Minecraft Boat Mod

Enhance your gameplay adding Minecraft Boat mod to the game. This mod provides all types of simple plus advanced boats including ships and yachts. Start your water journey utilizing boats and dive into mesmerizing adventures.

Minecraft Boat Mod

Dive into Oceanic Boat Mod

As there are different boats that you can explore in the realistic world, you can also explore the Minecraft boat mod and discover unique and magnificent boats. The types of boats always depend on the mod that you are adding. This boating mod is for the players who love exploring oceanic biomes and who love sea level building and crafting. For the Minecraft players, boats are added with unique styles and their features. Each boat as well as water ships have their own significance in this mod.

Minecraft Boat Mod

You can Roam on the water from one end to another through boats. In addition, players can easily do fighting and trading on the boats offered by this Minecraft PE mod. Don’t forget to check out Minecraft Redstone House Map.


For quickly crossing the water, the Minecraft boat mod has added speed boats that are super fast and highly efficient that you can think of.

Small Ships

Minecraft boat mod has added small ships with their banners. They are unique in style and a bit attractive. Imagine your character as a “Steve” sitting on the boat and fighting against mobs confidently. Press R to open the ship and W to increase the sail.


In this boat mod of Minecraft, players can utilize the cannons as they are weapons that can be added to their boats for combat and war purposes. These cannons have different features of firing angles or varying powers. You can easily add cannon to your ships by right clicking on the boat having cannon in your hand.


The Minecraft boat mod features a two-masted ship called Brigg with square rigged sails on both the masts. Players of this mod can get these boats as merchant boats. They are known for their high speeds. You can experience the best sailing using these boats.

Motor Boat

Motor boats are powered by an engine rather than sails and are unique in design. It traverses the water more efficiently than other sailing boats. If you are a seeker of this boat in Minecraft Boat mod then here’s a way to get it. Type /summon add: motor_boat_Red in the chat box to get it.


Can I build my own boats using blocks in this mod?

Yes, you can build your own boats using different blocks.

Can I use cannons in boats in this mod ?

Yes, you can use cannons by adding them to the boats to fight against mobs.

Where can I download this boat mod?

You can easily download this boat mod from our website.

Can I use this boat mod on multiplayer servers?

Yes, you can use this mod on multiplayer servers of Minecraft.

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