Minecraft Jurassicraft Mod

Minecraft Jurassicraft mod is one of the best crafting mods having creatures as dinosaurs. Players can experience the history of dinosaurs having fossils, amber and feeders. You can create unique dinosaurs by extracting DNA from the fossils. There are many other different mods available for the players that Minecraft game offers to its players. Without any doubt, Minecraft is a huge game having a lot of features and modified versions and editions. You can easily explore different historic mods like Jurassicraft mod in Minecraft on different servers using maps.

Minecraft Jurassicraft Mod

All the mods of Minecraft are open to crafting and creating resources, items, buildings, villages or castles. Download this amazing game from our website and enjoy playing its different stunning mods for free.

Jurassicraft Mod

Minecraft Jurassicraft is a history based mod having different dinosaurs and things related to them. This is the most unique Minecraft mod that offers players to create different and unique dinosaurs by using DNA extractor. Players can create basically dinosaur eggs by Extracting DNA from the extractor. You can find up to 10 + dinosaurs that actually act like mobs. You can use different vehicles for traveling including helicopters, cars or jeeps.

Jurassicraft dragons
Jurassicraft dragons

This mod is available on all versions of Minecraft game and can easily be downloadable. Each dinosaur has different and unique spawning rates, tames and behaviors. The one main feature of this amazing game mod is you can play this game either online or offline without any interruptions. Start your dinosaur journey and get amazed by the features of this game.

Minecraft Jurassicraft Mod – Dinosaur Mobs

In Minecraft Jurassicraft mod, players can get different dinosaurs that may act as mobs. Each dinosaur has its own power and specifications. The best dinosaurs are listed below.

  1. Indominus Rex
  2. Compsognathus
  3. Ludodactylus
  4. Mosasaurus
  5. Baculites
  6. Brachiosaurus
  7. Dilophosaurus
  8. Oviraptor
  9. Spinosaurus
  10. Gallimimus
  11. Dodo
  12. Ankylosaurus
  13. Triceratops

These are different dinosaurs present in the Minecraft Jurassicraft mod game. You can create your own unique dinosaurs by getting fossils of different dinosaurs and place these fossils in a DNA extractor. Get your favorite collection of dinosaurs and have fun playing with them.

Jurassicraft dragons
Minecraft Jurassicraft dragons
Minecraft Jurassicraft dragons

Minecraft Jurassicraft Mod – Feeder

Food is the basic need of every creature in all gaming applications. Dinosaurs present in the Minecraft Jurassicraft mod game also need food items for strength and power. Players can feed their dinosaurs through feeders. These feeders are very necessary to have because without these you can’t easily feed your dinosaurs. These feeders have two sides. Players can feed meat to the dinosaurs from the left side of feeders and can feed plants from the right side of feeders. Players can craft their own feeders in the game by the items: 3 Cobblestone, 2 Iron Ingot, 2 Iron, Trapdoor, 1 Chest and 1 Dispenser.

Minecraft Jurassicraft Mod – Plants

Minecraft Jurassicraft has different organism plants present. Some of them are modern plants and some are ancient land plants. Players can eat the safe plants and have to avoid the poisonous ones.

  1. Plankton
  2. Moss
  3. Heliconia
  4. Cry Pansy
  5. Cinnamon Fern
  6. Dictyophyllum
  7. Scaly Tree Fern
  8. Gracilaria

These are different Jurassicraft plants that are obtained from the fossils of dinosaurs. Players can also eat some of the plants in this mod for strength.

Jurassicraft Maps

Players can travel to different locations of Minecraft Jurassicraft mod for free by exploring the amazing maps that are listed below. Players can play at different locations like parks, arenas or innovation centers of Jurassicraft mod.

  1. Jurassic World Evolution
  2. Jurassic Park San Diego
  3. jurassicraft beta
  4. Jurassic World Reborn Map
  5. Mine Jurassic
  6. Isla Sarna
  7. Jurassic World Mosasaurs Arena
  8. Jurassic World Innovation Center

Start exploring these amazing Jurassicraft mod maps for free and enjoy the realistic graphics and creatures like dinosaurs.

Jurassicraft Mod – Blocks & Items

Items play an important role in every mod of Minecraft game. They are the basic elements for the players to experience the gaming mod. Jurassicraft mod has different built in items available for the players to experience the dinosaur world. You can also craft different dinosaur items like extractors or fossils in this amazing mod.

The best items available are listed below.

  1. Fossils
  2. Assorted DNA
  3. Assorted Dinosaur Meat
  4. The Dino-Pad
  5. Gypsum Powder
  6. Assorted Syringes
  7. Meganeura Exoskeleton
  8. Assorted Eggs

Besides having items, there are different blocks present in the Minecraft Jurassicraft mod game. These blocks include different machines for dinosaur related works. These blocks include Amber Ore, Assorted, Fossil Ores, Gypsum Ore, Gypsum Brick, DNA Extractor, DNA Combinator and Security Fence Base.

Jurassicraft Servers

There are different servers available in the Minecraft game for providing different mods of Minecraft. Minecraft also offers the best Jurassicraft servers to the players. These servers are listed below.

  1. Jurassicraft IP:
  2. Hex skull IP: play.hexskull.com
  3. Dinocraft IP: dinocraftsupreme.aternos.me
These are different Minecraft jurassiCraft servers available for the players to easily play a game related to dinosaurs and their fossils. These servers have different Ip’s and run on different versions of Minecraft games like on forge version, bedrock version or server version. Start playing the Jurassicraft game on your favorite hosted servers for free of cost.


Can I tame dinosaurs in the Minecraft Jurassicraft game?

Yes, you can tame different dinosaurs in the game by placing their eggs on the ground.

Do fossils come in many types in the Minecraft Jurassicraft?

Yes, fossils have different types including Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic, and Devonian.

How do I feed dinosaurs in this amazing game?

You can feed dinosaurs through feeders.

Can I create dinosaur eggs in Minecraft Jurassicraft?

Yes, you can create dinosaur eggs by extracting DNA from the extractor.

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