Top 5 Jungle Seeds For Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition

Jungle biome of Minecraft is famous for building survival bases plus getting wood from tall trees. Explore the jungle biome in both Java and Bedrock Edition using the top 5 Jungle seeds For Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions below with seed codes and coordinates.

Top 5 Jungle Seeds For Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Best Jungle Seeds For Java and Bedrock

Explore the largest jungle biome with the help of seed codes provided below as jungle is the largest biome of Minecraft next to forest where you can build your survival base and gather unlimited jungle resources easily surrounding beautiful mountains. Seeds are always beneficial for generating worlds or places that you actually want to spawn and explore but can’t as Minecraft has endless exploration. So, enhance your gameplay generating jungle biome using the seeds we’ve provided below.

The Jungle Cavern

  • Seed: -1970139536
  • Java Jungle Temple: 232 1192
  • Bedrock Jungle Temple: -184 568
The Jungle Cavern
Seed: -1970139536

If you are addicted to the Jungle biome of Minecraft and want to explore it in survival mode, this seed is perfectly made for you. You will initially spawn at jungle biome and from few blocks away from the initial point, there’s a largest jungle having different caves to explore. Moreover, you can also visit jungle Temple near this point.

The Jungle of Eden

  • Seed: 4923725547689910475
  • Java Ancient City: -184 -296
  • Bedrock Ancient City: 104 104
  • Java Jungle Temple: -424 -248
The Jungle of Eden
Seed: 4923725547689910475

The spawning points of this seed are reflecting the Garden of Eden, beautiful plus stunning. Initially you will spawn at a jungle having beautiful and large mountains surrounding the jungle. Besides exploring a larger jungle, you can also spawn ancient city and a jungle temple with a radius of 900 blocks.

Stunning Melon Jungle

  • Seed: 1521158389942156234
  • Bedrock Jungle: 300, -400
  • Java Village: 161, 347
Stunning Melon Jungle
Seed: 1521158389942156234

One of the most beautiful plus stunning jungle seed that allows players to spawn a jungle and gather unlimited resources including Bamboo. This seed is for both Java and Bedrock Editions put gathering Bamboo is only accessible in the Java Edition.

The Bamboo Garden

  • Seed: -469303486518945144
  • Java Ancient City: 88 184     
  • Java Jungle Temple: -328 -344
  • Bedrock Jungle Temple: -296 -680
The Bamboo Garden
Seed: -469303486518945144

The Bamboo Garden is the most visited spawn that players love to find bamboo for their buildings and other purposes. This seed will initially spawn you at the bamboo garden that is basically inside the Jungle Biome. Enhance your building skills in this Bamboo garden and explore Jungle biome fully.

DK Island

  • Seed: 966719734663065500
  • Jungle Island: -1085 -745
  • Java Nether Portal: -520 -408
  • Bedrock Shipwreck: -232 -200
DK Island
Seed: 966719734663065500

This seed is the mixture of a jungle plus island biome as you will initially spawn at a jungle island surrounding beautiful mountains. Build your starter survival base here in the middle and get different resources from jungle easily especially different types of woods. This seed is best among top 5 Jungle Seeds for Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition.

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