Minecraft MineColony Mod

Minecraft MineColony mod is a building mod that utilizes the building experience. It offers the best colony building mechanism with stunning crafting items and resources. There are unlimited building mods offered by the Minecraft game for adding unique content to the game. All the building mods allow players to build their own towns, colonies or other structures easily without any interruptions. Minecraft has a creative mode that offers unique creating, building and crafting resources to the players to get amazing experience as a worker or a builder. It is a sandbox game that can easily be downloaded on androids or Pcs along with its features.

Minecraft MineColony Mod

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MineColony Mod

There is a Minecraft MineColony mod that is an immense colony building mod that allows players to build their own stunning colony full of created structures like towers, halls, buildings or simple houses. If you are fond of building something like a town and want to experience it then the Mine colony is perfectly made for you. It reflects the real life buildings and houses in a colony, in which different entities are present.

You can use different craftable options and use items and resources to build your own town. It enhances your gaming experience and gives you a build experience for real life builds having workers or NPCs including: Farmers, Miners, Guards, builders or many other featuring workers. Minecraft MineColony gives you the chance to transform your imaginary town into a real town in a unique way.

Minecraft apk offers only free mods along with their features and minecolony is one of those mods having great building content. You can explore different colony places through maps and build your own colony including: Warehouse, Citizen huts, Watch tower and a Town hall. Download this mod on any of your favorite platforms: iOS, windows, mac or android for free and experience the best building ever. Don’t forget to take a look at How To Make A Conduit in Minecraft as well.

Minecraft MineColony Mod – Building Tool

For building purposes the first thing that is essential in the game mod that every player must have is a Building Tool. It is a craftable item used to craft other items in the minecolony that may spawn. You can place buildings according to your favoritism using building tools in an effective way. To get started using this tool, you will need Builder’s Hut, Citizen’s Hut and a Town Hall.

The GUI of building tools is very effective and mesmerizing. Besides crafting this building tool, you can even collect it from the Supply Camp or Ship rack. For building, Craft the required blocks, Right click with the building tool on that block, wherever you want to place that. It has GUI options including My schematics, Decorations, Building blocks, styles of building, From my schematics, From decorations or From huts. Now after that, click on the green check mark for execution.

Watch Tower Mechanics & Town Hall

Minecraft minecolonies is a mod that offers unique structures and builds to the players like Town Hall, Watch Tower or other buildings and huts. Basically, town hall is the central part of your colony that must be a protected area of your colony. Town Hall is not a craftable item in Minecraft minecolony mod because it can be obtained or collected from the Supply Camp or Ship.

In addition, you can also obtain a town hall by using commands. Use your building tool now for the placement of the Town hall safely. After placing town hall, four citizens will spawn. Right click on the town hall to start building your colony.

Besides having a town hall in your colony, a watch tower is another essential and defensive structure. You can access different functions of this watchtower through a watchtower chest that has different options. It is a place where different trained guards are present. You can build your own watch tower for the safety of your colony.

Minecraft MineColony Mod – Workers

Minecolony is a Minecraft mod that allows players to build their own towns and colonies with crafting items and features, there are different workers or NPCs offered by this game mod for the help of the players. These workers can work for you while building a town. You can assign different worker roles as farmers, guards, smelters, miners or fishermen to the citizens and reassign them to different roles by firing from their first roles.

For changing the assigned job, you have to visit Town hall and set automatic to manual. Listed below are various workers whom you can assign and reassign jobs.

  1. Fishermen
  2. Guards
  3. Lumberjack
  4. Miners
  5. Miller
  6. Crusher
  7. Shepherd
  8. Sifter
  9. Stonemason
  10. Cowboy
  11. Stone Smelter
  12. Swine Herder
  13. Smelters
  14. Delivery Man
  15. Animal Herders
  16. Chef
  17. Builder
  18. Baker

Minecraft MineColony Maps

Minecraft is a stunning game having wide areas and worlds with unique locations. Each Minecraft mod holds different locations to explore. Even if you are playing the simulation mod or fighting mod, you need to locate different places for targeting mobs and bosses. Minecraft MineColony mod offers various maps having different places.

These are actually the custom created items, used to terrains and landmarks of mods in which you are playing. You can create your own mineColony maps after exploring the mod or can use various builted maps that are listed below.

  1. Minecolonies Frontier
  2. Minecolonies Steampunk Minecolonies Map – Dark Oak Colonies
  3. Celosia
  4. Minecolonies Schematics Worlds
  5. Village Minecolonies
  6. Iluria – Industrial Horizons Spawnpoint
  7. MineColonies Tent Style


Is Postbox present in the MineColony for requesting items?

Yes, a postbox is present for requesting items in Minecraft that feels like a realistic postbox.

Can I break buildings to replace them at another location?

Yes, if you want to locate your buildings somewhere else, you can easily break them and place them at another location with your build tool.

Can I invite other players to my colony?

Yes, you can invite other players to collaborate to your colony By first going to permissions and adding players by typing in the add player category.

Is assigning and hiring citizens to the colony possible?

Yes, you can easily assign housing and hire citizens from the setting.

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