Minecraft Game Modes Part 1

Minecraft mobile APK is an adventurous game with different Minecraft game modes. You can wander in different gaming modes enjoying its best features. Minecraft is simply a creative game in which players can build their own living places. This gameplay has beautiful graphics with thousands of crafting items. Crafting items play an important role in the Minecraft mobile APK version game. Players can discover the whole Minecraft world and get unlimited resources. You can use these resources for your defense.

Minecraft Game Modes Part 1

Minecraft mobile game is actually a pocket game in which players can enjoy the whole game with smooth controls. You will see different mountains, hills, sun, deep oceans and different villages. The Minecraft game reflects real world crafting items.

You can easily play this game with your friends by inviting them. This gameplay is totally adventurous. Chop different tree woods and make wood planks to craft unique items. This gameplay has enchanting features and tools that attract millions of players. The Minecraft mobile APK game has millions plus active players and it is popular across the world. Download this game of fantasy and enjoy playing in different gaming modes.

Concept Of Minecraft Game Modes

Survival and Creative are the two most popular Minecraft game modes that are present with the latest features. For more two modes, we have continued to discuss the modes of Minecraft in Minecraft game modes part 2.

Concept Of Minecraft Game Modes

Minecraft Game Modes – Survival

The survival mode is one of the most common modes present in this amazing game. Players can enjoy playing in this mode even with their friends. Survival mode is actually a difficult mode. You have to chop different objects like woods and stones. Many players are familiar with this amazing survival mode and it is considered the default game mode. In survival mode, players have to face many damages. They can be killed by the mobs easily, especially at night. You have to survive till the end. Players can face many difficulties regarding collecting different crafting items. This game mode is for beginners of the game. Further more, Take a look at Minecraft Otaku World as well.

The newbies can learn different gaming tools in this survival mode. It is difficult to gather different resources in survival mode. If talking about Minecraft game modes, survival mode is the basic beginners mode to seek and learn. One main benefit of this mode is that players can get different achievements by playing harder. You can’t get cheats in this mode because this is a learning mode and survival mode to gain knowledge about the whole game. Even you can respawn in this survival mode but lose all the previously gathered resources unluckily. In addition survival mode comes in different difficulties including

  1. Easy
  2. Peaceful
  3. Hard

Start your game now with this survival mode and be ready for hard and creative modes.

Minecraft Game Modes – Creative

Creative mode is something very beautiful and magical. Minecraft mobile APK version gameplay has a creative mode that has unlimited resources. Players can craft different resources on their own or they can get them without any difficulty. This creative mode is a creation of the Minecraft game. You can create or build different buildings, houses and villages. Players can enjoy this mode more than the survival mode. This mode is popular as survival mode. The main benefit of this mode is you don’t have to respawn with a hunger bar. You can freely wander here and there in your own world. Players can easily build their own homes in different villages present in this creative mode. If you want to create something different like unique home designs with different decorative items, play in this creative mode.

Inventory is placed in this creative mode of Minecraft game modes. This inventory is for storing resources. In creative mode, players can add unlimited resources to this inventory to use anywhere in the game. You don’t have to chop trees. Everything is already present in this creative mode. You have free access to use inventory resources. In addition, Players can easily fly in this creative mode. You can get an amazing experience by building your homes in this creative mode. Play in this creative mode and freely create anything you want.

Mapping System

Minecraft game modes have different and unique maps for the players to play well.

Survival Maps

Survival mode has unique maps with different specifications. Each and every survival map has a name, title, description. You can easily get knowledge about them before downloading them. These maps have extra structure to survive more.

Different maps of survival mode are listed below

  1. Sky Island Map
  2. Sky World Map
  3. Desert Village Survival Map
  4. Emerald Town Survival Map
  5. Enlarged Grass Block Survival Map
  6. Wild West Map
  7. Castle Lividus of Aeritus
  8. Extreme Rainbow Road

Creative Maps

Maps are present in creative mode too. Players can get free access to get these maps in the creative mode. You can use this for guidance. These maps also have title and description. Different creative mode maps are listed below

  1. Storyline Apartments
  2. Okarzion
  3. Continent of Meridia
  4. Rekances – Ring Island
  5. Avengers Tower
  6. Metropolis City
  7. Skyblock
  8. Mariner Castle

Minecraft Game Modes – Cheats

Cheats and commands play an important role in Minecraft game modes. You can use unlimited and beneficial cheats to play the game with more fun. Cheats and commands are the latest features that are present in this mobile APK version of Minecraft game. Players can change your game modes, weather, time and mobs.

The different cheats/commands available to use are listed below

  1. /gamemode creative
  2. /gamemode survival
  3. /time set day
  4. /time set night
  5. /gamerule doDaylightCycle false
  6. /weather rain [duration]
  7. /weather thunder [duration]
  8. /enchant <targets> <enchantment> [level]
  9. /help
  10. /kill

These are some cheats or commands to use. You can use these cheats only in the creative mode. In survival mode, all the cheats are not available to access.

Minecraft Game Modes – Chats

Players can enjoy using these cheats in their creative mode in the chat options. You have to type the command in the chat that is present in the game modes. You can use rare cheats like changing Minecraft game modes in survival mode but all cheats are accessible in creative mode.


Can I get achievements in Creative mode?

No, you can’t get achievements in the creative mode of Minecraft mobile APK.

Are cheats available in survival mode?

No, cheats are only available in the creative mode of Minecraft mobile APK.

Can I get infinite resources in Creative mode?

Yes, you can get infinite amazing resources with amazing cheats.

How to change game modes with a command?

You can change game modes with a command of /gamemode (creative/survival)(players name) in the chats with cheats on.

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