Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition

Minecraft allows players to play on updated versions as time passes. If you are a player of Minecraft 1.20 version, discover and unleash the top 5 Minecraft 1.20 seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition that will spawn you at different locations. As Minecraft has large biomes, you can explore all the biomes using these seeds.

Top 5 Minecraft 1.20 Seeds For Java and Bedrock Edition

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Minecraft is a vast game that has infinite locations and beautiful biomes. Spawning different biomes of Minecraft allows players to gather unlimited resources and a place to build astonishing structures using that resources. So, to make the imaginations into reality of gathering and building in Minecraft, we have provided top 5 Minecraft 1.20 seeds for Java and Bedrock Edition players who are using 1.20 version of Minecraft. Using the seeds, you will be able to explore the beauty of Minecraft lands and terrains.

The Meadow

  • Seed: -1855749200417028125
  • Edition: Java

The top most beautiful seed that you can use in your Minecraft 1.20 version. This seed will initially spawn you at a stunning meadow with a pillager outpost. Few blocks away from the initial point is a village in which you can build your own structures and even gather unlimited loot.

Desert And Badlands

  • Seed: Seed: 7129728634131048802
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Savanna village: 287, 63, 188
  • Desert Temple: 42, 69, 285

Another best 1.20 seed that will initially spawn you at a beautiful location. Yes, a beautiful location as it spawn on the edge of the desert and savanna biome having badlands between them. You can spawn a luah savanna village plus the three beautiful desert temples.

Mushroom Islands

  • Seed: 4054696202985189949
  • Edition: Bedrock

This seed will initially spawn you at a village in the taiga biome that is located on the mushroom island. There, you can see the growth of smaller to giant mushrooms instead of trees. Using this seed in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft saves you from different hostile mobs.

Cherry Blossom Grove

  • Seed: 2804787458819293032
  • Edition: Bedrock

Every player is seeking to find a place building an ultimate Cherry blossom house. This seed is perfect as it will initially spawn you at the largest Cherry blossom grove. This will provide you with cherry woods and other cherry items. Build a stunning Cherry blossom house here.

The Jungle

  • Seed: -5798978995584557352
  • Edition: Java

This seed is a mixture of four different biomes including forest biome, jungle biome, savanna biome and a mangrove swamp biome. You will initially spawn between all of them as the biomes are in chunks. Using this seed, players can gather unlimited resources from all different biomes. If this caught your interest, explore Minecraft 1.20 Lush Cave Seeds.

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