Minecraft Survival Mode – Detail Guide

Minecraft has different challenges modes and survival mode is the most challenging and skill-building mode among other modes. Players have to gather different resources from the vast world of Minecraft and for crafting of unlimited tools, items and weapons. The mode comes up with endless possibilities that allows beginner players to learn gathering resources, crafting items, building shelters or growing food for their survival as you can’t respawn in this mode once killed. Master your crafting and survival skills in Minecraft Survival mode, which calls for an exciting and thrilling adventure.

Minecraft Survival Mode

Detailed Guide On Survival Mode

As Minecraft Survival mode offers endless possibilities for crafting and building, it has the most difficult gameplay especially for beginner players as it is hard to survive in survival mode. We are providing a detailed and ultimate guide on Minecraft Survival Mode step by step with images for understanding and setting up your Survival World. Minecraft Creative Mode is another important resource to investigate.

Setting Up Your Survival Mode

The process of setting up a survival mode in Minecraft APK is completely easy and even exciting as the enthusiasm for playing as a beginner is on top. Start setting up a mode by selecting “Create New World” and selecting a Survival mode as shown in the picture below. In addition, you can customize difficulty levels, world preferences, world types and other settings.

setting up minecraft survival mode

Collecting Resources for Survival

Once you create your Survival world, the main thing for surviving is to gather different resources like wood, coal, stone, wool or other resources that help you survive for long.


To build wooden shelters, craft weapons and other tools, you can use wood. You can gather wood in Survival mode by tapping or punching on tree trunks.

gather wood in minecraft survival mode


To craft strongest items, weapons and in building strong and advanced structures, you can use stone. You can get stone by mining stone blocks.

gather stone


Coal acts like a fuel in Minecraft. For reducing hunger you must have to cook food. For cooking food, gather coal blocks by either mining coal ore blocks or by smelting wood in the furnace.

gather coal


Food is the necessary and essential thing in Survival mode. You can get food like fish and meat by killing animals or you can grow crops in farms.

gather food in Survival mode

Crafting a Protective Structure: Building a Shelter

Minecraft survival mode is a bit challenging mode and surviving may be hard for beginners as many mobs and hostile mobs roam around you. Once killed by mobs, you have to start again and lose all your gathered resources. So, to get protection from mobs, you have to build your shelter at hillside locations or at other vast and empty locations. For building a simple shelter, you have to just gather wood for building walls and stone for building a roof. You can latterly add touches, bed, stairs or other decoration pieces.

create shelter

Gathering and farming food sources

Food is the essential surviving element in Minecraft Survival mode. To remain active and strong while spending days playing Minecraft Survival, you need food. You can get food either by gathering: hunting different animals (Cows and Chickens) to collect raw meat or by farming food sources in farms such as vegetables including: wheat and potatoes. Besides hunting animals like chickens or cows or farming food, you can cook fish by first crafting a rod and catching fish from water. Keep your hunger sources with you throughout your Minecraft journey as it keeps you active.

gathering food sources

How To Navigate and Explore The Vast Minecraft Survival World Without Getting Lost?

Navigating the vast worlds of Minecraft Survival mode without getting lost is a bit challenging and difficult as it has endless ways and possibilities. You as a beginner should know some tips and tricks for not getting lost in vast worlds including their biomes and dimensions.


Utilize maps for better exploration and not getting lost. In survival mode, create your own maps and understand your surroundings.

craft map


For heading towards the right direction, craft and use a compass for better navigation and exploration in Minecraft survival mode.  You can easily craft it using Redstone dust and 4 pieces of iron ingots.

craft compass

Utilize Coordinates

Utilize coordinates as X Y Z for excellent navigation without getting lost using game commands in Bedrock Edition as /gamerule show coordinates.

Utilize Coordinates


Mark a challenging journey in your life by playing in a Minecraft Survival mode. It is a mode having endless worlds and challenges. You can craft, build and explore in this mode with many difficulties as it is the basic mode for the beginners. Gather many resources as much as you can and protect your characters from being spawned by hostile mobs.


Will I lose my inventory when moving from creative to survival?

No, you will not lose your inventory when switching from creative to survival.

Is accessing cheats allowed in Minecraft Survival mode?

No, cheats aren’t available in Minecraft Survival mode.

How do I get food in Minecraft Survival?

You can get food either by farming or hunting animals.

Can I play Minecraft Survival mode with my friends?

Yes, you can play with your friends in Minecraft Survival mode as it allows playing in a multiplayer mode.

Will my inventory item be lost if I die in Minecraft Survival?

Yes, when you die, your inventory items will be lost.

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