How To Make a Cake In Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best crafting games in the world of games in which players can explore, experience and discover new adventures in different biomes. This game offers different modes and each mode has its own structures, textures, gaming style, items and blocks. You can craft from vehicles to food items. Yes, you can craft different food items for reducing hunger and I think cake is the best food item that fills 14 hunger points. In this article, we are discussing how to make a cake in Minecraft. You can easily learn the process of making a cake through the pictures that we have provided below.

 How To Make a Cake In Minecraft

Minecraft Cake: The Perfect Dessert for Your Blocky World

Cake is the most common food item in Minecraft APK. It can be eaten by players and mobs for filling hunger points. Crafting a cake, players can easily make a delicious cake on their own by collecting some material used in making a cake. In the Minecraft survival mode, you can either make a cake or you can also obtain it from the buried treasure as a chest loot.

In terms of trading, it is common for the farmer villagers to sell cake for one emerald each. So, quickly learn how to make a cake from this article and fill your hunger points anytime needed in the game.

For making a cake in Minecraft, you need:

  • Milk bucket
  • Sugar
  • Egg
  • Wheat

Step 1 – Place Milk Buckets

For making a cake, you must have 3 milk buckets but the question is how to get milk in the buckets? You can get milk by tapping on the cow. Once you have milk in your buckets, place 3 milk buckets in the first row of a crafting grid. Don’t miss Minecraft Coal Vs Charcoal when doing your research.

Step 2 – Place Wheat

Wheat is a harvesting item that you can easily obtain by harvesting the wheat crops. Besides obtaining it naturally, you can also craft it by placing a hay bale in the crafting grid. Once crafted, place wheat (3)  in the row 1 of a crafting grid.


Step 3 – Place Sugar

Sugar is an item in Minecraft that you can easily get by placing a sugar cane in the crafting grid. Once collected, place sugar in the first and last box of row 2.


Step 4 – Place Egg

Egg is a food item in Minecraft that is used in making a cake. It can be obtained from a chicken because chicken lays eggs after every 5 to 10 minutes. So, you can easily get an egg for making a cake. For completion of a cake, place the egg in the middle box of row 2 of a 3×3 crafting grid.

This is how you can make a cake with simple and easy steps in this crafting game. Once placed all the materials at their right places, your cake will be ready to move into your inventory.

Get Cake Through Commands In Minecraft

Besides making a cake in Minecraft using a crafting grid, you can get a cake by another way too. Yes, you can get a cake through commands.

For getting a cake using command:

  1. open the chat
  2. Type /give @p Minecraft: cake
  3. Press enter

This is how you can get a cake in Minecraft through a command. Another commands for getting a special number of cakes or for giving to which player are:

  1. /give @p Minecraft: cake 8
  2. /give player Minecraft: cake

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