Minecraft Lightsaber Mod

Minecraft Lightsaber mod has the inherited content from the popular game Star Wars. It allows players to dreadfully fight against different hostile and passive mobs with lightsabers of heavy damage.

Minecraft Lightsaber Mod

Magnify Your Gameplay Through Lightsaber Weapon Mod

Lightsaber is one of the special mods because it has different weapons including swords and lightsabers of different types. As a Jedi in Star Wars, be like a Jedi and hold on to powerful lightsabers to fight against enemies and full strength. This magnifying weapon mod is for those who love Star Wars and enhance their Minecraft gameplay, inheriting the lightsaber swords of different colors. You can easily download Minecraft Mod from our website with no cost. Further more, Include “How To Turn Off Clouds in Minecraft” in your analysis.


As Lightsaber is the most powerful and magnificent Sword melee weapon that players can use against enemies ( hostile mobs ), they have high attacking and damaging powers. Besides this, players can utilize other weapons in this mod including Spears, blasters, force powers, VibroSwords or Thermal Detonators. You can use the 3D realistic war environment using the saber-effected weapons with damaging sounds.

Minecraft Lightsaber Mod

Lightsabers in Different Colors

War becomes easy against enemies using light sabers in this Minecraft lightsaber mod. Players love fighting with these melee swords. In this mod, players can craft lightsabers with different colors including blue, green, red, or purple.

Lightsaber Damage Points

Different lightsabers have different damage points/units with respect to Colors. Each item you are using for the color of your lightsaber has unique damaging units.

  • Green – 10 units
  • Red – 10 units
  • Purple – 10 units
  • Blue – 10 units
  • Yellow – 10 units
  • White – 10 units
  • Dark Lightsaber – 15 units
  • Kylo Ren’s lightsaber – 15 units

Effective and Simple Lightsabers

Minecraft Lightsaber is the newest and latest mod that players can easily download and play. The main and efficient weapons present in the game are lightsabers that you can easily craft in this mod. You need to gather different resources for crafting these high power lightsabers. For crafting a lightsaber in this mod, the very first thing you need to do is to gather diamonds. Once collected diamonds, smelt them. This smelting can provide players with a special type of Crystal. You have to place that crystal in the center on your Minecraft Workbench and place any powder with a special item. This will give you a lightsaber that you desire to fight against mobs in Minecraft.

Minecraft Lightsaber Mod

Color Crafting Items

As Minecraft APK holds different types of items in the game for players to use and craft. In the process of crafting lightsabers in Minecraft, you have to decide the colors of your lightsabers as we have discussed above. If you are seeking to get a Green Lightsaber, you need Slime as like that,

  1. Glow Dust > Yellow
  2. Ice > Blue
  3. Redstone > Red
  4. Honeycomb > Orange
  5. Slime > Green
  6. Ender’s eye > Purple


Is Minecraft Lightsaber mod free to download?

Yes, you can freely download this mod pack from our website.

Can I craft lightsabers in this mod?

Yes, you can craft lightsaber weapons in this mod.

Can I customize the color of my lightsaber in the mod?

Yes, you can customize the color of your lightsaber in this mod.

Is this mod compatible with Multiplayer mod?

Yes, this mod is compatible with multiplayer mode.

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