How To Play Minecraft – Beginner’s Guide

Minecraft is a game that has endless adventures and mysteries awaiting for the players in all Minecraft mods and editions. Minecraft offers crafting of different things including structures, items, blocks or other fighting armors or weapons. At first, it will not be easy for the beginners to understand the gameplay of this stunning game. There are many video tutorials available on YouTube that many players can’t find easy for understanding how to play Minecraft and start with their first Minecraft worlds. If you are new to the game and want to learn the basics of the Minecraft game, let’s get started with this article.

How To Play Minecraft

Introduction of Minecraft Game

In Minecraft, Players can explore hundreds of different worlds having unique content including wild mobs, unlimited resources and various mechanics. Besides these features, Minecraft brings different adventurous servers and realms for playing with different players across the world. In Minecraft, you have to fight against different passive and hostile mobs who are your deadly enemies in the game.

How to play Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the best crafting games that holds amazing content for the players. It is a sandbox 3D game specially made for crafting of real life items, structures, blocks and many other realistic things. The first thing that is necessary for every player of the game is to learn and understand the gameplay of Minecraft and should learn how to play Minecraft as a beginner. People is also searching about Minecraft Realms.

As Minecraft has a wide variety of items and tools, no one can fully understand at first but there is a proverb: a river is made bit by bit or drop by drop. You can craft unlimited resources and show your crafting and creating skills in the creative mode of Minecraft.

For playing Minecraft, start with the survival mode so that you can learn to survive in Minecraft mode for different harder levels. Today in our article, we are providing you basic learning of how to play Minecraft as a beginner.

Minecraft Desktop Setup For Playing

As Minecraft has different editions and modes, the process of setting and playing it on various platforms is different. For learning how to play Minecraft on desktop, take your first step by setting up on desktop.

  1. Download Minecraft from our website for free.
  2. Open the Minecraft launcher on the desktop.
  3. Once it opens, click on Play.
  4. For learning how to play Minecraft, you should go for the Single player option.
  5. Click on create a new world.
  6. Enter the name of your world.
  7. Adjust other settings(more world settings) like selecting game mode.
  8. Once selected, click on create a new world.

Minecraft Android Setup For Playing

For learning how to play Minecraft on android, take your first step by setting up on android.

  1. Download Minecraft from our website for free.
  2. Open Minecraft, Once it opens, click on Play.
  3. Click on create a new world.
  4. Enter the name of your world.
  5. Select world difficulty.
  6. Adjust other settings like selecting game mode or adding resources.
  7. Once selected, tap on the option of Play.

Basic Guide On How To Play Minecraft

After you will complete the installation, you are in the world having limited resources and no knowledge at all of playing and crafting. For knowing how to play in Minecraft, know the basic crafting that we have provided below.

Build a Crafting Table

Crafting table is one of the essential and basic items of Minecraft that players should have to play Minecraft. It provides you the 3×3 crafting grid wherever you go in the Minecraft world. You can craft a crafting table by placing 4 wooden planks in the crafting grid. It allows players to craft other items through it.

Build Basic Tools

For surviving in Minecraft, you will need several tools that you have to craft by yourself. These tools include wooden pickaxe, fishing rod, shovel, axe, hoe, flint and steel, fire charge or shears.

Build a House

In survival mode, various mobs spawn at night. So for getting protection and a peaceful sleep, build your shelter home having resources in it like bed, chest or furnace.

Gather Food

Food is the basic need for surviving in the game. Gather as much food as you can by slaughtering different animals like chickens, sheep, rabbits and cows.

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