Minecraft Vs Lego

Minecraft and Lego are two different hybrid games, one virtual and the other physical, among other games. Yes, here we come up with the versus points of two games that are different in environments but having the same features. Minecraft is a virtual game that you can play on Android or Windows while Lego is a physical game that can be known as an indoor game in which you can build anything with physical plastic blocks. So, for giving you the best understanding of both games, we have provided the article on Minecraft vs Lego.

Minecraft Vs Lego

Minecraft Vs Lego: Exploring the Differences and Similarities

Minecraft and Lego are well known games present in the world of games that have gained popularity because of their crafting features. Both games promote creativity, involving the crafting of buildings or other stuff. Explore the differences and similarities of both the games so that your vision for both the games will be clear as one is digital and another one is physical.

Minecraft: Introduction

Minecraft is a popular Sandbox 3D online game that is totally based on creativity. It has vast worlds, biomes, dimensions and even dungeons that players can explore beyond any limitations. It was developed by Mojang Studios in 2011 and now it has over 200 millions active players.

You can craft anything you want from items to structures in randomly generated worlds. The game includes different entities, mobs are one of them. Players have to gather resources for their survival against these mobs.

Minecraft has blocky pixelated graphics that enhance the gameplay and make it more interesting to play. It has distinct modes including Survival, Creative, Hardcore and Adventure that holds different textures, items and places. Overall, Minecraft is a blocky game that players find fun to play.

Lego: Introduction

Lego is a popular physical game that resembles the digital game, Minecraft. It is all about plastic toys as blocks to make any structures. It was developed by the toy production company in Denmark, 1932.

This game has gained its popularity because of the plastic building toys that seem to be the same as Minecraft blocks. You can take it under the category of crafting and building.

Lego has different types of plastic blocks in different shapes and sizes. Using these blocks, you can create from simplest structures to complex buildings. The lego blocks are usable by different businesses for modeling their plans.

Players can mix different pieces of plastic blocks with each other and build their own unique models. The company offered Lego blocks in different themes and for people of different age groups.

Minecraft Vs Lego Differences


Both Minecraft and Lego are creative games but Minecraft offers more creativity and crafting of different things than the Lego. Lego offers finite numbers of blocks while Minecraft offers you to craft unlimited. Also, make sure to take a look at Minecraft Dungeons.

Physical Vs Digital

Minecraft is a sandbox game that can be played digitally by the players on their mobile phones or Windows while on the other hand Lego is a physical game that has plastic blocks to play.


In terms of pricing, Minecraft has lower cost than Lego has. Minecraft costs less than $40 while Lego has different price ranges from 30$ to $100 or even $1000.

Social Interaction

Social interaction is a part of every game nowadays. Minecraft is a socially interactive game in which players can play with players across the world while Lego is a solo based game or can be played by small groups.


Minecraft is a well known survival game having a survival gaming mode that allows you to gather resources for your survival against mobs while Lego doesn’t have any survival mode in real life.

Minecraft Vs Lego Similarities


Both Minecraft and Lego are block based games that allow players to build things with blocks.

Educational Purpose

Minecraft and Lego are two different games but both the games involve educational purposes as you can learn problem solving techniques.

Real Life Structures

Both Minecraft and Lego allows players to show their creativity by recreating real life structures and models.


Both the games have different modes and levels that make the gameplay more challenging for the players.


Minecraft and Lego are both popular block based games that gained popularity in two different environments with the same themes.

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