dimensions with their token items. Players can easily fight against different bosses who have boss tokens. Players can get advantage from these bosses by defeating them in this mod. Usually the bosses drop different powerful items and trophies. There are a total of 30 boss fights available in this fighting mode that players can experience as a survivor.

Spawnable Bosses

  1. Baroness
  2. Clunkhead
  3. Craexxeus
  4. Four Guardians
  5. Elusive
  6. Vaxxilon
  7. Visualent
  8. Vinocorne
  9. Smash
  10. Tyrosaur
  11. MechBot
  12. Nethengeic Wither

Besides these normal bosses, players can summon elite bosses with special and modified effects. Elite Smash is one of the best elite bosses that is associated with the overworld dimension.

Advent of Ascension Mod – Weapons

Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod has different weapons having different specifications and functionalities. Players can use their favorite weapons for better damage to the mobs and bosses in a combat fight. Each weapon has its durability, damage, attack speed and color. You can easily craft these weapons in the Minecraft inventory. In addition, players can repair their damaged weapons using Magic Mending Compound.

The different weapons present in Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod are listed below.

  1. Swords
  2. Great Blades
  3. Mauls
  4. Staves
  5. Thrown Weapons
  6. Bows
  7. Crossbows
  8. Guns
  9. Blasters
  10. Shotguns
  11. Snipers
  12. Cannons
  13. Vulcanes

Advent of Ascension Mod – Equipment

Equipment plays an important role in this Minecraft Advent of Ascension fighting mod that has different special abilities. Players can use different equipment in different situations while fighting against mobs and bosses and the power of that equipment will start decreasing as used. In addition, you can craft two damaged pieces of equipment together to get newly repaired equipment. Listed below are different pieces of equipment present in this Minecraft mod that players can easily use for harvesting different materials.

  1. Pickaxes
  2. Axes
  3. Shovels
  4. Hoes
  5. Hauling rods
  6. Diamond Bowl
  7. Exp Flask
  8. Stone Bowl
  9. Fishing Cage

Advent of Ascension Mod – Armors

In Minecraft Advent of Ascension, players can get free access to different armor sets that are basically worn by the players for safety purposes. You can protect yourselves from damage while fighting through armor having different armor values and armor effects. Armors are categorized into 4 different tiers including tier 0, tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 and tier 4. The durability and toughness of each armor set are fully dependent upon the tiers. All the armor sets have different items like helmets, chest plates, leggings and boots.

  • Tier 0 Armor Sets
  1. Biogenic Armor
  2. Utopian Armor
  3. Void Armor
  4. Hazmat Armor
  • Tier 1 Armor Sets
  1. Embrodium Armor
  2. Exo Plate Armor
  3. Infernal Armor
  4. Lynda Te Armor
  • Tier 2 Armor Sets
  1. Crystallis Armor
  2. Hydrangea Armor
  3. Phantasm Armor
  4. Obsidian Armor
  • Tier 3 Armor Sets
  1. Battleborn Armor
  2. Commander Armor
  3. Ghastly Armor
  4. Elecanyte Armor
  • Tier 4 Armor Sets
  1. Knight’s Armor

Minecraft Advent of Ascension Mod Blocks

Blocks are materials used to build different structures. Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod has different blocks present in different biomes. You can either craft blocks or find them in different advent biomes. The advent of Ascension mod has different blocks for players that are listed below.

  • Dirt
  • Grass Blocks
  • Stones
  • Ores
  • Ore Blocks
  • Raw Ore Blocks
  • Logs
  • Stripped Logs
  • Wood
  • Stripped Wood
  • Wooden Planks
  • Mushroom Blocks
  • Bricks
  • Ivory
  • Glass
  • Lamp Blocks

These are different blocks present in Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod. You can craft different items like weapons and light emitting items by using these blocks.

NPC Traders

Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod is an adventurous and most epic fighting game having different villagers, characters and mobs. There are many NPC creatures present in the mod for doing different works and most of the NPCs are traders that trade different things and exchange the items with other items of the game.

Many NPCs are simple villagers and do trading without holding any profession and are located in different dimensions. These NPCs are known as Ambient NPCs like Gorb citizen or Zal child. Other NPCs are bankers that convert currencies with other valued coins in the Minecraft advent of ascension mod and are located in different dimensions. Other NPCs are merchants that spawn with different towers, villages and in all over world biomes. Players can do trading with these NPCs and expand their worlds wasily.

Dimensions & Biomes

Minecraft Advent of Ascension Mod has a total of 21 dimensions also called realms. Each dimension has its own blocks, items, mobs and bosses. As there are three Portals of Minecraft present, you can access advent dimensions through these portals. These dimensions are categorized in three different tiers and dimensions belonging to different tiers can be accessible through that tier’s portal whether it is a nether portal or an overworld portal.

Players can access 5 dimensions directly from the overworld and others can be accessed by other dimensions. You can experience the best fighting mod by playing and fighting in different dimensions against mobs. The different dimensions present in the Minecraft advent of ascension mod are Abyss, Candyland, Barathos, Creeponia, Deeplands, Lelyetia, Precasia, Celeve, Crystevia, Gardencia, Haven, Iromine, Vox Ponds, Mysterium, Greckon, Dystopia, L’Borean, Lunalus, Runandor, Shyrelands, Nowhere.

Each dimension belongs to different biome regions having different trees, mushrooms, flowers and Lucius woods. The biomes that hold dimensions are listed below.

  1. Abyssal Plains
  2. Barren Grounds
  3. Asteroid Belt
  4. Candy Hills
  5. Cavern Depths
  6. Celevian Highlands
  7. Coral Fields
  8. Creepoid Forest
  9. Crystevian Caverns
  10. Dystopian Forest
  11. Floral Islands
  12. Fungal Caverns
  13. Greckon Mountains
  14. Runic Cliffs
  15. Precasian Tall Forest
  16. Lelyetian Plains
  17. haven
  18. Iromine
  19. Shyre Remnants
  20. Vox Wastes


Does this mod have a resource system?

Yes, Advent of Ascension has a resource system for the players.

Is it accessible on all Minecraft editions?

No, the Minecraft Advent of Ascension mod is only accessible in java edition.

How many bosses are there in the advent of Ascension?

There are a total of 30 bosses in the advent of Ascension.

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