Best 5 Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition

With our seeds, explore the lush cave biome that is the most beautiful overworld biome having different lush caves below azalea caves. Enhance your gameplay exploring lush caves as we have provided complete details on the best 5 Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition.

Best 5 Minecraft Lush Cave Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition

Bedrock and Java Edition Lush Cave Seeds

Lush Cave seeds are top demanding seeds that allow players to explore and visit beautiful lush caves of different types. By exploring and spawning the best lush caves, you can gather different resources including Flowering Azalea, spore blossom, Glow berries and even Axolotls. Without any limitations start your Overworld journey using the best 5 Minecraft Lush Cave seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition

Surface Lush Cave

  • Seed: 1475353232100296141
  • Lush Cave: -26, 108
  • Java Village: -384, 128
  • Bedrock Village: -1496, -200

Want to survive in the Overworld? Lush cave biome is the best place to live. Using this seed, you will initially spawn at the largest wood forest that leads to the surface of the lush cave where you can gather cobblestone plus visit the nearest villages.

Extinct Volcano Caves

  • Seed: -3186091622222826829
  • Java Pillager Tower: -150, -330
  • Bedrock Village: -344, -428

Ever want to see a beautiful view of a volcano in minecraft that has magical ice and snow on it? If yes, use this seed in your java and bedrock editions to explore the beautiful volcano caves in the below part of the Volcanoes.

Mountain Lush Cave

  • Seed: 958475346566062845
  • Lush Cave: -150 -700
  • Java Mansion: -408 -616
  • Bedrock Mansion: 440 -872

Among the greenery on the surroundings of a lush mountain, this seed will initially spawn you at. You can explore a beautiful lush cave within the largest mountains using this seed to get a fresh green environment.

Flower Fields Lush Caves

  • Seed: 1154615264724071950
  • Lush Cave: -474 8 -240
  • Java Village: 272 240
  • Bedrock Village: -168 -264

If you are looking for beautiful flowers to gather for your survival shelters to decorate, this seed is perfect for you. You will initially spawn at the flower field and near this field is a Mangrove swamp. Digging into this swamp, you’ll find a lush cave.

Ancient Lush City

  • Seed: -156227665
  • Lush Cave: -648 -696
  • Java Village: 208 -224
  • Bedrock Desert Temple: 168 -164
  • Mineshaft: 40 104

A great place to start your survival journey as this seed will spawn you at the beautiful lush cave having an ancient city a few blocks away. Inside the cave there are also two Mineshafts. Also Check out Top 5 Jungle Seeds For Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition.

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