5 Best Minecraft 1.20 Village Seeds

Minecraft has different villages at different locations and allows players to spawn them using seeds. Discover the latest plus cool village seeds in this article as we have provided 5 best Minecraft 1.20 Village seeds for those who love rural environments and traditions and want to build and spawn ancient structured houses.

5 Best Minecraft 1.20 Village Seeds

Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Village Seeds

Players can spawn different structures in Minecraft in different biomes but villages have higher popularity than other buildings as you can build a realistic environment thereby building simple houses, do interactions with NPCs, trading with other villagers and even expand the villages. If you are one of those who are seeking to find villages where you can build your survival houses, this article is for you. Here you can explore the top 1.20 village seeds to spawn beautiful villages. Also check out Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition.

Savanna Village

  • Seed: -8667047715126583669
  • Coordinates: 611.4, 69, -33

This seed is best for building structures in a village area. Yes, this seed will initially spawn you at an island near a savanna village. This village is located near an island where mobs can’t easily spawn. Moreover, in the west you can spawn mushroom fields.

Coastal Area Village

  • Seed: 39125021763781630
  • Coordinates: 12.5, 64, -52.5

Every Minecraft survival player wants a field to build structures at the coastal area. This seed will initially spawn at the beautiful village along with the coastal area. You can build your own house there and trade with other villagers.

Floating Village at Lake

  • Seed: 4325227337
  • Coordinates: 1.7, 82, 72

Ever spawn a village that is floating on a lake having a beautiful view? If not, this seed is perfectly good for you. This seed will initially spawn at a floating village settled on the lake. Moreover, there’s a nether portal nearby that you can easily spawn.

Mountain Village

  • Seed: 932193734
  • Coordinates: -6.5, 83, 3.5

This seed is best among all other village seeds as it will initially spawn you at a village having beautiful plus ancient structures. This village has the largest mountains in its surroundings. You can set up your house near this village or inside the village and gather unlimited resources.

Cherry Blossom Grove Village

  • Seed: 5862795876156409474
  • Coordinates: 1.5, 124, 10.5

This seed will initially spawn you at a village on the hillside. Yes, spawn a village near a Cherry blossom grove biome that is a beautiful place to build structures and other buildings, even a village. Moreover, there’s a pool lake and an ancient city nearby to spawn easily using this amazing seed.

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