Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition is beautifully designed for the players and has many features and educational tools like collaboration, classrooms and lessons. Players can easily create an educational environment by learning and joining different code builders. Minecraft is itself a mini world that has different roots called different editions and versions. This Educational edition of Minecraft is mainly based on learning and promoting. You can get learning lessons and tutorials of your subjects in this Minecraft education edition game. 

Minecraft Education Edition

This is basically a fun-based game that is indirectly designed for learning and problem-solving. Players can easily download this gameplay now on their android phones and iPhones too. First, you must have a subscription to this premium edition to ude premium features like classroom and lessons. After your subscription, create your accounts on Microsoft with your school/college emails. Without signing in to accounts, you can’t get the whole features of this amazing game.

Players can play education edition by learning different subjects like chemistry, history and math. Cold builder tool is available in this edition to learn coding languages while playing. The main advantage of this edition is you can fight against literate mobs or mobs related to education. Users can easily extract different blocks in this education edition and create different compounds to learn more. Create your educational world now by downloading the Education Edition.

Education Edition in Minecraft

Minecraft education edition is basically a learning plus fun game that attracts millions of plus by its stunning features. The tools present in this game are so beneficial for students who want to learn in a fun environment. Players can create different and amazing educational worlds for themselves and connect with thousands of unlimited educational resources. You can get different lessons on different topics whether they are theoretical or software-based topics like coding. 

This game is based on learning classrooms. You can create different classrooms on different platforms. Students can select their subject courses in this gameplay and learn them through different tutorials and lessons. For getting all the tools and features of education edition, you must have to create your Microsoft account or you can connect with your educational accounts. You can learn in different learning styles in K-2 settings by subscription. 

Players can learn amazing and beneficial coding languages like python and C++ with the help of code builder. Start playing with learning and fight against mobs that are also related to education. Download it now from our website.

Minecraft Education Edition – Lessons

Lessons play an important role in the Minecraft education edition. Players can get thousand of different lessons that were created only for the players. Students of all ages can have access to all the amazing lessons. Players can create their own educational worlds and play with learning.

You can get lessons on different subjects like chemistry, maths, social, climate, digital citizenship and computer science. There are also featured lessons present in education edition for the players. These are museum heist, hour of code, climate features, league of literacy and peacebuilders. 

Students can learn these lessons in classroom easily. The main advantage is you can also create your own lessons in this game and submit them to Minecraft game. Explore 5000 plus lessons and get all lessons from in-game library.

Minecraft Education Edition – Availability

Minecraft education edition is a super stunning game that has all teaching and learning features for players to gain knowledge. You can access different classrooms, get codes in different languages and promote problem-solving. Players of this game can get fun and learn together. Different platforms are available to download this beneficial game. All the platforms have different features and tools. If you want to get the education edition on your favorite platforms either androids or windows, download it from our website now.

The available devices to download this edition are listed below.

  1. Chromebook
  2. Android
  3. Mac
  4. iPhone
  5. Ipad
  6. Windows

Players can easily access the education edition on these platforms by downloading it from our website. The two platforms have more benefits than other platforms as only mac and windows players have access to classroom mode. Start your journey of education with thousands of beneficial lessons now.

Minecraft Education Edition – Classrooms

Classroom mode is the mode in which players of Minecraft education edition game can beautiful classrooms with classroom decorative pieces. They can create bookshelves, tables and chairs with amazing and unique resources from the Minecraft game. In classroom mode, players can connect with their friends and interact with them in classrooms. The classroom has special features. Only teachers can use instances of classroom mode.

Classroom mode has some options for the players to play better including

  1. Pause option
  2. Disable chat option
  3. Perfect weather
  4. Allow destructive items
  5. Allow mobs

These options may affect the world. Teachers can easily communicate with the students in chats. Create classrooms and learn in the best environment with the best teachers.


Minecraft education edition has a lot of unique features for the players to get more entertainment in the learning environment.

Teaching Tools

There are thousands of features and teaching tutorials for the players to learn more in the game. This teaching tool is only available in the Minecraft education edition. Take advantage of it and play the game with learning.

Safe Environment

The Minecraft education edition environment is safe and secure. Players can create different worlds by signing up with their private accounts. All the safety features are present in this education edition game.

Demo Lessons

Demo lessons appear at first. If players want to play the education edition without their Microsoft accounts, they can play with demo lessons. Demo lessons are for beginners of this game to get more knowledge and learning skills.

Multiplayer Mode

The best feature of this game is you can work together with your friends on different learning projects and collaborate with them while playing and learning in multiplayer mode.

Code Builder

Developers have launched the feature of code builder in the education edition. Code builder is basically an extension of the Minecraft education edition game that allows players to create different worlds and craft different items through coding. Players can write and learn codes in different languages.

Text Translator

Education edition is played across the world by people of different languages. Translators are available in this game for the players to learn the lessons through text translators. They can easily translate texts in your language and this is one of the best features of the Minecraft education edition game.


Players of this educational gameplay can learn different lessons in different subjects and can grow their coding skills. Different cheats are available to make the game easier to learn. You can learn and play through different cheats and commands like mute, worldbuilder or mayfly commands.


Can I get the Minecraft education edition on android?

Yes, Minecraft education edition gameplay is now available on androids too. You can get the latest features in the android version of Minecraft education edition game.

Is Minecraft education edition free?

No, the Minecraft education edition is not free but you can try the free trial for a few days.

How to get lessons in the Minecraft education edition?

You can get educational lessons from the built-in game library.

Does this application have a wide variety of learning content?

Yes, this application has a wide variety of learning content on different topics.

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