Minecraft Journeymap Mod

Minecraft Journeymap is one of the most played and most popular mods. It has added maps through which you can locate your current location, landmarks or nearby terrains. Adding a Journeymap to the game, your gameplay becomes more interesting and more adventurous as you can easily set your waypoints, record your progress and plan more adventures. You can use a journey map for large scale constructions and for gathering unlimited resources from different vast biomes, dimensions and terrains.

Minecraft journeymap mod

Mapping and Exploration In Minecraft Journey Map Mod

Minecraft journeymap is a mapping mod that players can add to their Java edition and play in different modes. The mod provides a mini map and a full screen map so that players can mark waypoints and track their surrounding entities and locations. By accessing its full screen map, players can do exploration of vast biomes, dimensions and caves within no time and gather unlimited resources for crafting and building.

As the journey map provides a mapping system to the Minecraft players, they can access different mapping modes provided by the journeymap mod. Additionally, Minecraft Legends is worth exploring. It is a valuable resource to consider.

Day Mode

For general exploration, the day mode is useful. It allows players to see the view of a map and locate different structures, terrains or landmarks with their colors and icons.

Night Mode

Night mode is useful for viewing a map at night. It helps players to explore and gather resources even at night with night mode of map.

Cave Mode

For exploration of underground areas, cave mode is best suitable. Players can see a map of underground caves and tunnels and explore easily. Explore underground and be a crafter in the darkness of Minecraft.

Topographic Mode

For clearing a vision for highs and lows of a terrain or landscape, you can use a topographic mode of a map. It is one of the best map modes that uses contour lines for getting clear elevation levels.

Slime Chunk Mode

For locating slime chunks and hostile mobs spawning places, players can use slime chunk mode of a map. The map locates all the slime chunk blocks with clear vision.

Player Mode

For keeping a record of your visited or not visited locations and knowing your own current location, player mode of map is best suitable.

Exciting Features of Journeymap Mod

Overview different features of this stunning journeymap mod and plan your journey with help of maps.


Players can set different waypoints with names, icons and colors on their maps for marking specific locations. This helps players to plan the next targeted locations.


Minimap is one of the best features of this mod. You can get customized mini maps for location searching and tracking on your Minecraft screen.


The feature of Teleportation is is available in Journeymap. Players can teleport to one place to another as waypoints utilizing this feature. It helps in traveling to long distance locations in Minecraft.

Multiplayer Mode

Journey map mod allows players to play both as a single player or multiplayer. Players can easily share waypoints, maps, and other planned adventures with other players around the world.


Radar is a feature provided by this stunning mod that allows players to locate nearby mobs, animals or players on your minimap.


In conclusion we can say that Minecraft journeymap is a masterpiece mod that allows players to craft and build using a map that locates and marks your location and progress.

It enhances the gameplay in terms of features including: setting waypoints, customizing map settings and toggling between different map modes. Players can access their maps even from different devices and make adventurous plans.


Can I use Journeymap in multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can use Journeymap in your multiplayer mode.

Is setting my waypoint accessible in this mod?

Yes, you can set your waypoints by right clicking on the desired location option of the map’s interface.

Can I see the smaller version of the map displayed on my screen in Journeymap?

Yes, it has a feature of Minimap that allows you to get a smaller map on your screen.

Is Journeymap mod available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

No, it isn’t available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players can only download and play it on Minecraft Java Edition.

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