Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod is a mod that adds tons of tamable mobs and animals over 50. Players can access different features of this mod along with the best maps. You can craft, create or explore different places by riding on different animals and mobs. Besides these, Minecraft offers other best animal or mob mods to the players to know more about different dimensions, blocks, places, oceans, tools, weapons or armors. Each Minecraft mod has unique content and creatures accordingly. You can play in different Minecraft modes like survival mode or creative mode on different role-playing servers. Download Minecraft now and get realistic experience of playing.

Minecraft Mo' Creatures Mod

Mo’ Creatures

Minecraft offers best mods with updated features to the players and Mo’ Creatures is counted in those mods. It was originally created by DrZhark having different features like mobs, animals, tools, weapons, armors and new creatures. This Minecraft mod adds tons of new animals and mobs that are also tamable and ridden. A total of 49 mobs are present in this game and each has its own powers, AI and loot. The basic idea of this game mod is to allow the players of Minecraft to tame different animals and experience the best interaction with these animals by being ridden on them.

The other best features that this mod provides to the players are crafting, fighting and exploring. You can craft different blocks and items from the provided items using tools to gather different resources. You can experience the best transportation by being able to ride on the mobs and animals and explore different places of Mo’ creatures like villages, oceans or zoos.

Players can download this stunning Minecraft mod from our website for free and enjoy playing and taming their favorite real life animals. Also check out How To Make A Piston in Minecraft.

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod – Weapons

The Minecraft mods added this stunning Mo’ Creatures Mod for the players in which players can also use different weapons having special effects. The most used weapon item present in this game is the shark sword that is basically made from the teeth of sharks having the best durability damage against mobs. Another best weapon present in this game is the silver sword that is dropped by silver skeletons. You can use this weapon sword for killing werewolves that deal 8 damages. Another unique weapons that are present in this game are scorpion weapons having best effects like causing nausea or slowing mobs. You can use these sword weapons in survival mode for better survival till the last. The Sai, katana, nunchaku and bo are the best weapons obtained by killing tamed turtles having special effects to kill the mobs or players.

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod – Armors

In Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod, players can access four different types of armor sets having their own disabilities and created from different items. Scorpio armor sets are special armors having special effects after wearing. The scorpion armor sets are: Dirt scorpion, Cave scorpion, Frost scorpion and Nether scorpion. Other armor sets are non special armor sets that are being crafted by items like fur, hide and reptile hide. Activate the best armors and protect yourself from different animal mobs.

  1. Scorpion Armor
  2. Reptile Armor
  3. Fur Armor
  4. Crystal Mount Armor

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod – Tools

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod added three different types of tools that are items used to increase the speed of doing works like mining, farming or breaking blocks. Fishnet, Teleport staff and builder hammer are the tools present in this game mod.

Teleport staff

Teleport is the main tool present in the Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod that is basically used to teleport the players and is a creative mode item. The maximum range of this staff is 128 blocks and is similar to an ender pearl.

Fish net

Fishnet is another best tool that this Minecraft mods offers to the players that is used to tame different animals like crabs, dolphins, sharks, stingrays or manta rays. It is basically a mob catcher to catch those mobs that live underwater.

Builder hammer

Build hammer is another best tool; this is actually a creative mode item used to place blocks anywhere from a distance. The maximum distance of placing the blocks is 128 blocks. You can also place non solid blocks like mushrooms or flowers.

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod – Dimensions

Dimensions are actually the realms that are easily accessible by the players. These come in forms of generations, biomes or structures. Players can explore different dimensions through portals but in this mod you have access to one and only dimension named: Wyvern Lair and the upcoming dimension named: Ogre Lair.

Wyvern Lair

This is the only dimension present in the game and accessible through wyvern portal staff. Many animal mobs live here and players can find wyvern spawning other players or mobs naturally.

Ogre Lair

It is an upcoming dimension in this mod. Three ogre bosses will spawn in this dimension with orges.

Exciting Maps

The Minecraft game has offered best Mo’ Creatures maps to the players. You can use Mo’ creature maps for exploring different terrains and landmarks of this mod. Players can craft their own maps by combining 8 pages of paper with a compass of different places and locations. They create visual images of the world and mods in which you are playing. Listed below are the best Minecraft Mo’ Creatures Mod maps:

  1. Thaumium Rogue
  2. Zoo Berkeley
  3. Three Ring Eden – RPG Adventure Map
  4. Mo Creatures Zoo
  5. My Tropical World
  6. The Big Mo Creatures ZOO by neo Trailer
  7. Mo Creatures all Horses
  8. Mo Creature Rare Horses
  9. Aquarium
  10. Nightmare and Black Pegasus
  11. Lakeside Village
  12. Medieval Pet Shop.

Mobs/Animals In Mo’ Creatures Mod

Minecraft Mo’ Creatures is another level mod of the game that adds over 59 animals or mobs. Mobs are actually the living entities in the Minecraft game that Spawn players at night. Each mob has its own special powers and AI. This mod adds sharks, bears, insects, horses, zombies, zeglins, Dolphins, creepers or Ravagers. In addition, players can tame these mobs and breed them. Some mobs become neutral mobs in the day and hostile at night. Players can experience playing with different types of mobs that are actually the animals in this Mo’ creatures mod like neutral mobs, hostile mobs or boss mobs. You have to play hard against these mob animals and have to defeat the ender dragon to win the game.

Boss Mobs

  1. Ender Dragon
  2. Wither

Neural Mobs

  1. Cave Spider
  2. Goat
  3. Endermen
  4. Llama
  5. Polar Bear
  6. Panda
  7. Piglin
  8. Zombified Piglin

Hostile Mobs

  1. Creeper
  2. Drowned
  3. Skeleton
  4. Vindicator
  5. Spider Jockey
  6. Shulker
  7. Zombie Villager
  8. Ghast


How many animals are present in Minecraft Mo’ Creatures mod?

There are a total of 59 animals present in this mod.

Can I tame a zebra in Minecraft Mo’ Creatures mod?

Yes, you can tame zebras in this Minecraft mod by giving it an apple whilst, another zebra and a zorse.

Are there any boss mobs present?

Yes, Ender Dragon and Wither are two bosses present in the game that are dangerous in nature.

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