Minecraft Vs GTA 5

As there are superb shooting and creative games present, Minecraft and GTA 5 are the two must-play games holding the features of shooting and creativity. Both the games are different in terms of gameplay, design, features and style. In this article we have provided a closer look on differences and similarities of both the games as Minecraft Vs GTA 5 so that you can easily acknowledge the uniqueness and features of the games.

Minecraft Vs GTA 5

Crafting and Crime: A Comparison of Minecraft and GTA 5

As Minecraft and GTA 5 are two different video games, both have gained popularity because of the stunning features they have. Minecraft offers experience of crafting and creating while GTA 5 offers experience of combat, missions or multiplayer modes. As we are providing a complete “Versus” look of both the games, know the gameplay briefly before, of two fantasy games.


Minecraft is no doubt a classic crafting game that allows players to experience playing in different modes, worlds, biomes or dimensions. It has become the most played game because of its multiple features including crafting, building or stunning modes with challenges.

Players can explore the blocky worlds of Minecraft and can build their own homes, villages, castles or other finest structures. Players have unlimited resources to gather in Minecraft and can explore different locations using generated maps. The plot of Minecraft has made this game one of the most highly rated games in the world. Also, be sure to check out Minecraft Vs Lego.


GTA V is a masterpiece game that is totally based on actions and adventures. It is an open-action game that allows players to experience fighting in the real life recreated state of San Andreas. It was developed by Rockstar North and was released in 2013.

The gameplay allows players to discover and explore Los Angeles as a virtual world and complete adventurous missions. Players can engage in different activities like driving or shooting as a strong character. The storyline and gameplay of GTA 5 have made this game popular worldwide.

Minecraft VS GTA 5 Differences


Minecraft and GTA V are two different genre games as both have different gameplay. Minecraft is a creative game that allows players to build anything while GTA 5 is an action and adventurous game having different levels and missions.

Target Audience

Minecraft is a blocky game that can be played by people of all ages including kids or adults while GTA 5 is a mission based game that can be better played by the adult ones.

World Designs

In terms of world design, Minecraft and GTA 5 have a main difference. Minecraft has generated blocky worlds while the GTA 5 is based on real life locations.


Both Minecraft and GTA 5 have vehicles but GTA 5 has more vehicles like airplanes, boats, motorcycles, cars or other variety of vehicles than Minecraft.


GTA 5 is a violent game that includes blood, murders or gore while Minecraft is a non violence game and is fun to play.


Minecraft has a simplest combat game that includes few mods of combat while GTA 5 is fully based on the combat system with enemies and weapons.

Minecraft Vs GTA 5 Similarities


Customization is one of the main similarities present between both the games as players can customize their looks and appearance in both games.


Both Minecraft and GTA 5 are multiplayer games allowing players to play online with other players across the world.


Weather can be changed in both the games like rain and snow. It makes the environment more interesting.


In terms of characters, both the games have NPCs. Players can easily interact with these characters.


Marketplace is present in both the games for buying and selling different items.


Both the games have vast biomes that you explore with fun. Minecraft having generated worlds and GTA 5 having the best recreation of Los Angeles.

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