Minecraft Otaku World

Minecraft otaku world is related to anime worlds having different anime characters. This stunning weaponry game contains different mobs, anime characters, weapons, armors, food items, plants, structures, bosses, vehicles and maps. Minecraft offers this amazing world to its players with higher modifications and new features with daily upgrations.

Minecraft Otaku World

You can craft anything you want in Minecraft gameplay from simple homes to castles. Players can show their creative skills here in different Minecraft modes including survival and creative mode. Download this amazing game Minecraft APK and get enchanting features of crafting and building in different worlds and mods. Further more, Check out How To Make a Minecraft Server for more information.

Otaku World Mod

Minecraft is one of the most played games across the world and gained its popularity because of its stunning mods, worlds and graphics. There are different Minecraft mods and worlds of different types are available and the otaku world is one of the most amazing game worlds based on weapons, armors, different battling tools, anime, food, plants and mobs. Players can fight against different types of mobs and enemies using weapons of high defending powers. You can find unique anime characters because this world of Minecraft is inspired by the anime movies and series.

In the Minecraft otaku world, these characters are found in different biomes at different levels of the game. Players can experience the best battling game in this otaku world with different mobs, tools, weapons, armors, items, blocks and in different structures, portals and biomes. Start downloading this fighting based game from our website and enjoy playing against different mobs and anime characters and live in the anime world.


Minecraft otaku world is a super fantastic game that is so much relatable to the anime movies having amazing weapons for fighting against mobs, bosses and enemies. You can use different weapons like swords or Guns. This otaku world has different graphical swords having great defending powers.

  1. Blue Fluorescent Sword
  2. Red Fluorescent Sword
  3. Katchin Sword
  4. Yukichi’s Katana
  5. Enma
  6. Kikoku

These are different weapons for fighting in the game. Some weapons are only present in the creative mode for attacking mobs from a distance including air sphere, water sphere, sand sphere or fire sphere.


The Otaku world has amazing places to explore. Players can travel to different locations and fight in those places against mobs and bosses through maps. Maps are available in the game for guiding and giving locations of the otaku world. Given below are the best mysterious places to explore.

  1. Infinite Ender Pearl
  2. Historia Reiss
  3. Chika Fujiwara
  4. Anime Storefronts
  5. The Promised Neverland
  6. Neat Room


In the Minecraft otaku world, players can use amazing vehicles for traveling to different locations or for shooting purposes. Players can use Kaneda Motorcycle, Crazy Cyclone, Sanshōuo, Rei 37 or Mach 5 for their self defense from the strong attacks of different anime characters, mobs or bosses. Challenge your simulation skills in this mod “otaku world” and own this stunning world by defending all the mobs and bosses. Start running your hot wheels vehicles and capture the moments.

Food in Minecraft Otaku World

Food is the necessary item present in the Minecraft otaku world for gaining strength and power. These food items can give a strong energy to the players to level up and easily fight against the mobs. There are also several drinks present in the game that are recovery or health drinks. The best food and drink items for the players are listed below.

Food Items

  1. Cucumber
  2. Scallion
  3. Nori Sheet
  4. Crab Meat
  5. Makizushi
  6. Ehōmaki
  7. Kamaboko
  8. Chocolate Taiyaki


  1. Ramen Soup
  2. Green Tea
  3. Soy milk
  4. Sake
  5. Mirin
  6. Recovery Drinks


Otaku world has provided the best armor sets to the players for their security and defense. These are actually for protection from damages. Players can also craft their own armors in this stunning game.

  1. Katchin Armor
  2. Fur Armor
  3. Fluorescent Armor
  4. Copper Armor
  5. Old Armor
  6. Demon King Hat
  7. Criminal Tracking Glasses
  8. Cosplay

Players can use these armor sets for better defense from different attacks by the mobs or bosses in the game.

Best Structures in Minecraft Otaku World

In the otaku world mod, there are different structures having different Spawning structures. Players can create these structures or can loot them in this adventurous game mod of Minecraft. Portals are the main structures present in the game for traveling to other dimensions easily.

  1. Fishing Boat
  2. Portals
  3. Beerus’ Palace
  4. Time Machine
  5. Frieza’s Spaceship
  6. Agasa’s House
  7. Class 3-E

These structures are highly preferable in the Minecraft otaku world for best progress in the game.


Minecraft otaku world offers players to use amazing decoration items or objects for their houses. These decorations or objects are useful for placing armors, weapons or for cooking food. The different useful and storage objects present in Minecraft otaku world are listed below. Players can get all these objects and can craft them easily with different crafting recipes.

  1. Candelabrum
  2. Wooden Chair
  3. Bar Chair
  4. Zafu
  5. Cassandra Chair
  6. Microwave Oven
  7. TV
  8. Headstone
  9. World Cup
  10. Refrigerator
  11. Portable Bento Box Fax

Top 6 Declaration Items

  1. Motor
  2. Bowl
  3. Car seat
  4. Sink
  5. Koshiki
  6. Wheel

Players can use these amazing items as decorations in their otaku worlds. Have your best and strong fights against different mobs in this amazing mod.


Can I use Minecraft otaku world structures for free?

Yes, you can easily use and access Minecraft otaku world structures for free.

Does Minecraft otaku world game provide vehicles?

Yes, Minecraft otaku world provides amazing vehicles for attacking, fighting and traveling.

Is food available in the Minecraft otaku world?

Yes, different food items are available in the game to feed the anime characters.

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