Best Java Edition Village Seeds

Minecraft Village seeds are something that allows players to explore hidden vast villages in all biomes of Minecraft including Plain, Savanna or forest. Discover the latest and best java edition village seeds for your survival world and enhance your exploring and building.

Best Java Edition Village Seeds

Village Seeds For Java Edition

Minecraft is a 3D Sandbox online video game that has many features of building and crafting through different ways. At first you have to explore the game and find resources. Seeds provides you the best of places where you can gather resources and build from simplest homes to largest castles in villages and larger biomes. In this article you will discover top best java edition village seeds.

Snow Capped Village

  • Seed: -8032021507482072223
  • Village: 274, 15
  • Pillager tower + Ruined portal: 821, 193
Snow Capped Village
Seed: -8032021507482072223

If you are addicted to mountains in Minecraft PE and looking for a beautiful mountain to build a stunning house there, this seed is perfect for you. You will initially spawn at the village on the of the mountain plus you can spawn pillager tower and ruined portal.

Bonanza Village

  • Seed: -4043078723174909697
  • Village1 : -400 176
  • Village2: 400 272
  • Village3: 800 176
Bonanza Village
Seed: -4043078723174909697

Bonanza Village seed is for those Minecraft players who love traveling from village to village and exploring their structures. Using this seed, you can spawn over 20 different villages but have to stay away from outpost pillagers.

Perfect Mega Expansion

  • Seed:  -1651158988382519374
  • 1st Village : 226, 904
  • 2nd Village: 649, 705
  • 3rd Village: 720, 314
Perfect Mega Expansion
Seed:  -1651158988382519374

This is one of the most largest seed in terms of villages. You can grow and expand villages with each other and build a whole new large village with no pillager outposts.

Desert Temple Village

  • Seed: 19000503
  • 1st Desert Temple : 248 -840
  • 2nd Desert Temple: -296 -408
  • 3rd Desert Temple: 216 -216
  • 4th Desert Temple: 120 120
Desert Temple Village
Seed: 19000503

This seed will initially spawn you at the largest Desert village. Besides this, this seeds allows you to spawn four other desert villages and desert temples within a 750 block radius.

Double Village

  • Seed: 1092638703741470121
  • Village1: 38, 15
  • Village2: -132, 37
Double Village
Seed: 1092638703741470121

Another best seed that will initially spawn you at the two best villages near each other. Expand these two villages according to your personal preferences and have fun. Don’t forget to check out Best five Minecraft 1.20 Village Seeds.

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